Chapter 1427 Consecutive Slaps in the Face

Long Chen rushed away, dodging Peng Wansheng’s attacks. However, Long Chen was shocked by his opponent’s speed. He was truly worthy of being a descendant of the Golden Peng. His speed was incomparably fast.

The movement art Long Chen was using was one of the lightning techniques he had seen the lightning expert in the Ancient Battlefield use. Lei Long had comprehended it and taught it to him.

His speed was now much greater than before, but he still couldn’t compare to Peng Wansheng.

Although Long Chen’s speed was one level lower than Peng Wansheng’s, he was much nimbler and that allowed him to dodge Peng Wansheng’s attacks. Due to his own high speed, Peng Wansheng wasn’t able to control the change of pace perfectly.

“Cowardly human, as soon as you run into experts, you can only flee like a rabbit!” sneered Peng Wansheng.

Long Chen ignored him, and only once he was far enough did he finally stop. Peng Wansheng was rushing straight toward him, so Long Chen turned around, dodging Peng Wansheng’s claw and slapping him in the face.


His slap came without any warning and didn’t contain any killing intent. His movements flowed naturally, and Peng Wansheng was once more struck.

“It’s been a while since I’ve done this. My hand feels a bit out of practice, and it’s not as clean as before. This is why I have to keep training. Once you reach such a high level, you have to keep training every day. Missing a day takes ten days to make up for.” Long Chen looked at his own hand and sighed emotionally.

He had truly regressed. Before, when he encountered people in the same realm, he didn’t have to prepare at all to slap them. If he raised his hand, it was inevitable that they would be slapped. No one could dodge.

However, now he couldn’t. He needed to prepare a foundation for his slap before he used it. That made him sigh.

“Heavens, am I dreaming?!”

The ancient race experts weren’t paying that much attention to Chu Yao and Sha Guangyan’s fight. They were focused on Long Chen and Peng Wansheng.

Just before this, they had seen Peng Wansheng mightily chasing down Long Chen, while Long Chen could only dodge. But in an instant, Peng Wansheng was struck by his slap. The sound was so loud that even thousands of miles away, they heard it clearly. It was absolutely resounding.

It felt like two people had been playing tag, then the person running suddenly said he didn’t want to play anymore, slapped the chaser in the face, and told him to scram.

This was completely different from the grand battle they had expected. They were unable to accept this. Peng Wansheng was one of the ancient races’ top experts, someone above the level of a rank nine Celestial. Yet, he had been slapped in the face consecutively. Had the world gone insane?

“You’re lucky, or the person being slapped would be you,” said Chu Yao to Sha Guangyan.

“Bullshit. Long Chen’s trash, human waste, and scum. He’ll definitely be killed today. You should…” Sha Guangyan suddenly burst into loud curses, making everyone jump in shock. They didn’t know why Sha Guangyan would explode in fury.

Chu Yao smiled faintly. Having reunited with Long Chen, very few things could make her angry now.

“Only scum would use scummy moves.” Chu Yao shook her head.

At that moment, a spear appeared and shot at her from behind. It happened so suddenly that it caught everyone off guard.

The spear pierced Chu Yao’s body, but there was no blood. Chu Yao slowly faded, and the spear dissolved into sand.

Suddenly, a shadow covered the earth as countless vines soared into the sky. “Thorn Prison!”

Thorny vines covered heaven and earth, binding around Sha Guangyan. A sharp light came from the thorns, giving others chills. It felt like just looking at those thorns was giving them pain.

Upon seeing the thorny vines binding Sha Guangyan, all their hearts shook. Being caught in these vines was a form of torture.

“Sand Armor!” 


The vines exploded, and Sha Guangyan flew out.

However, as he flew out, people saw his armor covered in holes. Blood slowly dripped out of those holes.

“Heavens, how sharp are those thorns?! Sha Guangyan’s sand armor is comparable to an Ancestral item!” cried out an ancient family expert familiar with Sha Guangyan.

Their battle looked very calm. There weren’t huge explosions that changed the color of heaven and earth. But during this calm battle, life or death could be determined in an instant.

Sha Guangyan’s gaze was grave as he charged out of the thorns, his body covered in blood. Just now, he had cursed so loudly to draw Chu Yao’s attention and then sneak attack her. But this little plot of his had been easily read by Chu Yao. She had long since been prepared, and just as he thought he had succeeded, she launched a counterattack that forced him into this bloodied state.

He had underestimated Chu Yao. Or perhaps it should be said that he had underestimated her attack power. Normal wood cultivators were simply healers and weren’t skilled in offense.

Even wood cultivators that cultivated to fight were still specialized in defense. Their attack power wasn’t very high, but Chu Yao’s attack power was terrifying.

“Your wood energy contains some metal energy. You actually managed to merge two conflicting elements. I suppose I underestimated you,” said Sha Guangyan icily. “Since that’s the case, I’ll get serious.”

Sand began to fall from Sha Guangyan’s body. More and more of it fell, until his feet and legs also began to turn to sand and flow away, shocking everyone.

“Don’t worry, I won’t kill you. I’ll let you see your so-called husband be killed first!” Sha Guangyan’s waist and chest turned to sand. With a sinister smile, his face also disintegrated and flowed into the earth.


The ground shook intensely, and the wooden stakes that were binding the sea of sand exploded to bits. Chu Yao was shocked and hastily fell back.

Sand arrows shot out after her. A hail of sand crashed down from the sky.

These sand arrows were several meters long and incredibly sharp. They whistled through the air, and there were so many of them that it was impossible to dodge them all.

“Heavens, is this the power of a sand spirit body? He can actually transform into sand! The entire sea of sand is his body!” cried a rank nine Celestial. Even the rank nine Celestials were incomparably shocked.

An expert on Sha Guangyan’s level had surpassed the domain of Celestials. He was another kind of existence.

“Red and violet dances, an endless sea of flowers fills the sky…”

Chu Yao formed hand seals and began to chant. Flower petals appeared in the air and covered her. Their fragrance even reached the spectators.

Chu Yao began to lightly spin, her long hair waving. As she spun, more and more flower petals appeared, descending from the sky. From a distance, the spectators felt that they were watching a goddess dance.

The flower petals rippled with white divine light. An immortal mist seeped out of them, making them glisten and shine.

When those sand arrows struck the flower petals, the flower petals exploded, and the immortal mist would spread. The sand arrows that flew through the immortal mist lost their cohesiveness and fell apart.

Endless sand, endless flower petals. The golden sand sea and white flower sea crashed against each other. The flower petals began to dance lightly and gracefully.

Chu Yao was like an elf from an ancient forest that didn’t possess the slightest murderous aura. She was like a heavenly goddess who wasn’t tainted by the slightest dust of the mortal world. She was beautiful and untouchable.

The ancient races, ancient family alliance, and Corrupt path’s experts were all drawn in by Chu Yao’s image. They even forgot she was an enemy.

They had never seen such a beautiful fight, and they were struck dumb for a moment. The sand arrows grew more concentrated, while the flower petals spread, growing in number. Her dance also grew quicker.


The sea of petals and sea of sand exploded. The sea of sand transformed into many furious dragons, while the flower petals transformed into beautiful swans. When they spread their wings, ripples struck the dragons.

Explosive sounds rang out once again. Although the sand dragons were fierce and sinister, the swans were strong as well. When the two collided, the swans would shatter into petals that would continue the fight, while the sand dragons would be unable to bear the power of the swans, and they would explode, their particles falling to the ground.

In the air, the sea of petals was dominating, while down below was the sea of sand. Sand dragons were flying out and swans were dancing. This was a battle scene that no one had ever witnessed before.

Despite being incredibly fierce, the sight of the dancing flower petals relaxed their hearts. But all the experts watching knew that this was a battle of attrition.

Both the sea of sand and the sea of petals required energy to maintain. The two of them were even right now, with neither being able to suppress the other. That meant that in the end, the winner would go to whoever’s spiritual yuan lasted longer.

When they saw that, they were shocked, especially the ancient family experts. They all knew that when it came to a battle of attrition, no one could defeat a wood cultivator.

If nothing else happened, then based on this common knowledge, the scales of this battle would eventually tilt toward Chu Yao.


Just at this moment, fluctuations spread from the distance that caused their hearts to palpitate.

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