Chapter 1422 Illusion Formation

Long Chen learned from the Queen Ant that they were originally Magical Beasts from the Dark Forest. They had been under the Dark Forest’s rule.

However, the Dark Forest’s Magical Beasts were violent, and the competition between them was a fierce slaughter. They had only accidentally fallen into this world because they had been hunted down.

As a result, they had flourished in this world and never returned to the Dark Forest. They told Long Chen that within the Dark Forest, all Magical Beasts had to listen to the leaders, or they would be killed.

This place was like a paradise outside their original home. The tree demons couldn’t enter this region, and other Magical Beasts didn’t possess the power to kill them.

They had been here for over thirteen hundred years. They were local hegemons and very familiar with this world.

Some of the Silverwing Heavenly King Ants were always out scouting. They also went out to see the situation in other minor worlds and if there were more resources there.

Long Chen looked at the grass map in his hand. It was about as useful as grass. Even with the directions of the Queen Ant, he had difficulty understanding anything about it.

There was one particular location that he wanted to go to. Apparently, that was a place of chaos, most likely the core of this battlefield and a place a Sovereign had fought.

Following the map, Long Chen came to a sad conclusion: he was lost. He could only blindly look around.

On his way, he encountered quite a few people. He killed all the Corrupt experts he encountered, and as for the few from the ancient family alliance, he ignored them.

Suddenly, surging waves of pressure came from ahead. A violent and evil aura appeared, along with raging resentment.

Long Chen hastily rushed forward, only to see a region of chaos. Mist shrouded everything inside this space.

Lightning, wind, and rain would appear randomly, sometimes alone and sometimes together. Then the wild weather would suddenly vanish, replaced by a wonderland of flowing streams, graceful pavilions, and immortal music.

Then the wonderland was shattered by a mournful wail. Mountains of corpses and rivers of blood appeared, like hell on earth.

There was someone in the river of blood, crazily struggling to survive. It was like he was on the verge of death, simply trying to grasp a single strand of hope but he couldn’t grab it. That scene was chilling.

Long Chen’s expression was grave. He sensed an extremely terrifying aura from the mist. Whatever was inside, this place was filled with danger.

He looked around. Some people were also standing before the mist and staring at it in shock.

Long Chen stood there for a long time, examining it. However, he was unable to find any pattern to the changing scene. This was a region of chaos. Unable to see through it, Long Chen took a deep breath and walked straight in.

“That person…”

“He’s the Xuantian Dao Sect’s Long Chen.”

The few people watching the mist but not daring to advance all recognized Long Chen.

They were powerful rank eight Celestials, but sensing the mortal danger from the mist, they didn’t dare to enter.

“Hmph, that damnable Heaven-Seizer. He should have died a long time ago. He’s getting off too easy by dying here.”

Although Long Chen had already proven he wasn’t a Heaven-Seizer, under the secret urging of several powers, everyone ‘knew’ that Long Chen was a berserk Heaven-Seizer.

One person told ten, and ten told a hundred. Practically, everyone had perceived Long Chen as a Heaven-Seizer, but he had simply hidden himself very well. Without exposing any flaws, no one could do anything to him for now.

Although they had no proof, the ‘fact’ that he was a Heaven-Seizer was silently acknowledged by all, especially the people who belonged to the opposing factions. They didn’t doubt it at all.

Long Chen suddenly vanished. Lightning runes appeared on his feet, and he appeared beside the ancient family expert who had been mocking him.

The ancient family expert was appalled and hastily circulated his Heavenly Dao energy to resist. But Long Chen was too fast, and his neck was caught.

Long Chen held him like holding a chicken. He dragged that rank eight Celestial toward the mist.

“You’re so envious of me? Then come with me.” Long Chen quickly reached the border of the mist. The ancient family expert was completely terrified, but Long Chen’s berserk energy had completely sealed his spiritual yuan, and even his Heavenly Dao energy was cut off from him. Unable to use any power to resist, he could only watch as Long Chen dragged him into the mist.

The other experts were all shocked, but they also blessed their luck. Fortunately, their mouths were tighter, and although they had thought the same thing as this person, they hadn’t said it.

An old teaching said that disaster always originated from the mouth. This particular expert was using his life to demonstrate it.

The ancient family expert could neither move nor speak. A sobbing sound came from him that sounded like begging, but Long Chen ignored him. He walked into the mist, disappearing from their sight.

“How terrifying. A rank eight Celestial was unable to resist at all.” Those experts were all terrified as they watched Long Chen vanished.

Although there were countless stories about Long Chen in the cultivation world, many people thought they were simply stories the Xuantian Dao Sect was intentionally spreading to shock others.

The scene of Long Chen killing a rank nine Celestial had spread. However, many people thought that the only reason why Long Chen had been able to kill Luo Minghao was because of the Xuantian Tower supporting him in secret.

So they weren’t particularly afraid when they saw Long Chen. In their opinion, even if they couldn’t beat him, running away should be no problem.

Yet, as soon as Long Chen took action, they believed the legends. That ancient family expert had used his life as the price to prove those stories. He was truly a brave man.

Long Chen walked forward, and the mist grew thicker and thicker until he couldn’t even see his own fingers. His divine sense was suppressed and couldn’t extend out of his body.

Long Chen held the ancient family expert in front of him as he slowly walked forward.


The ancient family expert’s body suddenly twitched, and Long Chen immediately came to a stop.

The ancient family expert’s hair was standing on end, and his eyes were about to pop out. His expression was one of absolute terror. He bit down on his lip so hard that blood flowed down.

Long Chen released him and quietly watched. He quickly noticed that this guy’s Heavenly Dao energy was slowly leaving his body. It was entering the primal chaos space, being absorbed by the Heavenly Dao Tree.

“His Heavenly Dao energy left his body, so he will definitely die. The Heavenly Daos already view him as a dead person.” Long Chen was lost in thought.

In his many years of experience with Celestials, this was a first. Some strange energy was slowly killing this Celestial in front of him. But even before he completely died, his Heavenly Dao energy was exiting his body.

All his Heavenly Dao energy was stripped away, and a new rank eight Heavenly Dao Fruit appeared in the primal chaos space. But this ancient family expert was still panting crazily.

“It can’t be seen, and it can’t be touched. It should be an illusion formation. As soon as you enter the illusion, the Heavenly Daos judge you to be dead. What a terrifying illusion formation.”

The ancient family expert finally collapsed on the ground, lifeless. Even his spiritual fluctuations slowly faded.

Long Chen’s expression was grave as he looked at the corpse. There was just one more step for him to take. This one step would bring him to a hellish world.

In the end, he took the step. As soon as he did, the world around him changed. Raindrops fell from the sky, landing on his body. A fishy smell hung in the air.

A sea of blood was below his feet, and bones floated within it. Huge corpses formed floating islands in this place.

The wails of countless fiends came from the sky, and a group of human-shaped skeletons attacked Long Chen. They had a pair of bat-like wings and a bone trident in their hands.

Long Chen didn’t dodge. He allowed the bone tridents to stab through his heart.

Pain. Extreme pain. Long Chen could clearly sense the sharp tridents stabbing into his body. He could even feel them stabbing his heart. He noticed all the details down to his fresh blood spurting out.

“This feeling is really realistic. If I didn’t have that fellow as a scapegoat, I might have fallen for it.” Long Chen smiled.

At this moment, more and more of the fiends attacked him. He had no spiritual yuan, no weapons, and no power. He had nothing to depend on.

“So after a person loses their strongest support, they will become afraid and cowardly, like a domineering wild crab that has been stripped of their shell. This means your strongest point is also your weakest point. Whoever designed this illusion formation was quite skilled.”

More and more tridents stabbed through Long Chen’s body. Blood poured out of him. The fiends laughed sinisterly as they saw his blood flow out.


Long Chen let out a shout, and a terrifying will erupted. That was an unrivaled will that looked down from above the nine heavens. In front of this will, everything else was a joke.

Those fiends all exploded, and the entire world of blood faded away. The world of mist returned.

“If a person’s will wasn’t strong enough, they’d be killed by the formation. But this formation is useless on me.”

With his heart prepared, he continued forward. After a dozen steps, the scenery changed. He entered a world of birdsong and flowers.

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