Chapter 1425 Berserk Sha Guangyan

Chu Yao had originally had a smile, but Sha Guangyan’s words caused her expression to sink.

“Sha Guangyan, Long Chen is my future husband. Insulting my husband is insulting me. Come. I won’t hold back any longer. You don’t need to hold back either.”

Chu Yao’s voice became icy-cold. The leaf sword in her hand transformed into mist and dissipated.

“Husband? Hahaha, I’d advise you to change your family plan. As soon as I leave the Spirit World, I will kill that idiot who dared to humiliate my ancient family alliance!” Sha Guangyan laughed.

“I don’t think you’ll be able to leave the Spirit World.”

Just as Chu Yao was about to form hand seals, an extremely familiar voice rang out.

Long Chen walked forward. The crowd of experts from the ancient races, Corrupt path, and ancient family alliance all moved out of the way.

“Long Chen!”

Chu Yao couldn’t believe her eyes. Her tears welled up. That was the person she had missed day and night. A single separation had lasted several years; it had been over a thousand bitter days and nights. All the hard work she put into her cultivation was to protect this man. Now that he appeared, she found herself unable to speak.

He had the same eyes, the same face, and that same warm smile. However, this face had become more resolute over this time. This was the maturity that came with going through wind and frost, rain and snow.

Long Chen slowly walked over to Chu Yao. He thought back to Phoenix Cry when the two of them had sworn to grow old together. While surrounded by enemies, they had depended on each other. This beauty had lost any of her old immaturity.

Now that the two of them finally met, they didn’t say anything. Long Chen carefully drew Chu Yao into his embrace as there was no need for words. All they needed to feel was the other’s heartbeats.

Just at this moment, Sha Guangyan’s expression sank, and he reached out to grab Long Chen’s throat.

For Long Chen to ignore him in front of all these experts was definitely an insult. He refused to be humiliated like this.

As soon as he attacked, Chu Yao tried to stop him, but Long Chen tightly held her.

Just as Sha Guangyan’s hand was about to reach Long Chen, a palm swung beautifully from an inconceivable angle, viciously striking him across the face.

This slap landed directly. The huge power caused Sha Guangyan’s face to distort, and he shot back like a shooting star.

He smashed straight through his sand barrier and into a distant stone pillar. The ground shook.

“Heavens!” Startled cries rang out. The ancient family alliance’s experts couldn’t believe that someone like Sha Guangyan had been sent flying by Long Chen.

Even the rank nine Celestials gulped. They were unable to comprehend how Long Chen had done this.

Long Chen’s hand was still in his slapping posture, while his other hand was tightly holding Chu Yao. His head was nestled into her hair. He hadn’t even glanced at Sha Guangyan.

In that instant, it was like time had turned still. Everyone stared at Long Chen and Chu Yao dumbfoundedly.

Long Chen wasn’t showing off. He simply wanted to hold Chu Yao longer. Even an extra blink of an eye made his heart feel a little bit better.

Holding Chu Yao’s body, inhaling her fragrance, he had an urge to cry.

From Chu Yao’s muffled sobs, he completely understood her feelings. It was because he did that he felt even more ashamed.

Chu Yao’s life had been filled with pitfalls. She had been schemed against as a child and used as a bargaining chip. But because of Long Chen, she had resolutely jumped from a small, muddy pool, into a giant whirlpool. However, she had never complained.

In their several years apart, Long Chen had fought countless battles and gone through countless dangers. But Chu Yao had endured her own bitterness. Forcing herself to suppress how much she missed him, she had focused entirely on cultivating. She had lived every day in this contradiction. She definitely hadn’t suffered less than Long Chen.

When Long Chen thought back to his time with Chu Yao, he couldn’t recall a single thing he had ever given Chu Yao in return for all that she had done for him. It had always been Chu Yao silently supporting him.

He held her tightly, almost wanting to pull her into his own body. In his shame, he even forgot about his own body, leaving his hand hanging in the air. He forgot about everything except Chu Yao.

In the eyes of everyone else, this was a kind of flaunting, a taunt, and an intense provocation.

“DIE!” Sha Guangyan roared. He slammed the ground with his palms, and the earth transformed into a sea of sand. A large hand flew out of it and slammed toward the two of them.

Long Chen was about to attack when Chu Yao held onto him this time. Green leaves appeared below Chu Yao, and a lotus flower bloomed around the two of them, protecting them from the sand.


The hand of sand exploded on contact with the lotus. On the other hand, the blossoming lotus emitted boundless life energy. It wasn’t harmed at all.

The petals were crystalline. It was barely possible to see through the petals to see Long Chen and Chu Yao in a deep kiss.

“Bastard! Quicksand Vortex!”

Sha Guangyan felt like he was going crazy at being ignored like this. The sand below him seemed to come to life. It spread, and a huge vortex began to whirl, drawing everyone in a hundred miles in.

Two of the Corrupt experts were too close, and as a result, they were sucked in. They were appalled and struggled against it. Even their Heavenly Dao manifestations appeared. However, their rank eight Celestial manifestations exploded as soon as they showed up. The quicksand had some kind of energy that destroyed their Heavenly Dao manifestations.

“We’re on your side! Don’t kill us!” shouted the two Corrupt experts.

They felt like mortals who had fallen into quicksand, fighting to grasp one final straw of hope. But no matter how they struggled, it was useless. They were quickly being drawn to the center of the vortex.

The closer they got to the center, the greater the pressure grew. People noticed a huge boulder that had been drawn into the quicksand suddenly explode into fragments.

That was just on the outer region of the vortex. The center had to be even more terrifying. Shockingly, despite how much the two of them struggled, nothing they did had any effect. They cried to be released, but Sha Guangyan ignored them. He was glaring at the lotus.

Inside the lotus, Long Chen and Chu Yao were kissing, ignoring everyone else. At that moment, they felt the rest of the world fall away.

As the center of the whirlpool drew closer to the lotus, the lotus rose from the ground. A large stem appeared connecting it to the ground, and many leaves appeared as well.

Seemingly supported by some kind of energy, the lotus continued to simply exist. The whirlpool was unable to do anything to it.

Suddenly, one of the two Corrupt experts climbed out of the quicksand. Just as everyone thought that he might escape, they realized that everything below his waist had vanished.

“NOOO!” Even after crawling out with half his body, the Corrupt expert was drawn in once more. A muffled bang came from within the quicksand this time, as if an explosive had gone off within it. Then there was no more sound from that Corrupt expert.

As for the other expert, he didn’t last more than a few seconds before being killed.

What shocked everyone was that despite one of them being a Soul Transformation expert, his Yuan Spirit didn’t fly out. Clearly, the quicksand had also exterminated his soul.

“Corrupt path’s idiots only know how to brag all day. In front of the experts of my ancient family alliance, they’re simply a fart.” That sharp-tongued ancient family expert from before added injury to insult.

Their argument had been interrupted by Long Chen before this. Now that he got the advantage, he naturally insulted them again.

The Corrupt experts’ expressions were a bit unsightly, but they chose to keep their mouths shut. Now wasn’t the time for them to quibble.

The quicksand vortex spun faster and faster, and huge waves soared into the sky. They transformed into many huge sand dragons that attacked the lotus. Their sharp fangs dug into the lotus.


Ripples appeared over the lotus, and rainbow light shone. Life energy formed a multitude of barriers around the lotus.

The sand dragons could only cause ripples when they smashed into the barriers. An ear-splitting rumbling came from their impact.

The ancient race, Corrupt path, and ancient family alliance’s experts all stared in shock at this sight.

These sand dragons were composed of the hardest sand particles in the vortex. Their attack was incomparably fierce, and they could easily rend mountains and tear the earth apart.

Yet, their fierce attacks were unable to even harm the barrier of the lotus. Staring at the two figures inside the lotus, they were incomparably shocked.

The two of their lips slowly parted. Chu Yao blushed slightly, making her appear even more beautiful.

“There are too many disturbances here. How noisy.” Long Chen frowned at the sinister Sha Guangyan. These sand dragons were especially noisy.

“Hehe, he really is an idiot. I wasn’t even bothering with the black saber, but instead of taking it, he decided to attack us,” laughed Chu Yao as she held Long Chen’s arm.

“Seeing you is enough for me. I don’t really care about that saber. I’ll bring you to see Meng Qi and Wan-er. They also miss you.” Long Chen smiled brightly at Chu Yao. He was completely content at this moment. It felt like as long as Chu Yao was present, nothing else was that important.

Just at this moment, golden light flew over, stabbing into the altar and breaking its light barrier.

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