Chapter 1429 The Situation Rapidly Changes


Terrifying astrals winds exploded. Space crumbled and spread a mass of ripples that spread in every direction, rumbling like divine thunder.

“He… he blocked it!”

Everyone looked up at the sky in shock. There, Long Chen and Peng Wansheng’s fists were repeatedly clashing. The mass of primal chaos behind Peng Wansheng surged, and Long Chen’s divine ring spun.

“Heavens, what terrifying power!”

People stared at them in shock as their power increased. Space was twisting around them, devouring them.


Finally, the sphere of broken space exploded. Long Chen and Peng Wansheng were blown back, both coughing up blood. At the same time, a huge ripple spread.

A huge wave of earth rose with the ripple, surging towards the distant spectators.

Those experts hastily blocked, but even so, some of the weaker ones vomited blood, their bones broken.

“Even at this distance, even when they’re fighting up in the air, they’re managing to reach us!”

The spectators were no longer bothering with Chu Yao and Sha Guangyan’s fight. They were locked on the two figures fighting in the distant sky.

“So this is the level of a crown prince? It’s not much stronger than an ant,” mocked Long Chen. Now he was confident in fighting. His divine ring wouldn’t be suppressed by any manifestation.

Although his divine ring didn’t have a suppressive effect on others, it also wouldn’t allow other people’s manifestations to suppress him. That was enough. As long as he wasn’t suppressed by some unknown power, he wasn’t afraid at all.

“You do have some power, but it’s just a bit. It’s not enough to challenge the noble ancient races! Die!” roared Peng Wansheng. Golden runes appeared behind him, shooting towards Long Chen like a rain of arrows.

Each one of those golden runes was actually a golden feather. They were Peng Wansheng’s core true feathers.

This was one of the Golden Wing Great Peng’s divine abilities. Each one of the Golden Peng’s feathers was a supreme treasure, and a powerful killing tool.

“If trash like you hasn’t died, why would I die?” Thunderforce appeared in Long Chen’s hands, and when he clapped his hands together, a lightning blade appeared in his hands. He slashed it out.


The golden feathers were blown away. But Long Chen was surprised to find that this lightning blade he had condensed with a secret art from the immortal era was unable to destroy the feathers. This lightning blade’s power was comparable to an Ancestral item!

“Ten Thousand Feathers Pierce the Heart!” Peng Wansheng smiled sinisterly. The feathers that Long Chen had blown away seemed to come alive, turning around to attack Long Chen from every direction.

Long Chen repeatedly slashed out his lightning blade, but the golden feathers were extremely nimble. Several of them slipped past his defense and struck his body.

The feathers were incomparably sharp, and not even his dragon scales could block them. Several bloody holes appeared in his body.

“These feathers are my core true feathers. They accompanied me and grew with me ever since I was born. Their toughness is comparable to Ancestral items. Now let me see how you run.” Peng Wansheng smiled, and golden light revolved around him. More and more golden feathers shot at Long Chen.

“Run? Why would I run? Do you think a few chicken feathers can block me? Don’t make me laugh!”

Although Long Chen’s dragon scales were pierced by these feathers, the injuries they caused weren’t particularly heavy. The feathers possessed Heavenly Dao energy, but his divine ring wiped away that energy, not allowing it to destroy his body.

“Raging Flames Incinerate the Heavens!”

Golden flames filled the air. Long Chen had summoned the Heaven Incinerating Flame. “Today, I’ll burn your damn bird feathers.”

“Bastard, this is the Heaven Incinerating Flame!”

Peng Wansheng was shocked, and hastily called back his feathers. It went without saying that the Golden Peng race’s core divine ability was powerful. Even the Heaven Incinerating Flame didn’t manage to destroy his feathers.

But his golden feathers had dimmed a great deal. Many places were shared and emitted a smell like roasted bird.

Peng Wansheng was infuriated, as well as shocked. He had no idea how Long Chen could possess the Heaven Incinerating Flame. If his true feathers had been on his body, they would have managed to endure, but having flown out, while their offensive power was great, their defensive power dropped.

If he hadn’t recalled them fast enough, his feathers’ essence would have been damaged. But even though he had acted quickly, his originally splendid golden wings now looked charred and ugly.

Long Chen gulped heavily, his eyes shining. “I’ve decided. Today, I’m eating roast wings.”

This was Long Chen’s first time feeling such an intense desire for food. That particular smell was just that enticing.

“Roast wings?” The faces of the distant spectators twitched. Long Chen really was trying to defy the heavens. He wanted to eat Peng Wansheng’s wings.

“Those who blaspheme the ancient races are all exterminated down to the ninth bloodline!” Peng Wansheng roared furiously, and once more shot towards Long Chen. The primal chaos behind him spread to cover him.

Long Chen pointed his fingers. Ten lightning swords shot out of his fingertips and at Peng Wansheng.

Peng Wansheng was caught off guard. For the first time, Long Chen wasn’t facing him in a direct clash of power. Now he was suddenly using a magical art to attack him at long range. He hastily rolled to the side.

But he was still too slow. One of the lightning swords pierced his shoulder, ripping a hole in his tough body.

“Impossible! Peng Wansheng is the descendant of the Golden Peng! His physical body is completely off the charts! How could he be pierced with one attack?!”

Although Peng Wansheng was from the ancient races, his blood had gone through an ancestral regression, making his physical body on the level of a Xuan Beast. Rumor was that the Xuan Beasts essentially had unbreakable bodies. But despite that, Long Chen’s lightning sword pierced him so easily.

“He controls the Heaven Incinerating Flame, as well as that powerful lightning. Long Chen is absolutely terrifying,” muttered someone quietly, horrified.

None of these experts had thought Long Chen possessed such trump cards. Each one of them was more terrifying than the last. Up to now, Peng Wansheng hadn’t managed to get any advantage over Long Chen.

The two of them once more crashed together, shaking the sky. Long Chen held a lightning blade, and when he slashed it down, it suddenly grew, filling the sky with blinding light.

Peng Wansheng, who had been fighting barehanded this entire time, now took out a golden spear. The spear was ancient and heavy. Its aura was anything but ordinary. It was a powerful Ancestral item.


The lightning exploded. It was like a giant firework had gone off. The sky was immersed in a sea of lightning.

Long Chen unleashed more and more lightning each time he slashed his lightning blade. As for Peng Wansheng, his spear danced in the air. They fought intensely.


Long Chen slashed his lightning blade. But this time, Peng Wansheng’s spear flickered with golden light, and when it collided with the lightning blade, an even more intense light shot out of it, shooting for the distant altar.

“What?! He… he’s borrowing Long Chen’s power to break the altar’s defense?!” cried out someone.

BANG! This attack containing both Long Chen and Peng Wansheng’s power smashed into the altar’s barrier. The nine huge stone pillars shattered, and the black saber was visible once more.

“Hmph, I’ll take that saber first and then kill you!” Peng Wansheng became enveloped with golden light, and suddenly vanished. He reappeared right beside the black saber, grabbing it.

“Peng Wansheng, what do you think you’re doing?!” roared Sha Guangyan. A giant sand hand smashed towards Peng Wansheng.

“What am I doing? Do you think I’m an idiot? You’re intentionally stalling with her to wait for me to exhaust myself against Long Chen. In the end, won’t you be the last one laughing? Since that’s the case, I think I’ll take the treasure first, hahah!” laughed Peng Wansheng.

One hand broke the sand hand, while another hand grabbed the hilt of the black saber.

At this time, Long Chen returned to stand next to Chu Yao. Chu Yao had a worried expression, but Long Chen smiled, expressing that she shouldn’t worry.

Peng Wansheng’s sudden move was out of everyone’s expectations, including Long Chen. He had actually borrowed Long Chen’s power to break the barrier.

Long Chen hadn’t expected this seemingly idiotic Peng Wansheng to have some smarts. He had actually realized that his thunderforce was strange, and used it to attack the barrier.

However, Long Chen felt that this situation wasn’t so simple. This place was a huge battlefield. There had to be a reason this sinister black saber was sealed here. Long Chen didn’t think it would be easy to obtain it.

That was why Chu Yao was a bit worried, but Long Chen wasn’t at all panicked. He wanted to see if Peng Wansheng really could take the saber.

His guess quickly became reality. Peng Wansheng’s expression changed as he suddenly coughed up a huge mouthful of blood and fell back.


Everyone was shocked. Peng Wansheng had actually been forced off the black saber. But Long Chen saw a touch of shock in Peng Wansheng’s eyes that was quickly suppressed.

Long Chen looked at the blood he had spat out. He narrowed his eyes, but he didn’t say anything, as Sha Guangyan had already reached the black saber as well.

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