Chapter 1420 Silverwing Heavenly King Ants

The space behind him closed, and Long Chen appeared in a different world. It was his first time experiencing what it felt like to step across worlds.

He had come from one world to another world just like that. Furthermore, he had done so relying on brute strength to tear open the spatial wall. This was almost inconceivable to him.

These worlds were the minor worlds that the fallen experts had created.

They weren’t like the major worlds of the likes of the Martial Heaven Continent. The major worlds had incredibly powerful spatial barriers. Other than those legendary immortals and gods, no one could tear through such barriers.

The minor worlds here had been affected by the Ancient Battlefield, making the spatial walls extremely weak, allowing even Long Chen to break through them.

This was a desolate land without a single blade of grass. Furthermore, there were battle scars everywhere, seemingly from many years ago.


Long Chen smashed the pot in the air, revealing another large hole. He stepped through, entering another world.

When he entered this world, he felt a chill. The air here was filled with brutality and slaughter.


He had only just entered when an explosive sound rang out along with a miserable scream.

Long Chen hastily rushed over. Rolling hills littered this land, and after passing one particular mountain, he saw a valley below.

Over ten Corrupt experts were being chased down by a group of monsters within the valley. The monsters were a dark mass with only silver wings to offset their black bodies.

Long Chen looked closer and realized that this swarm was actually a group of ants, all of them were dozens of meters long.

“Silverwing Heavenly King Ants?” He was surprised to see them. They were an extremely ancient kind of Magical Beast. Their bodies were as hard as iron, and they possessed limitless power. Their mandibles were strong enough to crush any ore.

Legend was that the Silverwing Heavenly King Ants consumed a kind of mithril spiritual crystal as food. For there to be so many of them here, there had to be a vein of it present.

Mithril spiritual crystal was extremely rare. It could be refined into mithril, a material that was both tough and flexible.

On its own, it couldn’t be used to forge weapons. But it was a material that could be combined with hundreds of different materials to increase the quality of a weapon.

A single drop of mithril could be stretched many miles without breaking. And the most miraculous aspect of it was that a strand of mithril many times thinner than a strand of hair would still have an even thickness throughout the strand.

If the slightest bit of mithril was added to a spear, the spear would become even more flexible, giving it noticeable improvement when it came to attacking and defending.

A piece of mithril would be just as expensive as his Divine Flame Crystals. So Long Chen could guess why these Corrupt experts were being chased by these Silverwing Heavenly King Ants.

One of those Corrupt experts was holding a piece of mithril and running crazily. Despite the swarm of ants behind him, none of the Corrupt experts were willing to toss the mithril away.

Mithril wasn’t heavy and could be drawn into a spatial ring. But it could only be drawn into extremely high tier spatial rings, ones that were made with the best material. Otherwise, it would reject the spatial ring.

These Corrupt experts weren’t particularly powerful. Some were at the Soul Transformation realm, and some were at the Jade Core realm. The strongest amongst them was only a rank seven Celestial.

In terms of speed, they weren’t any faster than the Silverwing Heavenly King Ants. Their wings had special runes that gave them the special ability to break through space. They were practically able to teleport.

These Silverwing Heavenly King Ants were extremely terrifying, and they had been famous even in ancient times.

Although they could be classified as eighth rank Magical Beasts, equivalent to the human race’s Foundation Forging realm, there were just too many of them. There were thousands of them.

The Corrupt experts’ attacks were at most able to kill one or two of them before their attack power would drop to the point that it wasn’t able to break the defenses of further Silverwing Heavenly King Ants.


One of the Corrupt experts had just killed one of the ants when he was attacked by another. His body was crushed by its mandibles.

His physical body was destroyed, and his Yuan Spirit floated out. He tried to flee. But his Yuan Spirit was struck by one of their wings. That wing unleashed a bizarre energy that destroyed his Yuan Spirit in one blow.

The Corrupt experts were screaming miserably as they tried to fight them off. But there were too many of the ants. They were surrounded, and in just a few breaths, they were annihilated.

The mithril spirit crystals that they had obtained were grabbed by the ants, and they left, leaving behind only broken corpses.

Long Chen glanced at the corpses and saw a few spatial rings. However, those people had been too weak, and they wouldn’t have anything good in their spatial rings. Long Chen couldn’t be bothered to take them.

Furthermore, after fighting against the Corrupt path for so many years, he hated looking through their spatial rings. There were too many revolting and infuriating things inside them.

For such weak people to have entered this minor world, they had definitely entered accidentally like when Long Chen had accidentally entered one to encounter Leng Yueyan. Moreover, they didn’t have the power to break through space. There were simply too many spatial openings in these broken minor worlds. As long as you found such an opening, you could enter.

People as strong as Leng Yueyan wouldn’t bother wasting time searching. She could just brute force her way through.

Long Chen passed the Corrupt experts’ corpses, following the Silverwing Heavenly King Ants. The ground started to change color. A silver tint had appeared, and the ground was becoming harder. Even the stones on the mountains were silver now.

Long Chen was familiar with this kind of stone. These were called companion ores. Normally, ores would be accompanied by their companion ores when they appeared naturally.

Finding companion ores meant there was a high chance of finding the main ore you were looking for. As he advanced, more and more of these silver companion ores appeared.

After reaching the top of a mountain, he saw a huge mountain range shining with a bright silver color. This huge mountain range looked like a winding silver dragon.

These mountains were covered in many caves. He saw many Silverwing Heavenly King Ants coming and going through them.

“Damn, this whole mountain is composed of mithril silver crystal.” Although he had been prepared, he was still shocked to see such a huge vein.

He appraised his surroundings. There was a huge basin below him, and the center was the vein of mithril silver crystal.

There wasn’t the slightest vegetation in this barren land, and everything was under the sight of the Silverwing Heavenly King Ants. To try and steal anything in secret would be too difficult. Those Corrupt experts were an excellent example.

Long Chen jumped off the mountain and began walking brazenly toward the central mountain. He was quickly noticed by the busy Silverwing Heavenly King Ants, and a swarm of them gathered around him.

Golden flames erupted out of Long Chen’s body. The terrifying heat left scorch marks on the ground where he passed.

The reason he dared to advance so arrogantly was because the Silverwing Heavenly King Ants’ powerful defenses were only weak to fire.

Their wings were extremely weak to fire, especially strong flames like the Heaven Incinerating Flame. As expected, once he revealed this flame, they all retreated, not daring to block his path.

More and more of them appeared, filling the sky and the ground. But none of them dared to try stopping him. They let out panicked cries.

Those sounds weren’t coming from their mouths. They were making these sounds by rubbing their wings together. This was a warning to their enemies.

“Human, you can stop right there! What do you want?” Just as Long Chen reached the foot of the mountain, two figures appeared in the sky.

They were human in form. One was a man, the other was a woman. They were clad in silver armor, and they had identical horns on their heads just like the Silverwing Heavenly King Ants.

These two were not actual humans. They were the Ant King and Ant Queen, and their cultivation bases were so powerful that they were able to take human form and speak to Long Chen.

Their powerful auras crashed down on Long Chen. Silver light revolved in their eyes. It was like two sharp blades glaring at him.

Long Chen seemed to not hear them, and he continued advancing, step after step, leaving scorched footprints behind him.

“Human, we don’t want to be your enemy. But don’t go too far!” shouted the Ant King.

Only then did Long Chen come to a pause. He raised his head and looked at them. “I also don’t want to be your enemy. It’s the opposite. I hope we can work together.”

“What do you mean? You want to trade for our mithril spirit crystal?” asked the Ant King.

“No, my target’s not the mithril spirit crystal. I don’t have the time to refine the ore. I want the mithril essence.”

“Don’t even think about it!”

Now the Ant Queen opened her mouth, infuriated. Her aura surged, causing space to rumble. The Silverwing Heavenly King Ants slowly got closer, seemingly ready to fight at any moment.

“I said that I don’t want to be your enemy and that we can work together. But it seems you're questioning my attitude. Fine.”

Space exploded, and a flame dragon appeared in the air, revolving around Long Chen. It let out a heaven-shaking roar, igniting heaven and earth. This huge flame dragon looked down upon the Ant Queen.

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