Chapter 1435 You Dare to Mock Me

Long Chen and Chu Yao were rushing away. Long Chen was a streak of light, with lightning wings and lightning runes on his feet raising his speed to unprecedented heights.

Under the cover of Starfall, he had pulled Chu Yao out of the range that they could be sensed in just an instant. 

“Long Chen, that’s about enough. Let’s rest for a bit.” After six hours of travel, Chu Yao’s voice rang out.

Long Chen looked at her and was frightened to see her face was pale. He hastily stopped. “Are you injured?”

Chu Yao shook her head. “I’m not injured. Your thunderforce is just very uncomfortable to me. I’m not afraid of other people’s thunderforce, but yours is very difficult to bear.”

Long Chen realized the problem. His thunderforce came from the nine heavens’ tribulation lightning. Its aim was pure destruction.

As for Chu Yao, she cultivated the Life Dao. The two of them were incompatible. He immediately put away his thunderforce.

“This really is far enough. We can rest.” Long Chen pulled Chu Yao to a nearby lake. The two of them sat on the shore.

While running, Long Chen had left behind many misleadings tracks. Even if they were being followed, they should have a few days before they caught up.

On the way, Chu Yao had been focused on concealing their spiritual fluctuations and auras. Tracking them would be extremely difficult. The only possibility was if they spread out and searched through a large area.

But doing so would be suicide. Other than Sha Guangyan and Peng Wansheng, who else could threaten Long Chen?

If the two of them split up, then if they faced Long Chen and Chu Yao alone, they would be in an extremely dangerous position. So Long Chen felt that as long as those two weren’t stupid, they wouldn’t chase.

In other words, the two of them were essentially safe. This battlefield was so huge, that looking for the two of them would be like searching for a needle in an ocean.

“I’m sorry. Both my thunderforce and flame energy are incompatible with your wood energy,” said Long Chen.

The only good thing was that he wasn’t a lightning cultivator, nor was he a flame cultivator. Otherwise, his aura really would be difficult for Chu Yao to get close to.

Now that Long Chen willed it, all traces of his lightning and flame energy vanished. That lifted the pressure on Chu Yao.

“Why be so polite? After being apart for so long, have you started feeling unfamiliar with me?” Chu Yao smiled lightly.

“How could that be possible? I’m your future husband. How could we be unfamiliar with each other?” Long Chen also smiled. He was filled with gratitude inside.

With Chu Yao’s talent, position, and beauty, she had countless suitors. But she declared him to be her husband and refused all those people. The only one she allowed inside her heart was him.

Chu Yao leaned against Long Chen’s shoulder. She looked at the calm lake. In this moment, she felt blessed.

“Did you manage to get the saber? Were there any problems?” After a moment, Chu Yao suddenly asked.

The black saber was absolutely terrifying. She was naturally a bit worried that it would cause trouble for Long Chen.

“Originally, I was just testing it, but I didn’t expect to really get it with a certain person’s assistance. Chu Yao, guess who I saw.” Long Chen instantly became excited, almost looking like a child.

“What would make you this excited? Don’t tell me that you saw the Sovereign?” Chu Yao laughed.

“How did you know?” Long Chen was startled.

Now Chu Yao was startled. “You… you really saw the Sovereign?”

Long Chen told Chu Yao about what he had gone through in that mysterious space. In truth, he was trying to keep his expression calm, but there was simply no way to control himself.

Hearing Long Chen’s story, Chu Yao was completely shocked. She held his hand, amazed. “Long Chen, you’re amazing! Even a Sovereign has high hopes for you! You’ll definitely become a world-shaking figure.”

Long Chen shook his head. “I think it’s unlikely. I don’t have that kind of ambition, nor do I have such a grand goal. I’m not like the Sovereigns who protected this world with their full power. In my heart, I just need to protect you and the others. As for the rest of the world, they had nothing to do with me.” 

Long Chen was full of respect and reverence for the Sovereigns. That was because he would never be able to be like them. They had been completely selfless in their defense of the continent.

He had never thought to be such a grand person. All he wanted to do was protect what he had. He was selfish. He was unable to be like the Sovereigns.

Although Sovereign Yun Shang didn’t tell him how he had died, he trusted that god-like figures like them were capable of existing forever. There had to be some kind of secret behind their deaths.

That secret was very likely closely related to the Martial Heaven Continent. For the Martial Heaven Continent, the Sovereigns had paid far too much.

If it was for the people he loved, Long Chen wouldn’t hesitate to sacrifice his life. But he was unable to do something like that for people unrelated to him, and certainly not for his enemies.

So he felt ashamed of Sovereign Yun Shang’s praise. He really wasn’t able to accept it.

“Long Chen, don’t be humble. Sovereigns weren’t born that way. They reached the peak of the martial path step by step just like you. According to what I know, the five generations of Sovereigns all had to advance through countless setbacks. They had to kill countless powerful enemies to reach their unrivaled level. It’s very similar to your own experiences, and just from your conversation with Sovereign Yun Shang, it seems your characters are very similar. To be powerful but humble, to be confident but not conceited, no matter what realm you reach, you never forget your original heart. That’s the sign of a real expert,” said Chu Yao, proud of him.

Long Chen felt a burst of emotion and pulled Chu Yao into his embrace. “My treasure, you’re right. Keep praising me and don’t stop. I feel my vanity being satisfied.”

“Long Chen!” Chu Yao pushed him away, rebuking, “You’re no longer a child. Is your skin really this thick?”

Chu Yao smiled as she rebuked him. This shameless nature of Long Chen’s was still the same as back in the Phoenix Cry Empire. This meant he was still the same Long Chen.

“Can you take out Evilmoon for me to get a look?” asked Chu Yao curiously. Just from the fact that it was worth a Sovereign sealing it, this saber had to be absolutely terrifying.

Even Chu Yao was very curious. Just what kind of existence was Evilmoon for it to be able to challenge a Sovereign?

BOOM! Long Chen took out Evilmoon, and its huge weight caused the ground to split open. Even Long Chen was unable to handle its weight.

“Spirit Wood Foundation.”

Chu Yao formed a hand seal, and wooden stakes grew out of the ground, forming a platform.

Only once there were hundreds of thick wooden stakes did the ground beneath the two of them stop sinking.

But cracks had spread in a hundred miles, and the calm lake had vanished into the cracks of the earth.

Chu Yao embarrassedly stuck out her tongue. “What a terrifying weight.”

Long Chen was also embarrassed. Back when he had taken it out at first, he had thought it was difficult to pull out because of the platform’s formation. He hadn’t expected Evilmoon’s real weight to actually be so high.

Without the Green Dragon Battle Armor, he was unable to hold it, embarrassing him. Fortunately Chu Yao was nice and didn’t laugh at him.

This pitch-black saber had an image of a dragon brandishing its claws and baring its fangs on one side. It was menacing and powerful.

As for its tip, it was not a straight edge. Instead, the tip was a crescent moon shape.

Although the blade was pitch-black, it gave off a flickering, shining visual illusion. It was like the fang of a bloodthirsty devil.

With the dragon image and the crescent moon tip, all together, Evilmoon gave off a feeling of terror. Just looking at it would make a person feel like their soul was being sucked in. It was an extremely dangerous, evil weapon. There was no way it could be used.

The hilt of the saber was originally blank, but now a divine mark had appeared on it.

This divine mark contained the aura of a Sovereign. Rainbow light shined within it. It was the Yun character written in ancient scripture. It was the seal left behind by Sovereign Yun Shang.

“Yun Shang, you bastard, you’ve already dead, but you still seal me! Just wait, when I break out of this seal, I’ll slaughter all the creatures in your world!” Suddenly, a furious roar came from within the saber.

The black saber shook violently as if some kind of power was trying to break out of the saber. However, the Sovereign seal prevented that energy from coming out of the saber.

“Just keep bragging. This is my first time being so amazed by someone’s bragging. I wonder, is your bragging in the realm of believing your own bragging?” asked Long Chen.

“Shut up! You insolent brat, if it weren’t for Yun Shang, I could kill you with just a thought!” roared the saber.

“If? Then if I was a Sovereign, I would kill you ten thousand times with a fart. Who doesn’t know how to brag? But does bragging have any use?” snorted Long Chen disdainfully.

“Brat, I might have fallen in your hands, but you should keep in mind that using me will invoke karma on you! That karma isn’t one that will end with just your death. It will slaughter all your descendants until your bloodline comes to an end! Right now, your smartest move would be to release me from this seal. I can accept you as a disciple and kill all your enemies in this world,” said the saber.

“Because of the Sovereign’s seal, your soul bewitching arts have lost most of their effect. You shouldn’t embarrass yourself by trying to use them. I’m not an idiot like Sha Guangyan and Peng Wansheng. I’m so experienced, I’ve eaten more salt that you’ve eaten rice in your life.” Long Chen’s lip curled into a sneer.

“Long Chen, it’s older than you,” reminded Chu Yao. This bragging was a bit too exaggerated. After all, this was a weapon that had come from the era of Sovereigns.

“It’s fine, a saber doesn’t eat rice, so I’m still right.” Long Chen shrugged.

“Bastard, you dare to mock me?!”

Black qi suddenly exploded out of the saber along with a terrifying aura.

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