Chapter 1431 One Drop of Sovereign Blood Suppresses Evilmoon (Teaser)

Long Chen hastily pulled Chu Yao away. The others were also shocked and ran.


The ground exploded, and a terrifying pressure crashed down. It was like a fiend from hell had broken out of its seal. A murderous aura filled the world.

“That weapon’s completely evil!” Chu Yao cried out in shock. At first, all that she had been able to sense from the black saber was that it was domineering and possessed great killing intent.

All divine weapons would be infected with some grievance after killing countless experts. That was normal.

However, this resentment had practically solidified, and its killing intent looked as if it could shatter heaven and earth. This was not the result of the resentment spirits of those slain by the weapon. This was something that came from the very essence of the saber.

Long Chen also hadn’t expected this black saber to be such a shocking evil weapon. Even he felt alarmed in the face of its murderous ...

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