Chapter 1429 The Situation Rapidly Changes (Teaser)


Terrifying astrals winds exploded. Space crumbled and spread a mass of ripples that spread in every direction, rumbling like divine thunder.

“He… he blocked it!”

Everyone looked up at the sky in shock. There, Long Chen and Peng Wansheng’s fists were repeatedly clashing. The mass of primal chaos behind Peng Wansheng surged, and Long Chen’s divine ring spun.

“Heavens, what terrifying power!”

People stared at them in shock as their power increased. Space was twisting around them, devouring them.


Finally, the sphere of broken space exploded. Long Chen and Peng Wansheng were blown back, both coughing up blood. At the same time, a huge ripple spread.

A huge wave of earth rose with the ripple, surging towards the distant spectators.

Those experts hastily blocked, but even so, some of the weaker ones vomited blood, their bones broken.

“Even at this distance, even when they’re fighting up in the air, they’re managing to reach us!”

The spectators...

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