Chapter 1423 Finally See That Person Again

The blue sky was empty, and the warm sunlight shone brightly. Green grass covered the ground, extending to the horizon, greedily absorbing the sunlight and the earth’s blessings. A lively mouse curiously stared at Long Chen from its tunnel opening.

There was no slaughter in this world of peace and tranquility. The sunlight shining down on Long Chen gave him an urge to relax and take a nap. 

“This is a harbor for people’s hearts, a paradise. Unfortunately, illusions are just illusions. A person can’t live a lifetime in an illusion.”

Long Chen shook his head. With a shout, the scene in front of him vanished again. He continued onward.

After going through two environments, he realized this illusion formation targeted a person’s Dao-heart. It targeted the weakest places in a person’s heart.

On his way forward, he saw several people lying on the ground with content smiles. They looked like happy babies, but their souls had already dissipated. They were dead.

Instead of dying to a fierce slaughter, they had died slowly like frogs being boiled. Long Chen couldn’t help but sigh. Once you fell asleep in that peaceful world, you would never wake up.

The threats you could see weren’t dangerous; it was those you couldn’t see that were truly terrifying.

In this illusion formation, anyone with weak wills would die. Based on those people’s attire, they should have been experts with decent backgrounds. But their wills just weren’t strong enough.

This had nothing to do with a person’s combat power. Many talented geniuses ended up having everything go easy for them in their lifetimes, which meant their wills were rarely tempered.

Only people with powerful hearts that had gone through true tests of life and death would be able to survive this formation.

As he continued forward, Long Chen saw all kinds of illusions. He saw his parents in the Eastern Wasteland together with his little sister.

Unfortunately, these illusions were based on his memories. After so many years, their appearance should have changed. As for Long Xiaoyu, she was still as tiny as ever.

The only thing this formation did to him was make his eyes tear up when he saw his parents and sister. Despite knowing it was an illusion, he couldn’t help it.

He had left the Eastern Wasteland so long ago. He had experienced so much, and he felt weary. When he saw his mother’s warm expression, he suddenly recalled that when he had been bullied, he wouldn’t tell his mother. But his mother would already know about it and tightly hug him, comforting him.

His mother held him once more, comforting him once more.

In front of his lovers, he was a confident and easy-going prince charming.

In front of the Dragonblood Legion, he was an undefeatable battle god.

In front of his fierce enemies, he was a merciless killing god.

However, in front of his mother, he was still that child. There was still a soft spot in his heart, and that particular spot would only be shown when he was in front of his mother.

After a long moment, Long Chen wiped away his tears and steeled his heart. The scene in front of him shattered again. He continued forward. He constantly entered more illusions and repeatedly smashed his way through them. His advancement was rapid.

“Something’s wrong.” Long Chen suddenly felt that something was off. He looked down and rubbed the ground. “There’s something below.”

He dug a hole in the ground and quickly found a strange bone. He couldn’t tell what bone it was.

It had to be as big as a house. Long Chen pulled fiercely, and the ground suddenly split open. He yanked out the bone and saw that it was connected to another bone.

As he pulled harder, he was shocked to find that it was extremely long. “Just what is this?!”

He pulled and a huge tail appeared. The more he pulled out, the thicker the tail became. It was like he was pulling out a huge bone snake.


Eventually, he pulled out a whole giant skeleton from the ground. It was like a mountain and was probably just as large as the Alldevil monster he had encountered in the Heaven Dragon Flame Region.

He jumped onto its tail and walked toward its head. He saw some beautiful decorative lines on its skull. Suddenly, he felt a burst of drowsiness overtake him, and he fell from the skeleton.

“These lines are strange. I can’t look directly at them.” Long Chen’s heart shook. Just now, as he had run forward, he had looked right at the decorative lines and almost fallen asleep.

He jumped back onto the skeleton, but this time he didn’t look at those lines. He went to the highest point of the skeleton. His heart began to pound.

He finally saw the full appearance of the skeleton. It was similar in shape to a dragon, but it had a huge pair of wings and three heads.

“Is this the legendary Three-head Nine-eye Illusion Spirit Beast?”

Long Chen hastily checked the skull. He saw a large hole on each forehead where a third eye would be. 

The Three-head Nine-eye Illusion Spirit Beast was a legendary existence. Or perhaps it should be called an existence that only existed in myths and stories. They had long since vanished from the Martial Heaven Continent. Nothing was left of them.

In fact, whether or not they even existed was a contentious topic on the Martial Heaven Continent.

Legend was that the Three-head Nine-eye Illusion Spirit Beast was extremely terrifying. Each design on their bodies represented a kind of illusion.

Its three heads represented the heavens, the earth, and mankind. Its nine eyes represented the peak of the Dao.

The Dao went from simple to complicated. The start was one, and the end was nine. Nine represented the peak, and it represented the Dao of all things in heaven and earth.

Legend was that its illusory arts killed people without a trace. In stories, it was said that it was a nightmare beast that would hunt you down while you were dreaming.

When Long Chen had first seen a picture of the Three-head Nine-eye Illusion Spirit Beast, he had also thought it was nonsense. If such a terrifying thing had truly existed in the world, the world would have been destroyed a long time ago.

If it existed, then anyone who slept would be killed. Who would be left alive in this world?

However, now that he personally saw its skeleton, and when he thought of what had just happened to him, he felt a chill.

This Nine-head Three-eye Illusion Spirit Beast had been dead for who knew how many years. Its flesh had long since disappeared, leaving behind just this skeleton.

It had nothing, but it had killed so many people who entered this mist region. Now Long Chen finally believed that some of the myths from the era of legends were true.

He walked toward the top of its eyes, which was like a huge cave to him. As soon as he got close, he felt a burst of pain in his soul.

He hastily retreated, looking at it in shock. This skeleton possessed some kind of energy that rejected him.

“A treasure, an absolute treasure!” Long Chen’s heart blazed. This skeleton might be a perfect gift for Meng Qi.

The Three-head Nine-eye Illusion Spirit Beast was an incredibly rare soul beast. Its illusory arts could be activated with Spiritual Strength, so Meng Qi might even be able to absorb some of its Spiritual Strength.

Long Chen didn’t stand on courtesy. He directly drew the skeleton into the primal chaos space.

Once the Three-head Nine-eye Illusion Spirit Beast was in his primal chaos space, the mist surrounding him slowly faded. The world became clear.

Long Chen saw many figures in this huge space now. When the mist faded, those people were all shocked. But after a moment of shock, they became madmen, charging toward one direction.

There was a huge altar in that place. Surrounding it were nine stone pillars that soared beyond the clouds.

The altar was a hundred miles wide, and two figures were currently fighting on it.

What was drawing everyone’s attention wasn’t their fight. All their attention was focused on a light barrier at the center of the altar.

At the center of the altar was a stone platform. There was a pitch-black saber stabbed into it.

The saber had penetrated deeply into the platform, leaving only a portion of it exposed to the outside. Its hilt had an image of a fiendish face that was sinister and frightening on it.

The blade itself had an image of two black dragons, but with it stabbed into the platform, there was no way to see the full design.

Black mist swirled around the saber, giving off a boundless evil air. It was mighty and domineering, seeming to desire the lives of everything in this world. It was very chilling.

The black saber was constantly quivering, as if it was alive and trying to escape the platform. But some kind of energy was binding it, preventing it from escaping.

Everyone rushed toward the altar frantically. Their goal was that black saber, and the Corrupt experts desired it the most.

However, Long Chen wasn’t looking at the saber. He was drawn to one of the people fighting.

She was a woman wearing a green dress, and her hair was tied up in a high bun. Mist floated around her.

The mist blocked people from seeing her face clearly, but a powerful life aura came from her. She was like the goddess of life.

When Long Chen saw her, his entire body shook. A fierce blaze ignited in his eyes.

“Chu Yao!”

He didn’t need to see her face. Just her aura, the closeness he felt with her soul, was enough for him to confirm that this was the person he yearned to see.

With the mist around her, Chu Yao seemed almost illusory, looking like a fairy.

She held a sword in her hand; however, closer examination revealed that it wasn’t a true sword but a sword-shaped leaf. Each time it was swung, it tore through space.

Facing Chu Yao was a large, long-haired man. He was fighting with his fists, and each one of his punches caused the void to explode.


Just as everyone was about to reach the altar, the large man suddenly roared and smashed his fist at the sky.

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