Chapter 1426 Descendant of the Golden Peng

The golden light shot through the air, piercing directly into the altar. The nine stone pillars emitted large ripples as it tore through the barrier.

The golden light was aimed for the black saber, but just thirty meters from it, divine runes lit up on the stone pillars, and a second barrier appeared around the black saber.

The second barrier blocked the golden light, not allowing it to touch the saber.

Just as everyone was stunned by the sudden attack, a figure appeared in the air. When they saw that figure, the ancient race experts cheered.

This newcomer was a man several feet taller than an ordinary person. He had a pair of wings, and his face looked like it had been carved with a knife. He had golden pupils, and when he blinked, golden light that penetrated people’s souls flashed. His long hair danced in the wind.

“Hahaha, the ancient races’ top heavenly genius has arrived. Behold Peng Wansheng!” cried out an ancient race expert. He was their representative expert on this excursion.

“Rumor has it that Peng Wansheng possesses the bloodline of the Golden Wing Great Peng. Furthermore, his bloodline is extremely pure and shows signs of reverting back to an even more ancient time,” whispered one of the ancient family alliance’s experts.

As soon as Peng Wansheng appeared, he suppressed everyone else with his domineering display. The Corrupt experts all retreated.

Of the powers here, the ancient family alliance had Sha Guangyan, while the ancient races had Peng Wansheng. But the Corrupt path didn’t have an expert on that level present. To be safe, they had no choice but to retreat. They didn’t want to be drawn into a battle between people of that level. The fate of those two unlucky fellows slain by Sha Guangyan was still fresh in their memories.

Peng Wansheng’s gaze was electric. He stared greedily at the black saber. He had also noticed that it was definitely a divine item.

“Sha Guangyan, you’re also here?” Peng Wansheng turned to Sha Guangyan. The two of them knew each other. But when Peng Wansheng saw Long Chen, his gaze turned cold. “You’re Long Chen? You can die!”

Golden light blossomed from Peng Wansheng’s wings, and he shot at Long Chen with incredible speed, leaving behind multiple afterimages.

“Leave it to me.”

Chu Yao was about to form a hand seal when Long Chen’s hand swung out. Disregarding Peng Wansheng, his hand twisted in the air twice, shockingly avoiding his claws and striking Peng Wansheng in the face at an incomprehensible angle.


The sound of this slap was even louder than when Sha Guangyan had been slapped. Those strange twists had ended up increasing Long Chen’s wrist strength when his slap struck. The huge power behind this slap caused people to even see ripples in space.

A whistling gale blew away the sand. Peng Wansheng smashed into one of the stone pillars.

Everyone’s jaws dropped as low as possible. Just what kind of situation was this? Sha Guangyan had been slapped in the face, and now Peng Wansheng had also been slapped in the face.

Peng Wansheng had perfectly imitated Sha Guangyan. The angle he was struck, the stone pillar he smashed into, it was all the same.

Seeing his hand still in the same slapping posture, everyone’s hearts skipped a beat. Long Chen was heaven-defying. He had slapped two peerless heavenly geniuses in the face.

Pan Wansheng possessed a powerful physical body, but this slap still made him feel a bit dizzy. Most importantly, this slap completely stunned him.

This was his first time being slapped in the face. He had no experience in it, and it took several seconds for him to understand what had happened.

“You despicable human, you dare to blaspheme the noble Golden Peng race?! Today, I’ll tear about your corpse, and tomorrow, I’ll eradicate the Xuantian Dao Sect! I’ll kill everyone remotely related to you!” Peng Wansheng roared furiously. His golden wings spread, and a majestic aura caused heaven and earth to rumble.

A powerful pressure descended, and all the Celestials present scurried away in terror. There was some kind of will being released from Peng Wansheng that made them feel a chill.

“It seems we won’t be able to avoid a battle today. Fairy Chu Yao, you can pick one of the two.” Long Chen sighed.

Both Peng Wansheng and Sha Guangyan were extremely powerful existences whose power surpassed that of rank nine Celestials.

When they unleashed their auras, Long Chen could sense that the Heavenly Daos became one with their bodies. It wasn’t the way Celestials borrowed Heavenly Dao energy. It was like they themselves were part of the Heavenly Daos. Their power was the power of the Heavenly Daos.

This kind of power was extremely domineering. He had vaguely felt it from Zi Yan, and he had also sensed it from the Pill Fairy, Yu Qingxuan.

At that time, he had only felt that their bodies emitted strange fluctuations that were extremely different from Celestials.

However, when he encountered Leng Yueyan, he was shocked to sense the same fluctuations from her body as well.

He hadn’t paid too much attention at the time, but now that Peng Wansheng’s aura was also released, he finally understood that this was the peak of the Heavenly Daos. Instead of borrowing the power of the Heavenly Daos, they themselves were in control of that power.

He also sensed the same kind of fluctuations from Chu Yao, so he trusted that Chu Yao was also a terrifying expert on that level. Then he had Chu Yao pick one. He hadn’t reached the level of conceit where he could defeat both of them at the same time.

“Then I’ll choose Sha Guangyan. I specialize in defense, not offense. I probably wouldn’t be able to do anything to Peng Wansheng. But you should be careful. They have surpassed rank nine Celestials, so you can’t be overconfident,” warned Chu Yao.

“Don’t worry, I’m quite good at fighting.” Long Chen smiled.

At this moment, golden runes revolved all around Peng Wansheng’s body. He looked like he was made of gold. Like a golden devil god, he attacked.

“Sha Guangyan, I want to kill this fellow before fighting over the saber with you!” shouted Peng Wansheng. Despite being infuriated, he still retained some of his wits. He was worried that while he attacked Long Chen, Sha Guangyan would snatch the black saber.

“Don’t worry, Long Chen is my enemy as well. I’ll handle his woman!” called out Sha Guangyan. He no longer called her Fairy Chu Yao.

Someone like Chu Yao who was full of spirituality and felt like a goddess of life would make people involuntarily feel good toward her. Although a person wouldn’t necessarily reach the point of wanting to pursue her, they would still desire her favor.

However, when Chu Yao personally stated that Long Chen was her future husband, Sha Guangyan was unable to conceal his hatred and jealousy.

Furthermore, he saw that the black blade was protected by restrictions. Taking the saber would require a long time.

He didn’t want to waste his time going through all that trouble when it would put his life at risk. Even if he managed to break through the restrictions, it could still be snatched away by others.

So seeing Peng Wansheng attacking Long Chen, Sha Guangyan formed hand seals and slammed his palms against the ground. The sea of sand once more surged and attacked Chu Yao.

Lightning runes flashed on Long Chen’s feet. It was like he was wearing lightning shoes. With a single step, he appeared dozens of miles away. He didn’t move forward. Instead, he was moving further away.

“You want to run? Keep dreaming! No one has ever managed to get away from me!” sneered Peng Wansheng. With a slap of his wings, he reached his peak speed.

Long Chen also wasn’t slow. He repeatedly dodged in the air as he sped away. With Peng Wansheng chasing, they quickly appeared in the distance.

As for their original location, Chu Yao had yet to move. With the sea of sand crashing toward her, she simply formed hand seals. Wooden stakes suddenly grew out of the ground.

Each wooden stake was three meters thick and thousands of meters tall. Dark golden runes revolved around them. The wooden stakes lined up and crossed, forming a huge wooden box, and the sand was unable to shake the wooden stakes.

Not only was the sand unable to do anything to the wooden stakes, but the wooden stakes also inhibited the movement of the sand. It became much more difficult for it to move. Losing its original agility, there was no way for the sand to form a vortex again. Only a third of the sand was free to move, and the rest of it was locked by Chu Yao’s wooden stakes.

“This sand has your core energy inside it. Now you won’t be able to take it back,” said Chu Yao.

Sha Guangyan was a rarely seen variant earth element cultivator. He possessed an innate sand spirit body that allowed him to control sand.

A portion of his sand was his core sand. It was created through his Heavenly Dao energy, soul energy, and blood. That kind of core energy possessed terrifying power. It possessed the power of assimilation. When his core sand landed on the ground, it could draw out all the sand in the region, and it could even break apart rocks to make more sand. His core sand was the leader of a giant sand army.

As long as Sha Guangyan wanted to and had enough time, he could turn this entire world into a world of sand. That was an extremely terrifying ability.

“So what? I’m not even exhausting one-thousandth of the core energy you’re exhausting,” sneered Sha Guangyan.

This was a battle of attrition. Neither side was able to get any advantage over the other. The only way to win was to be more efficient with their energy.

Chu Yao merely smiled. “I should just tell you that the amount of energy a wood cultivator possesses is even greater than you imagine. Furthermore, this is the Spirit World, and the air is filled with life energy. The energy I’m spending is being rapidly replenished. You won’t be able to defeat me.”

Sha Guangyan’s heart shook. Just at this moment, an explosive sound rang out in the sky. They had started fighting on the other side as well.

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