Chapter 142 I Want to See if I Can

An explosion shook heaven and earth. Dust filled the air as qi waves surged out angrily. Despite being separated by hundreds of meters, that terrifying energy still made it difficult for others to breathe.

Tang Wan-er looked over in shock, stopping what she was doing. Lei Qianshang also paused to look.


When the qi waves scattered, everyone looked where the two people had been fiercely fighting. Previously they had been at the edge of the valley, near the cliff.

People were shocked to see that that part of the cliff had been completely destroyed. As the smoke gradually cleared, it revealed Long Chen, his long hair dancing and his clothes fluttering, looking just like a celestial emperor.

Around thirty meters in front of him was Zhao Wu. He was now half-kneeling on the ground.

Zhao Wu’s right arm was broken in several places. In fact, bone was sticking out in some spots. He was drenched in blood.

He was blankly staring with disbelief. He seemed to have yet to realize that blood was flowing from his mouth and had covered his body.

The entire battlefield was deathly silent now. Zhao Wu had used his strongest techniques and had still been so severely injured. That was something hard to accept for everyone here.

If Zhao Wu’s opponent had been a monster-class opponent like Lei Qianshang, then they would be able to accept that, but that wasn’t the case.

Everyone’s hearts were nervously beating. There were originally five monster-class geniuses. Was this the birth of a sixth?

“Cough…” Zhao Wu suddenly underwent a coughing fit. As he coughed, more and more blood came up, frightening others.

Now everyone understood that it wasn’t just his arm that was broken. Even his internal organs must have been greatly damaged. They just didn’t know whether his life was in danger.

“Long Chen, you bastard, I’ll kill you!” Zhao Wu cursed at Long Chen between his coughs of blood. It was impossible for him to accept this result. He had always thought that he was completely unparalleled other than against the five monster-class experts

He always considered himself the number one person below the monster-class. But now he had been defeated by some nameless brat. That caused him to sink into madness.

“With just your kind of conduct, even if you cultivated for another ten thousand years, you still wouldn’t be able to kill me. All you would do is waste ten thousand years of resources to make ten thousand years of crap.” Long Chen shook his head.

Zhao Wu’s previous attack had been truly powerful. At the moment they had collided, Long Chen had summoned his FengFu Battle Armor, heavily injuring him with a punch.

Now that Long Chen had seen through more and more secrets of the FengFu Battle Armor, his usage of it had become much more skilled.

He had now realized that if he hadn’t called out his divine ring, summoning the FengFu Battle Armor wouldn’t cause anything strange. Unless people were looking at his eyes, there were no other major changes.

And after countless tests, Long Chen had become extremely adept at using it.

He could now summon the FengFu Battle Armor only during the moment he attacked, allowing him to release an explosive strength. Once he finished releasing that power, he would immediately put it away.

That way he could save on the amount of his FengFu Star’s energy. He would no longer just foolishly keep it summoned the whole time, wasting that precious energy.

Furthermore, this way, he could conceal its existence, not drawing other people’s attention. While many people had felt that the previous exchange had been a bit strange, they were unable to tell what part of it was strange.

“Long Chen, you half-breed son of a bitch, if you have the guts, then kill me!” Zhao Wu seemed to have already lost all reasoning at this time. Realizing he was unable to move his body any more, he began to wildly curse.

Long Chen’s expression became icy, and a cold killing intent radiated off him as he walked over to Zhao Wu.

“Long Chen, don’t! If you kill him, you’ll be expelled from the monastery!” Tang Wan-er couldn’t help but warn him when she saw what he was doing.

Long Chen seemed to have not heard. Walking right up next to the heavily injured Zhao Wu, his eyes didn’t contain the slightest emotion. He was the very embodiment of the Grim Reaper.

“You’ve lost, but due to your pathetic ego, you refuse to admit your loss. So you begin to act like a shrew and shout curses at me in order to relieve your own heart’s terror and unwillingness.

“You want to use the monastery’s rules to suppress me. If I don’t dare to kill you because of the monastery’s rules, it’ll let you feel like you’ve thwarted me despite losing in body.

“Of course this is your only option. Although it’s a bit disgraceful, this is the only play you have against me right now.

“But unfortunately, you don’t know me. You shouldn’t have insulted my family. You shouldn’t have touched upon my taboo. Since you did, you will… die.”

Long Chen might be talking to Zhao Wu, but the entire crowd was completely silent, so each of his words rang out clearly in everyone’s ears.

Long Chen’s analysis was completely on point, revealing all of what Zhao Wu had been thinking. Everyone was immediately filled with disdain for Zhao Wu.

But they also felt as if something was wrong. If he knew he was intentionally provoking him, why was he still intent on taking the bait?

“Long Chen, you fool! He’s intentionally provoking you!” Seeing that Long Chen had clearly seen through it all and was still acting like this, Tang Wan-er cried out in fear and alarm.

Although she had previously tricked Long Chen, that was just because of her vengeful nature. Of course, if she was offended, then she had to repay that. It didn’t mean she had a bad heart.

Now that she saw Long Chen had limitless potential and was so powerful, she naturally couldn’t endure watching him jump into a trap and be kicked out of the monastery. That would completely sever his future prospects.

“Long Chen, you’re sister Wan-er’s follower, so her words are orders. By acting like this, you are being disloyal. Didn’t you want to be a good person?” Qing Yu also added in her own persuasions. But when she put it that way, everyone frowned. It didn’t seem there was anyone else in the world who tried to persuade people like that, was there?

“Haha, Long Chen, so what if I curse you? You’re just a bastard, a son of a bitch. If you have the ability, then kill me. I’m waiting for you! If you don’t dare kill me, then you’re just a one hundred percent son of a bitch, haha… AH!”

Zhao Yu had been crazily laughing when he let out a miserable scream. Long Chen’s foot had firmly stamped down on his leg, causing cracking sounds to ring out as it broke.

Long Chen had a complete understanding of the body’s structure. The place he had stepped on was three inches below the knee. There was an acupuncture point there. It was the most concentrated point of nerves of pain.

By stepping there, the tip of his toe only had to lightly press slightly to cause his pain to immediately multiply tenfold.


Zhao Yu’s miserable scream rang out loud and clear, causing everyone to get goosebumps. Seeing him torment the miserable Zhao Wu, everyone felt their hearts turn numb.

“What I dare and don’t dare to do doesn’t matter. I just want to see whether you really do possess the unyielding character to face death fearlessly, but unfortunately, it seems a trash person like you doesn’t possess that.”

Long Chen shook his head regretfully. He once more pressed down with his foot, breaking Zhao Wu’s other leg in the same way as the first one.

Before, Zhao Wu had been repeatedly screaming, but this time, he wasn’t even able to scream. Veins bulged on his forehead, his eyes almost popped out, his face turned purple as his scream was choked, his body incessantly trembling.

“Ah, how strange. Someone like yourself, a hero who can ignore the fear of death must definitely have an unyielding character. But it seems I can’t find where that is.

“I guess it’s not on your legs. Perhaps it’s in your arms? Or perhaps your back? Please excuse me for being an amateur. Endure it for a bit; I’ll find it quickly.” Long Chen softly consoled him, his gaze landing on his arm.

“Long Chen, you son of a bitch, you won’t have a good death! If you have the guts then kill me!” Zhao Wu sinisterly cursed.

“Oh, I’ll definitely kill you. But first I want to find that unyielding character of yours.” Long Chen shook his head.

Crack, crack…!

Painful cracking noises continued to ring out from Zhao Wu’s body. Everyone felt their scalps turn numb. They were all disciples from powerful families, each of them being a high and aloof existence. When would they ever have seen such a bloody scene? Each of their faces was pale.

Most frightening of all was that Long Chen’s expression was as calm as water. That was even more frightening than if he had appeared sinister or malevolent. Everyone was just watching foolishly.

Even Tang Wan-er’s face was slightly pale. Although her combat abilities were beyond compare and she had defeated countless experts, this was the first time she had ever seen such a cruel act.

The current Long Chen was definitely like an emotionless death god. He was a completely different person than his previously laughing, mischievous scoundrel-self.

When his miserable screams finally ended, Long Chen picked up Zhao Wu by the neck as if he were a dead dog.

Zhao Wu was raised into the air, his feet no longer touching the ground. But Zhao Wu definitely was strong-willed. Despite undergoing such a painful torture, the hatred on his face had yet to fade.

“Bastard, torture me as much as you want! Unfortunately, you still won’t dare kill me, hahaha…!” Zhao Wu crazily laughed.

Everyone present watching the two of them couldn’t help but feel helpless. The both of them were definitely madmen. They couldn’t be judged according to common sense.

Long Chen indifferently looked at Zhao Wu, and a trace of pity floated into his eyes. “Your scheming really is profound. You want to use this kind of method to damage my Dao-heart. If my heart is even slightly damaged, it won’t be perfect and later when I try to advance, it will be even harder to make breakthroughs. It might even form a heart-devil.

“But unfortunately, your calculations are wrong. In your next life, remember, not all schemes can control others. If you don’t have any last words to say, I’ll be sending you on your way.”

When everyone heard those words, they were all extremely confused. Only Lei Qianshang and Tang Wan-er’s expressions changed.

The Dao-heart was something that other people might not know about, but as for Lei Qianshang and Tang Wan-er, the experts in their families had warned them about it over and over. They had to keep their Dao-heart faultless and perfect. Only then could their cultivation path become longer and longer.

The Dao-heart was an extremely broad term. It could be said to be one’s Dao, and it could also be said to be a mental state. In brief, it was what allowed one’s heart to remain bright and clear.

It really was just like what Long Chen had said. If Long Chen ended up insulted by Zhao Wu with his words but was unable to do anything to him, that would cause Long Chen’s heart to be oppressed with resentment. That would create a knot in his heart.

That knot might not look like anything, but it would slow down Long Chen’s cultivation and affect his mental state. It would be a great barrier when attempting to make a breakthrough.

The higher the cultivation base, the more of an obstacle it would pose. It could even eventually form a heart-devil, which could cause him to accidentally die when trying to advance realms. It could be said to be a kind of ruthless poison against the heart.

Tang Wan-er had been thinking that Long Chen was being too excessive, but now that he explained this, even she began to feel a trace of killing intent. This Zhao Wu was incredibly vile to do this.

“Hehe, kill me? Do you dare? You’ll be expelled from the monastery. Your life will be over, haha!” Zhao Wu unbridledly laughed.

“I want to see if I can.”

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