Chapter 1430 Evilmoon

“Brother Peng, it seems you have no destiny with this blade. It’s fated to be mine!” Sha Guangyan laughed and grasped the hilt.

But Long Chen saw that Sha Guangyan was crafty. His hand was covered in a faint layer of sand that protected him.

He had clearly learned from Peng Wansheng’s mistake. Not only did he keep a barrier between him and his body, he even created a spiritual defense.

“Long Chen, what should we do?” asked Chu Yao spiritually.

“We don’t need to do anything. I don’t think anyone’s going to walk away with that saber.” Long Chen replied directly.

After the formation had broken, he had carefully examined the black saber. His intuition told him it wasn’t something that he could use. They had probably fought for nothing.

Peng Wansheng didn’t say anything as Sha Guangyan grabbed the saber. He simply stared.

The distant experts were also looking at him. They didn’t dare to get close though.

One reason was to avoid causing a misunderstanding and thinking that they were going to fight over it. Another reason was fear, fear that the four of them would once more start fighting and draw them in.

When Peng Wansheng had suddenly switched from fighting Long Chen to snatching the saber, he had shocked everyone. But then when they thought about it, they felt that Peng Wansheng was quite amazing. He really had almost obtained it.

Now all their attention was focused on Sha Guangyan. Sha Guangyan couldn’t help being nervous when he saw Peng Wansheng’s expression.

But having reached this point, he couldn’t retreat. However, instead of using his sand-covered hand, a large sand hand appeared behind him, and he used it to grab the saber.

“Get out!” Sha Guangyan pulled hard. But he kept a close watch on Long Chen and the others to make sure they couldn’t sneak attack him.

However, he had overthought it. Peng Wansheng didn’t move. Long Chen didn’t move. Chu Yao didn’t move. No one moved. The only one doing anything was him.

Suddenly, Sha Guangyan’s expression changed. He was filled with shock, and his body suddenly shook. He coughed up a mouthful of blood and flew back.

“Both Peng Wansheng and Sha Guangyan failed?” Everyone couldn’t help being shocked. These two were the strongest existences present. Even Life Star experts weren’t able to defeat them.

But the two of them had still failed. The most shocking thing was that despite not even touching the saber, Sha Guangyan still coughed up blood.

“It seems we have no destiny with this saber. You can try it,” sighed Sha Guangyan, glancing at Long Chen and Chu Yao.

“If you have no destiny with it, we probably have no destiny with it either. We’ll leave it to others. Chu Yao, it’s been too long since we parted. Let’s find a comfortable place to chat.”

Long Chen pulled away Chu Yao. Once they were a few hundred meters away, Chu Yao waved a hand, and two wooden stakes grew out of the ground. A long vine then grew out, forming a swing for the two of them to sit on. They began to laugh and talk, ignoring what was happening here.

Peng Wansheng and Sha Guangyan’s expressions sank ever so slightly upon seeing them leave. Sha Guangyan turned to everyone else.

“This blade’s name is Evilmoon. It is a priceless treasure of ancient times. But its conditions for selecting a master are very stringent. The two of us have no destiny with it. If you want to try its test, go ahead.”

Everyone was moved by this. However, the Corrupt experts were still intimidated. What would happen if Evilmoon recognized one of them as its master? Wouldn’t they simply die? With Sha Guangyan, Peng Wansheng, Long Chen, and Chu Yao present, how could they possibly escape?

On the other hand, the ancient race and ancient family alliance experts didn’t need to have so many misgivings. They all went up to test it. But none of them were able to move the black saber. Instead, they all coughed up blood.

“Long Chen, what is it?” Chu Yao was looking at what was happening there, but Long Chen was looking all around.

“I thought someone else would appear here, but she didn’t. It’s strange,” said Long Chen.

He was very curious where Leng Yueyan had gone. According to reason, she should have come to this place. But he didn’t see the slightest sign of her.

“Who?” asked Chu Yao.

“Leng Yueyan.”

“The Devil Empress Leng Yueyan?” cried a shocked Chu Yao.

“You know her?” asked Long Chen, surprised.

“How could I not? She’s known as the Corrupt path’s number one killing god, a Grim Reaper who is somehow as beautiful as possible. Rumor is that after she kills people in the Corrupt path, she keeps their heads and uses them to build her own palace. Her throne is made entirely of bones, and only the skulls of geniuses. The weak aren’t even qualified to bemused after she kills them,” said Chu Yao.

“She has such a hobby? I didn’t know she was into construction.”

“Don’t joke. I’m being completely serious. My master told me that in the Spirit World, Leng Yueyan is the only person I had to avoid at all costs,” said Chu Yao.

“She’s that terrifying?”

“I’m also very curious, but when I asked my master about it, she refused to answer. She just said I definitely couldn’t provoke her,” sighed Chu Yao. Her master was the master of the Skywood Divine Palace. She definitely had realized something, but simply refused to tell her.

“Ah, speaking of which, why did you come here at all? Isn’t it very dangerous?” asked Long Chen.

“I snuck my way over. I wanted to find this place’s divine life elixir, but only once I was here did I realize that the divine life elixir is created through refining people. I killed some Corrupt experts and saw the Spirit World’s woman inside their life stones. I couldn’t refine them into elixir, so I let them go. Then I heard about this Sovereign’s battlefield, so I came to test my luck,” said Chu Yao sadly.

“Why do you need such a thing? Can’t you make it yourself?” Long Chen was puzzled. As a wood cultivator, how could Chu Yao possibly need divine life elixir?

“The divine life elixir I’m talking about is the most primeval divine life elixir. It’s the kind that can restore a person’s longevity.” Chu Yao’s eyes reddened.

Long Chen instantly understood. Chu Yao had come for her master. Her master had sacrificed her own longevity for her, transforming from a beauty into an old crone. She had sacrificed far too much for Chu Yao.

Just from her red eyes that were on the border of crying, it could be seen how much guilt Chu Yao felt towards her master.

“Don’t worry. I can help you get that divine life elixir. It’s not a problem,” said Long Chen, holding Chu Yao’s hand.

He didn’t know what exactly that divine life elixir she was talking about was, but he knew that the Life God Tree was definitely capable of making it. Considering his connection with the Forest of Life, this was definitely a minor matter.

“Really? Long Chen, can you really do this?” Chu Yao cried out excitedly, causing some of the people in the distance to glance their way.

Right now, they were testing their destiny with the black saber. But so far, no one had succeeded.

“Of course I can do this. It’s definitely no problem.” Long Chen told her about his connection with the Forest of Life. When she learned of it, Chu Yao was delighted.

“That’s great! Then on my way back, I’ll go to the Dark Forest and see if I can capture a powerful tree demon to be a fighting housepet for me. That way my combat power will rise again.” Chu Yao’s mood instantly improved.

She told him that after advancing to the Jade Core realm, she had opened a life space that could store a powerful housepet. However, it needed to be vegetation.

She was planning on capturing an eleventh rank tree demon from the Dark Forest to make up for her lacking offense.

However, her main target had still been the divine life elixir, so she hadn’t been in the mood to go looking for one.

Another person coughed up a mouthful of blood. Over a thousand elite experts here had failed. These people were all at least rank seven Celestials, and there were even two Life Star experts.

“Long Chen, this situation is strange,” said Chu Yao spiritually.

“Of course it’s strange. For that birdman to borrow my power to break the barrier was too sudden. According to reason, after I slapped him in the face three times, he should have pretty much lost all his wits in his fury. He definitely wouldn’t be so cool-headed to do such a thing. And although his words seem logical, there are way too many holes. This is a trap,” transmitted Long Chen back.

“A trap?”

“Yes, it’s definitely a trap. Have you noticed that when these people cough up blood, it always lands on the platform below the saber? The blood they’re coughing out contains a large amount of their essence blood. Most importantly, it contains the slightest trace of their purest essence blood from the space between their eyebrows. They themselves aren’t even aware of that.”

Perhaps Peng Wansheng and Sha Guangyan were aware of something, but they had chosen to keep their mouths shut. When it came to power, Long Chen had to admit that the two of them were very strong. But when it came to intelligence… well, there was no need to say it.

This was such an obvious trap that it could only trick children. But the two of them were actually conning their own people with it. That made it hard for Long Chen to understand what they were planning.

“Are we supposed to just keep watching?” asked Chu Yao.

“Yes, let’s just keep watching. In any case, we don’t have to be afraid of them. Let’s just see what plot they’re hatching. I doubt things are as simple as they appear,” said Long Chen.

This matter was riddled in oddities. The holes in their narrative were clear, and it shouldn’t be just the two of them that noticed them. However, over a thousand experts were acting like they didn’t notice anything and were going up to test the saber one by one.

Each one of them coughed up blood, and their disappointed expressions didn’t seem to be fake.

In the end, the final Corrupt expert coughed up blood. Suddenly, the black saber began to rumble.

The ground shook violently, and cracks appeared in the sky. Divine chains appeared in the air, tightly binding the black saber.

“Hahaha, I, Evilmoon, have been sealed for so many years. Now it’s finally time for me to break free!”

A thunderous roar rang out, shaking the cosmos. A murderous aura filled the entire world. In that instant, it felt like all of them had fallen to hell.

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