Chapter 1436 Divine Baptism

The black saber slowly rose into the air, unleashing boundless killing intent. It looked like a berserk devil god about to annihilate this entire world.

But then the Sovereign seal on it activated. Evilmoon trembled, and became unable to release its power.

“So, you even know how to dance! Since I’ve managed to reunite with my dear Chu Yao, we should celebrate. Please, keep dancing. Don’t worry, if you dance well, there will be a generous tip at the end!” declared Long Chen.

With the Sovereign seal, this Evilmoon wasn’t able to cause any waves. A Sovereign was truly a Sovereign. A single drop of blood could suppress anything.


Evilmoon roared furiously, and then fell from the sky, silent.

Chu Yao’s wooden platform blew apart from the impact. Chu Yao had to summon it again.

Looking at the listless Evilmoon, Chu Yao couldn’t help feeling some sympathy. Had it died of anger?

She understood Long Chen far too well. Falling into his hands was truly its misfortune.

“Hmph, don’t act dead. I have some questions for you.” Long Chen patted Evilmoon. He was very interested in it.

But no matter how he called out to it, it refused to reply. He didn’t know whether it had really passed out from anger or was just intentionally ignoring him.

Seeing this, Long Chen rolled up his pants and took off his shoes. After taking off his shoes, he even took off his socks.

Chu Yao looked at Long Chen uncomprehendingly. She had no idea what he was thinking.

“Sigh, the past few days have been so tiring. I’ve gotten calluses all over my feet. This blade looks sharp enough for me to give myself a pedicure.” Long Chen began to raise Evilmoon to his feet.

“Stop! You damn bastard, how dare you treat me like this?! Stop!” A panicked and enraged voice came from the saber.

“What did you say? I didn’t hear anything that I wanted to hear.” Long Chen touched his foot to Evilmoon.

Suddenly, light flashed out of Evilmoon, and Long Chen immediately pulled back his foot. However, a sharp light from Evilmoon still cut his sole, causing blood to pour out.

Fortunately, he was fast enough, or his foot would have been cut in half. “Hmph, I suppose you are sharp.”

Long Chen was startled. Such a heavy weapon should be focused on heaviness. But it was unexpected that it was also this sharp.

Furthermore, his blood was pouring out like a flood from this injury. There was some special energy on the wound trying to make his blood run dry. That also shocked him. Even though Evilmoon was sealed, it still possessed such a strange power.

Before Long Chen could stop the blood, Chu Yao pressed a hand to his back. Life energy poured into him, and the wound slowly closed. The strange energy also vanished.

“What a terrifying power. It took quite a bit of energy,” said ChuYao. As a wood cultivator, healing was her forte. For someone else, even a limb could be regrown by her in an instant.

But just that tiny cut to Long Chen’s foot that barely broke the skin had taken an enormous amount of energy to heal.

After a moment’s shock, Long Chen silently put his socks and shoes back on.

Evilmoon sneered, “Little brat, although I might be sealed, don’t think you can subdue me! If you’re smart, you’ll release me as soon as possible. I can still go with the conditions I gave you for now, but if you take too long…”

After putting on his shoes, Long Chen stood up and slowly untied his belt. “Chu Yao, you should turn around. Evilmoon isn’t very obedient right now, so I’ll use my core elixir to baptise it let it undergo rebirth.”

Long Chen stamped on Evilmoon with a foot. His belt was untied. Chu Yao realized what he was doing and immediately turned away, blushing.

“Hey! What do you think you’re doing?!” A furious and alarmed voice rang out.

“Child, don’t be afraid. Let me baptise you in my divine elixir. You will be completely reborn. Through my baptism, you will no longer be violent. You will no longer be lost. My divine elixir will guide you. It will ignite the lighthouse of your life. You will no longer be a lost sheep. Your life will finally have meaning and direction…” Divine light suddenly began to bathe Long Chen’s face as he spoke devoutly and piously.

Chu Yao couldn’t hold back a chuckle. Although her back was facing him, just hearing the nonsense he was spouting, she could imagine his righteous expression.

“Bastard don’t you dare! You can’t!” cried out Evilmoon.

Evilmoon struggled, but it was sealed, and the power it could use was limited. With Long Chen stamping on it, there was no way for it to injure him. It violently trembled.

“Child, my divine elixir is coming. I haven’t drank a lot of water these days, so it might be a bit yellow. You have to carefully taste it and make sure you experience it fully. Don’t be afraid, only by breaking the past can you build success in the future. Without experiencing the pain of the cocoon, how will you one day become a butterfly? Ready yourself. The divine baptism is about to become.” Long Chen took a deep breath, preparing himself to unleash the divine baptism.

“Bastard, fine! I admit defeat! Let me go, and don’t you dare piss!” Evilmoon’s voice was full of rage and unwillingness, but it still admit its defeat.

“You really don’t want my divine baptism? This is my first time offering my baptism to others. My essence has become very thick. Do you not want to consider it?” asked Long Chen.

“Long Chen, you’re a monster! I admit defeat. If you want to ask something, just ask,” sighed Evilmoon.

Long Chen smiled evilly. He had finally grabbed this evil blade’s weakness. It could be counted as a small bargaining chip.

Divine items possessed item-spirits that were essentially as intelligent as people. The stronger the item-spirit, the greater their dignity. They would be even more offended by an insult than a human expert.

Only then did Long Chen stop preparing for his divine baptism. Putting away his divine tool, he tidied his clothes.

“Then tell me, when you fought Sovereign Yun Shang back then, how many exchanges did you last before being defeated?”

Long Chen wanted to know just how strong Evilmoon was. For it to dare to challenge a Sovereign, it had to be extraordinary.

“This question… it’s… uh…” Evilmoon began to sputter.

Long Chen and Chu Yao exchanged a confused look. Long Chen’s expression became odd.

“A hundred exchanges?” he probed.

“Um… a bit lower.”

“Eighty exchanges?”

“A bit lower.”

“Fifty exchanges?”

“A bit lower again.”





“Fuck, don’t tell me that you were defeated in just one move?!” Every time Long Chen asked, Evilmoon would reply that it was a bit lower.

Evilmoon didn’t reply this time. Long Chen raged, “Fuck, after bragging so much, I thought you actually had some skill! What a waste!”

Long Chen kicked Evilmoon in his rage. Evilmoon tumbled twice through the air, while Long Chen’s shoe exploded, and his foot broke.

“What do you think a Sovereign is?! Just how many people in this world dare to challenge one?! No matter how you put it, at least I had the bravery to fight against him! Just that is enough for me to laugh arrogantly!” roared Evilmoon.

“What are you going to laugh about? You’re the idiot who couldn’t even receive a single attack from him. Don’t you feel ashamed for saying you could challenge him?” cursed Long Chen.

He really was angry. Originally, he had thought he had obtained a priceless treasure that might allow him to dominate this world if he used it well.

But now he found that this blade wasn’t able to receive a single attack from a Sovereign. That was too disappointing. He felt like he had been duped.

“What do you know?! The Sovereigns stood at the peak of this world! You didn’t live in that era, so how could you know how terrifying a Sovereign is? Even if I wasn’t a match for the Sovereign, I killed one of his followers! Who could compare to such an accomplishment? I absorbed the souls of all those ants at the altar, so don’t try to dupe me. I know your human race only had five Sovereigns. Ignoring the Sovereigns, their followers were also peak existences. In all of history, I, Dragonbone Evilmoon, am the only one to kill a Sovereign’s follower!” Evilmoon roared back at Long Chen.

Chu Yao stared in shock as one man and one saber cursed at each other. She covered her mouth, a strange expression in her eyes. She was unable to understand how things had developed to this point.

Just from Long Chen’s expression, she could tell that he really was angry. She didn’t know why he was so angry though.

“You killed a follower, and then were subdued in one move by the Sovereign? And then you had the face to say you dared to challenge a Sovereign? In all my years, I’ve never encountered anyone as shameless as you! Tell me, how did you manage to make your skin so thick?!”

“I’m not going to argue with a little brat. Do you think an ant knows anything of this world? You haven’t reached the realm, so everything you know now isn’t worth a damn!” cursed Evilmoon.

“Long Chen, calm down. We can discuss this properly.” Seeing Long Chen’s chest heaving with rage, Chu Yao interrupted.

Long Chen took a deep breath and suppressed his anger. Although the fact that Evilmoon had been defeated by Sovereign Yun Shang in one move disappointed him, Evilmoon was right. Anyone who dared to challenge a Sovereign could not be ordinary.

“Fine, I won’t bother with that then. Tell me, how did that battle back then happen?” asked Long Chen.

“I’m not your prisoner. It’d be best if you were more polite when you spoke to me,” said Evilmoon frostily.

“Fine, the divine baptism ceremony can start now.” Long Chen once more untied his belt.

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