Chapter 1434 Dark Clouds Gather


Peng Wansheng and Sha Guangyan both roared furiously, looking almost insane. Their chilly killing intent made the surviving seven rank nine Celestials shiver. But they could understand what they were feeling.

They had all long since heard that there was a priceless treasure sealed in the Sovereign’s battlefield. So when the Dark Forest had surprisingly invited them in to adventure in the Spirit World, they had immediately rushed toward this battlefield. But the thick mist surrounding this place had stalled them for many days. Many of them had almost died in the mist.

Then when they finally found the priceless treasure, many people had assumed it would land in either Sha Guangyan or Peng Wansheng’s hands.

Yet, the final result was that the black saber’s power had been far more terrifying than any of them had expected, and they were unable to subdue it.

Over a thousand experts were forced to become offerings to it, leaving only the nine of them alive. As for the black saber, it had been snatched away by Long Chen. Sha Guangyan and Peng Wansheng had labored so long for nothing.

Well, that wasn’t completely true. They had come out with four slaps in the face. Regretfully, Sha Guangyan only got one. The lucky Peng Wansheng was leaving with three, each more vicious than the last.

When they thought about it, they realized all their efforts had ended up benefiting Long Chen. He had snatched away their harvest without standing on ceremony and then bestowed them with a slap in the face.

The seven rank nine Celestials looked at each other, not daring to say a word. They were afraid Sha Guangyan and Peng Wansheng might kill them in their fury.

Although they were rank nine Celestials, after Sha Guangyan and Peng Wansheng had appeared, they had known and accepted that the treasure would have no destiny with them. So they hadn’t interfered.

For them, having the treasure snatched away by Long Chen didn’t feel so bad. That was because even if Long Chen didn’t get it, they wouldn’t have obtained it anyways.

“Fuck!” Sha Guangyan roared and smashed the ground. His core sand had been ruined by Long Chen.

The ground was originally a sea of sand, but as a result of the golden flames, it had crystallized, looking like a frozen lake. Sha Guangyan’s punch shattered the ground.

“How could that bastard possess the legendary Heaven Incinerating Flame?” Peng Wansheng clenched his teeth furiously.

“A short while ago, there was an Earth Flame Spirit Beast of the Heaven Incinerating Flame that came out of the river of lava on the outskirts of the battlefield. It was still in an immature state, and I tried to obtain it. However, who would have thought that some idiots from the Corrupt path would ruin things and allow Long Chen to snatch it away?” One of the ancient family alliance’s experts suddenly walked forward and pointed at Gui Yan.

Both the trident-wielding ancient race expert and the ancient family alliance expert who had fought over the Heaven Incinerating Flame back then were present. They both glared at Gui Yan.

Everyone’s focus turned to Gui Yan. Gui Yan was enraged. He was the only member of the Corrupt path remaining here.

Although the Corrupt path had also moved out in great force, and in truth, they had brought in the greatest number of people this time, the majority of their experts were attacking the Forest of Life and capturing the Spirit race warriors.

The Corrupt path’s higher-ups had warned them not to go mess around on this battlefield. This battlefield was too dangerous, and the majority of those who entered ended up dying. Even rank nine Celestials might die here.

So in comparison, the things that could be obtained from the battlefield weren’t worth it. That was why the higher-ups of the Corrupt path, the ancient races, and the ancient family alliance had all warned them of the dangers.

However, the allure of the Ancient Battlefield was too great. Despite those warnings, a large portion of people still wanted to test their luck here.

Some people who felt themselves to be extraordinary geniuses came because they felt like they were the sons of fate. They felt that the heavens would help them.

However, most of those ‘extraordinary geniuses’ ended up having weaker willpower and dying in the illusion formation. Even a rank nine Celestial would die there without a strong enough will.

There was a phrase in the secular world: those who drown are those who know how to swim. This phrase was suitable to the cultivation world as well.

The majority of experts listened to warnings. But some experts felt that they were so strong that the warnings didn’t apply to them. Of course, some experts were simply supremely stupid and would come regardless of any advice.

In truth, Gui Yan hadn’t originally been planning on coming here. However, his Ghost King had been destroyed by Long Chen. He was worried that if he stayed in the Forest of Life, he might end up running into him again. That was no different than sending himself into the hands of a Yama King.

So he had entered this battlefield, testing his luck. Perhaps if he found a treasure, he could make up for the loss of his Ghost King. Without his Ghost King, he would be amongst the weakest level of rank nine Celestials.

When he had seen the flame dragon in the lava river, he had been ecstatic. In his opinion, if these two hadn’t interfered, he would have managed to capture the flame dragon, and there would have been no chance for Long Chen to snatch it away.

Now, these two were inverting the truth to push all the blame onto him. He was infuriated. “Fuck off! I was the one who first noticed the Heaven Incinerating Flame, and the first to capture it! Is it fun to slander others? Although you have more experts on your side, I dare you to try killing me!” roared Gui Yan.

He could see that these two bastards were extremely sinister and were trying to get him killed by Sha Guangyan and Peng Wansheng. Having been slapped by Long Chen and duped in the end, they were filled with rage that had nowhere to go.

Now, the two bastards were trying to point that fury at Gui Yan who was the only one from the Corrupt path here.

Pow! Suddenly, a person was slapped hard in the face.

However, it wasn’t Gui Yan. Peng Wansheng had slapped the trident-wielding ancient race expert. Half his face caved in and blood flowed out.

Peng Wansheng’s slap was extremely vicious. Not only had he smashed that fellow ancient race expert’s face to pulp, but he had used his own Heavenly Dao energy to make it more difficult for him to heal.

Everyone jumped in shock, not comprehending why Peng Wansheng would slap his own people.

“Next time if you dare to use me, I’ll kill you!” Peng Wansheng glared at the ancient race expert. “With my Golden Peng eyes, do you think you’d be able to trick me?”

The ancient race expert quivered in terror. “This little one knows his mistake!”

Peng Wansheng had high authority in the ancient races. Even rank nine Celestials didn’t dare to go against him.

It was just like Peng Wansheng had said. If Empyreans were the crown prince, Celestials were just some random officers beneath them. This was the power of Empyreans, their absolute domination.

Only after he admitted his mistake did the injury to his face slowly begin to heal.

“Explain it in detail. What happened?” asked Peng Wansheng icily.

This time, the ancient race expert didn’t dare to lie at all. He gave a complete explanation of what had happened.

“I heard that bastard is also an alchemist and in control of flame energy. With the Heaven Incinerating Flame, he’s like a tiger with wings,” said the ancient race expert hatefully.

“Who knows how Long Chen entered?” asked Sha Guangyan.

He was very curious. The Dark Forest’s relationship with the Righteous path was unfriendly. How could the Righteous path have sent their disciples in?

“No one knows. But we can be sure that Long Chen is closely related to the Forest of Life,” said Gui Yan. He brought up his own fight with Long Chen in the forest. At that time, Long Chen had let him off just for some Spirit race warriors.

“Then let us use the Dark Forest to attack the Forest of Life and force them to hand over Long Chen and Evilmoon,” said Sha Guangyan. “Where is the Corrupt path’s Empyrean? Who did you send?”

Their agreement was that the ancient races, ancient family alliance, and Corrupt path would all send one and only one Empyrean here. That way, they would all have similar power levels, and they could work together easier.

“It’s Leng Yueyan,” said Gui Yan bitterly.


Sha Guangyan and Peng Wansheng were both badly shocked. Leng Yueyan’s name was just that frightening.

“Why isn’t she here?” asked Sha Guangyan.

Gui Yan shook his head and sighed, “I don’t know. I don’t even know why the higher-ups allowed her to come. She simply decided to come without asking for permission. Of course, no one dared to say anything.

Practically, everyone in the Corrupt path avoided her like the plague. Of course, those who wanted to die were the exception.

Gui Yan was amongst those. He blessed his fortune that Leng Yueyan hadn’t killed him. In the Corrupt path, there was another rank nine Celestial who felt himself to be stronger than Gui Yan, to be more handsome than Gui Yan, and who wanted to subdue Leng Yueyan.

As a result, his head ended up joining Leng Yueyan’s throne. After that, no one dared to say anything to Leng Yueyan.

In truth, such a large movement was not suitable for Leng Yueyan to come. The higher-ups hadn’t even wanted her to come. She had simply come of her own volition.

After coming, she ignored them all, and she didn’t even give them any information about her own movements before vanishing. The Corrupt experts in the Spirit World could only act for themselves.

“Can you communicate with her?” asked Sha Guangyan.

“No. She doesn’t care about any of us,” said Gui Yan. But he didn’t add what he was thinking: those that she cared about all ended up dead.

“Then we don’t need to bother with her. We’ll immediately gather our forces and alert the Dark Forest that we’re going to annihilate the Forest of Life. If they don’t want to be destroyed, they have to hand over Evilmoon,” said Peng Wansheng, killing intent flashing in his eyes.

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