Chapter 144 Fanning the Flames

That aged voice caused everyone to blink in surprise. Then a storm of commotion immediately erupted.

“They’re letting Long Chen off just like that?!”

No one could understand that. Although Long Chen might have a somewhat reasonable argument, how could he just be let off just like that?!

“That’s not fair!” One of Lei Qianshang’s people indignantly spoke out. Obviously, he was disappointed that the monastery hadn’t expelled Long Chen.

“Idiot, didn’t senior apprentice-brother Wan already explain that there is no such thing as fairness within the monastery? The majority of the monastery’s rules all favor the strong. Did you plug your ears and not hear?” Someone immediately retorted from Tang Wan-er’s faction. Obviously, that person considered Long Chen one of them.

Previously, they hadn’t had enough people present. Furthermore, Lei Qianshang’s side had possessed a powerful expert like Zhao Wu who had suppressed them, causing them to feel some anger inside. But then Long Chen had shown everyone he was a powerful expert in his own right. He was immediately treated as one of them. After all, the strong were always popular and welcomed.

Although what that person said wasn’t polite, it was definitely a fact that the monastery’s rules favored the strong. And once everyone thought of that, it immediately resolved that matter.

If they wanted to talk about absolute fairness, then Lei Qianshang, Tang Wan-er, and the others would all have to receive the same treatment as them. That wouldn’t be fair to them as monster-class geniuses.

“Yes, disciple understands.” 

Senior apprentice-brother Chang respectfully bowed toward a distant mountain peak. He then smiled slightly at Long Chen. “Congratulations, you can continue participating in the trial. But next time take care. Wandering on the edge of the rules might be exciting, but one failure will be irrecoverable.”

This was a warning he gave him in goodwill. Although Long Chen had managed to wiggle out through a technicality, that kind of conduct was extremely dangerous. If he had been judged guilty, he would have lost all his future prospects, and that would definitely not have been worth it.

“Junior brother will engrave senior apprentice-brother Chang’s priceless words into my heart. This time junior brother was impulsive. Killing people is after all a low-class method. It’s not something a smart person would do.” Long Chen’s earnest words caused an admiring smile to appear on senior apprentice-brother Chang. Only a powerful expert who didn’t become arrogant could go further on his path.

“So next time when I run into such a situation, I definitely won’t kill him, but instead make him suffer a life worse than death. That way I can resolve my enmity without touching the monastery’s rules. That’s what a smart person would do.” Long Chen acted as if he had come to a sudden comprehension.

Senior apprentice-brother Chang stiffened, but he then shook his head. “You guys continue your trial. In any case, everything is up to yourselves.”

After saying that, he disappeared from the valley, leaving behind only the two factions.

Now that senior apprentice-brother Chang had left, Long Chen turned to look back at everyone who was staring at him. Tang Wan-er’s side was clearly much more amicable to him, while Lei Qianshang’s side was filled with hostility. But within that hostility was also a trace of fear.

Lei Qianshang was also staring at Long Chen, his eyes filled with a gloomy chill. His battle intent was soaring, and he might charge out to attack him at any moment.

“Tch, you blue-haired gorilla, can you not stare at me with such worshipful eyes? I, Long Chen, don’t like taking in any junior brothers, so give up on that dream.

“Furthermore, with that appearance of yours that even your grandparents couldn’t love, are you really chasing after our beautiful fairy sister Wan-er? You really are a horse who doesn’t even know his face is long; do you know how to feel a sense of shame?

“And have you never heard that animals of the same species should stick together? I’ve always wondered whether the workers of the monastery are really even taking their work seriously for them to have accepted an ugly gorilla like yourself,” insulted Long Chen.

Hearing him insult Lei Qianshang like this, the entire crowd was alarmed. Just what were Long Chen’s guts made out of?

He had only just managed to escape from being expelled from the monastery, but he now acted as if nothing had happened and was provoking a monster-class existence.

Both faction’s people all looked toward Lei Qianshang. His face had turned dark from rage.

Lei Qianshang’s skin had never been pale, so with his darkened expression, everyone suddenly saw that Long Chen’s vision truly had been correct; the current Lei Qianshang truly did look like a gorilla.

“Long Chen, don’t make trouble.” Tang Wan-er was actually already laughing inside, but she still kept herself composed on the outside as she quickly chided Long Chen.

She was afraid Lei Qianshang’s fury would explode out. Although Long Chen had displayed an extremely great strength just now, that didn’t mean he could stand shoulder to shoulder with a monster-class genius.

“Sister Wan-er, you don’t need to persuade me. I’m just taking your place to feel… wronged.” Long Chen used his sleeve to cover his face and put on a huge act of trying to hold back his sobs.

“You are all definitely monster-class existences. But four of you are human, so why did they have to add a gorilla amongst you? Isn’t that a complete curse against you guys?

“That’s especially the case for you and sister Zhiqiu. You are both fairies who have descended amongst us mere mortals. For this fellow to be considered one of you is practically a blasphemy!

“Sister Wan-er, you are the goddess of our hearts, grand and sacred. We definitely can’t allow others tarnish your image; am I right everyone?!”

As he spoke, his voice became impassioned, filled with righteous indignation. His last, infectious words were shouted to Tang Wan-er’s people.

The majority of them were men. They had long since formed a sense of admiration for Tang Wan-er, considering her a heavenly existence. But they had never dared say anything.

Long Chen’s current words immediately resonated with them. Hearing his words, they all passionately shouted together:

“Yes, we won’t let anyone tarnish sister’s image!”

Long Chen laughed inside. He had to complete his act. With red eyes, he loudly shouted, “Sister, look! In us brothers’ hearts, you are our goddess, our religion!

“We won’t let anyone blaspheme you! But look, what does this gorilla do?! He doesn’t have the slightest understanding of what it means to be gentle with a beautiful woman! He actually dares fight against you!

“Your dirty gorilla claws have already committed a sin against the very heavens! We will never forgive you!”

Long Chen pointed to Lei Qianshang’s faction. “As for you small monkeys following this gorilla to make trouble, your sins also cannot be forgiven!

“Brothers, what are you still waiting for? Raise your fists and defend our holy goddess! Use your passion to display your sincerity to our goddess!

“We will heroically drive these monkeys out of our sight. Brothers, charge!”

By the time he finished speaking, Long Chen had already begun to charge toward Lei Qianshang’s faction. Those people were still in a daze when Long Chen arrived in front of them. A single fist smashed into one dazed youth.

When Tang Wan-er’s people saw Long Chen’s punch, their passions were completely ignited and they charged forward.

“We pledge our lives to defend sister Wan-er’s purity and defeat the gorilla!”

Who knew whether it was because of Long Chen’s words or whether they had always possessed such a desire, but as soon as one person shouted out, everyone repeated their battle cry:

“We pledge our lives to defend sister Wan-er’s purity and defeat the gorilla!!!”

Dozens of Blood Condensation cultivators shouted together, their voices shaking the heavens. Their cry could be heard hundreds of miles away.

The chaotic battle once more started, but this time with Long Chen’s addition, Tang Wan-er’s side had exploded in power. Although they still had fewer people, they were completely suppressing their opponents.

As for Tang Wan-er, she was watching blankly as her people’s combat strength skyrocketed. She had no idea what was going on; what goddess? What blasphemy? What were they talking about?

“Long Chen, you’re asking for it!”

Lei Qianshang finally couldn’t endure it anymore and cursed, charging at Long Chen.

“Your opponent is me.” Tang Wan-er extended her hand, sending out wind blades that completely blocked Lei Qianshang.

“Tang Wan-er, this Long Chen is too excessive! Are you sure you want to protect him?” Lei Qianshang’s expression was extremely gloomy. Today he had truly been infuriated.

Even a more reserved person probably wouldn’t have been able to endure Long Chen’s words, let alone Lei Qianshang with his explosive temperament.

“He’s one of my people, so of course I will protect him.”

Tang Wan-er’s words were completely reasonable, but in Lei Qianshang’s ears, they had another meaning. A brutal killing intent exploded from him.

“Then I’ll kill him!” Lei Qianshang ground his teeth as his killing intent surged.

Tang Wan-er was startled, not understanding why Lei Qianshang would suddenly become so tyrannical. But she still shook her head. “With me present, don’t even think of touching him.”

“AHH!!!” Lei Qianshang felt as if he might explode from his anger. With a roar that shook the land, the thunderbolts around his body became a complete set of armor around him. His terrifying aura exploded.

“Hehe, the gorilla has changed clothes.” Although Long Chen might appear to be completely focused on the fighting, he actually was just randomly wandering around in the crowd. Most of his focus was on Lei Qianshang.

Tang Wan-er’s expression changed slightly, and she clapped her hands together before her. Her aura surged and her long hair danced.

Hundreds of large and small wind blades formed around her body, constantly revolving. They were like hundreds of flower petals dancing in the air, setting off against Tang Wan-er’s body to make it look like she had just walked out of a painting.

“How beautiful!” Long Chen couldn’t hold back from exclaiming inside. That kind of beauty was something no one else could compare to. This kind of technique was incredibly graceful.

More importantly, their fight had now progressed to a new level. The previous wind blades she had summoned were just empty bodies. But these ones she had summoned were practically solid, and it was almost possible to see veins on top of the wind blades.

To condense formless wind energy into a weapon that was practically solid, and in such numbers, proved just how terrifying Tang Wan-er’s wind spirit body was.

Both of their auras were continuously climbing, becoming more and more terrifying. Space was trembling because of them, even beginning to twist.

Atop a distant mountain peak hundreds of miles away was Tu Fang. He sighed, “The sect leader truly does have great vision. This Long Chen truly is unstable. I even suspect that the sect leader intentionally got injured just to throw this mess into my lap.

“Ah, whatever. I’ll just let them mess around. Watching them really is vexing. I’ll go back and just wait for the final news.”

Tu Fang shook his head and disappeared from atop a huge tree. The only sign he had even moved was the slight quivering of the tree.

“Tang Wan-er, let me ask you again. Are you really planning on blocking me?” asked Lei Qianshang icily.

“As I said, with me here, you are unable to harm him.” Wind blades surged around her body as she replied indifferently.

“Then I’ll have to offend you.”

Lei Qianshang roared and light exploded from his body. Stamping on the ground, he charged at Tang Wan-er.

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