Chapter 1437 Three Begets All Things

The divine baptism was unrivaled. In the end, the terrifying Evilmoon was scared of the threat of Long Chen’s urine and explained everything. Seeing this made Chu Yao shake her head. Evilmoon was an evil weapon, but Long Chen was even more evil. He never did things the way a normal person would.

Through Evilmoon, Long Chen learned that it came from a devil world. This was something he had expected.

However, the devil world was far greater than he had imagined. There were demon devil worlds, blood devil worlds, human devil worlds, and more, all of which combined were the total devil world. There were many different races within the devil world.

As for Evilmoon, it wasn’t originally a weapon. It had actually been a two-headed dragon that had charged into this world. Its bones had been refined into this weapon.

Back when Long Chen had been looking to learn some of the ancient arts in the battlefield, he had seen a large claw smash down from the sky. Evilmoon had been the master of that claw.

However, Evilmoon said that its body had been destroyed by Yun Shang, and now its soul resided in the saber. It was a similar existence to an item-spirit.

Originally, it was a dark evil dragon. Since it had been refined from its bones, it was now called Dragonbone Evilmoon.

Long Chen couldn’t help being shocked. No wonder Evilmoon was so heavy. Sovereign Yun Shang had destroyed its physical body and refined all its essence into this blade. It seemed Sovereign Yun Shang had been intent on giving him a great gift.

When Long Chen asked why Evilmoon had come to attack the Spirit World, it replied that at that time, the spatial walls between the Spirit World and the demon devil world it came from had become extremely weak. So it had chosen to enter.

Originally, its target was the Martial Heaven Continent. But the spatial barrier between the demon devil world and the Martial Heaven Continent was too sturdy, and experts on its level couldn’t pass through it.

That was why the goal had been to come through the Spirit World, setting it up as a stronghold, before invading the Martial Heaven Continent.

However, they had met with catastrophe. As soon as they had entered, Sovereign Yun Shang had led an army of experts to annihilate them. That was when it had been sealed.

According to Evilmoon, they were the first wave of invaders in the Spirit World. At that time, the Dark Forest hadn’t existed.

When Long Chen asked about the Dark Forest, it said that they came from a branch of the demon devil world. They were tree demons. Although it could be said that they were on the same side, they weren’t actually friendly with each other.

“How is it that the Dark Forest managed to dominate this place while you were annihilated?” asked Long Chen.

“Are you stupid?! Do you think we were weaker than those wooden-brained idiots?! They had a complete advantage compared to us! When we attacked, the spatial channel was opened as much as possible, and we ended up fighting against a Sovereign right off the bat! As for when they invaded, the Martial Heaven Continent was in chaos, or they’d never have managed to dominate the Spirit World like this,” raged Dragonbone Evilmoon.

Long Chen found that as long as he raised a question about Evilmoon’s power, it would immediately strike back, conveniently giving him some new information.

“Then why did you want to invade the Martial Heaven Continent at all?” asked Long Chen. This was the crux.

“Who knows? It was the orders from higher-ups. We were just following orders,” said Evilmoon coldly.

“Orders from higher-ups? What is that supposed to mean?”

“It means what it means. I wasn’t qualified to know anything further.” Seeing Long Chen once more beginning to untie his belt, Evilmoon roared, “I don’t know! If you really want to humiliate me, then I’d rather kill myself!”

“Long Chen, leave it be. Perhaps it really doesn’t know,” suggested Chu Yao upon seeing Long Chen force such a terrifying evil weapon to such a state.

“You’ve misunderstood. I just didn’t tie my belt tight enough before this.” Long Chen smiled mischievously, but Chu Yao clearly didn’t believe him.

He thought about it for a moment before asking, ”Evilmoon, you dared to challenge a Sovereign. Someone like you is qualified to be my weapon. Assist me, and I will one day return your freedom.”

“What nonsense, it’s simply impossible. With your current power, I could kill you effortlessly if this Sovereign seal wasn’t keeping me in check. You think you’re fit for me to help you? What a huge joke. If you really do try to force me, I’d rather die,” sneered Evilmoon.

Long Chen was startled. Originally, he had thought that this evil fellow would agree and then use its evil aura to slowly infect him and try to gain control of him.

But instead, it had directly refused him, and so stubbornly at that. Long Chen also didn’t dare to force things. He had just been trying to scare it before. Even if it didn’t submit, he wouldn’t really pee on it. Otherwise, how was he supposed to use it in the future?

He smiled calmly. “Right now, you refuse because I’m too weak, correct? Then what if I become someone on the same level as a Sovereign?”

Evilmoon paused for a moment before saying, “We can discuss it after you reach that level. As a member of the dark evil dragon race, I definitely won’t lower my head to a weakling. That would be an insult to the dragon race.”

“Are you really a descendant of the dragon race?”

“But of course. The dark evil dragon is the direct descendant of the true dragons. Although we left the true dragon race, our bloodline is still pure.”

“Even purer than my Spirit Blood?” asked Long Chen.

“Hmph, so what if your Spirit Blood is pure? You’re just a human. The power of your Spirit Blood is limited. Just how many of the dragon race’s divine abilities are you able to use?” snorted Evilmoon disdainfully.

However, Long Chen could hear its jealousy. Clearly, his dragon blood was the purest essence blood of a true dragon.

He asked some more questions, but Evilmoon seemed to have realized what Long Chen was doing and refused to answer him any longer. Long Chen wasn’t able to dredge up any more valuable information.

“Evilmoon, I won’t make things hard on you. Your seal was placed by Sovereign Yun Shang. He has given you to me, and to put it frankly, you’re like a slave. However, I will treat you with the appropriate respect. The thing is though, respect must be mutual. If you don’t want to, you can not help me. But when I use you, you can’t cause any intentional trouble for me. Otherwise, no matter how strong you might be as a weapon, since I can’t use it, I might as well toss you into some manure. I, Long Chen, never say any empty words. I won’t force you to help, but if you try to bring me down at a critical moment, you can just spend the rest of your life stuck in manure,” warned Long Chen.

This Dragonbone Evilmoon was an incomparably terrifying existence. If used well, it could save his life.

But if it caused trouble for him in the middle of a fight, he might lose his life. So he had to warn it.

“Fine, I’ll accept this,” said Evilmoon before going completely silent.

Long Chen nodded and put it away. It was so heavy that unless he entered his strongest state, there was no way for him to use it.

Although he had received this promise from Evilmoon, he still had to be careful. Who knew whether or not this evil fellow would cause more trouble?

Chu Yao had mostly recovered, so the two of them didn’t tarry. They rushed off to the Forest of Life.

When Chu Yao saw the Forest of Life, she immediately fell in love with it. This place was like paradise for her.

Spirit race warriors immediately came to greet them when they arrived. Long Chen asked what had transpired while he had been away.

They told him that the Spirit race warriors had abandoned their front lines and had all retreated back to the Forest of Life. Now their border was lined with their spirit beasts ready to fight at any time. Although a few human experts had tried to sneak in, after being mercilessly slaughtered by the spirit beasts, no more came.

Long Chen nodded. Those bastards viewed the Spirit race as prey, so this was the only way to protect them.

However, as a result of this, their earnings had suddenly come to a halt. So many experts had entered the Spirit World, but now their candy was taken away after just a taste. They definitely wouldn’t retreat just like this.

Although the current situation looked calm, it was the calm before the storm. Long Chen could smell a crisis descending.

The two of them got on a flying Magical Beast that brought them deep into the Forest of Life.

Chu Yao was just as stunned by the Forest of Life’s beauty as Long Chen and the others had been when they had first seen it. The Dream Butterflies flew all around her, not leaving for a long time.

Chu Yao said that these spirit creatures liked her and asked her to stay forever. This was Chu Yao’s first time feeling such a strong sense of belonging.

When the flying beast brought them to the floating islands, Chu Yao was intoxicated with the scenery. This was a miracle of life.

When they reached the Life God Tree, Chu Yao didn’t wait for Long Chen to say anything. She directly rushed over and knelt on the ground, forming some strange hand seals with her hands in accordance with some ancient ceremony.

Warm light descended from the heavens, landing on Chu Yao’s body. Mist floated around her, making her look like the divine emissary of the Life God.

“I didn’t think the human race would produce a cultivator with such intimate life energy. She formed an instant resonance with the Life God Tree.” The Spirit Queen appeared beside Long Chen, staring in shock at Chu Yao who was bathed in the divine light.

Chu Yao was in a strange state. Her eyes were closed, and she spread her arms, seeming to embrace this entire world.

A green light appeared on her forehead. It gradually grew clearer, revealing that it was a soft shoot.

The soft shoot germinated, sprouting a tender green leaf. First one, then two, then three. The three leaves slowly spread open, glistening. Dense runes covered them, and those runes began to interweave, showing a mystical scene. That scene contained boundless lifeforms evolving.

“The Dao Begets One, One Begets Two, Two Begets Three, Three Begets All Things. This is the Life Dao,” praised the Spirit Queen, pleasantly surprised.

The three leaves revolved, forming a cycle. Life energy bloomed from Chu Yao’s forehead. Right now, she was in a strange connection with the Life God Tree. It was like she was communicating with all life.

At some point, Meng Qi, Tang Wan-er, and the others appeared below the Life God Tree as well. Seeing that familiar figure that they hadn’t seen in so many years, Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er covered their mouths, tears streaming down their faces.

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