Chapter 1419 Disappointment


Only now did Long Chen take back his hand. And it was only at this time that he felt that particular feeling.

Before this, he hadn’t dared to have any thoughts with his life in his opponent’s hands. Now the danger had passed, and only then did he feel that moving sensation.

Soft, ample, plump, bouncy. That was what he sensed in the instant that he removed his hand.

“Thank you for your praise,” said Leng Yueyan.

“Ah, it’s just the truth,” said Long Chen without thinking about it. But his expression quickly changed as he realized Leng Yueyan’s Voidpiercing Eyes were seeing through his thoughts.

He instinctively retreated several steps and raised the pot in preparation for a battle. Leng Yueyan’s bone sword was already raised.

However, Leng Yueyan didn’t attack. She simply sheathed the bone sword on her back. The bone sword and bone scabbard looked like they had been carved of fine jade. No one would expect the bone sword to be such a terrifying weapon.

Long Chen felt awkward, but he also felt a burst of fury. Leng Yueyan had definitely done this on purpose to embarrass him.

“That pot’s not bad,” said Leng Yueyan.

“It’s good for cooking,” said Long Chen randomly. He wished he had more to say, but despite feeling that he was pretty eloquent, he had no idea what to say to this killing goddess.

Leng Yueyan’s mood changed at the drop of a pin. Who knew what he might say that would cause her to suddenly attack him?

He wanted to leave, but he also felt that would be a feeble display. Worst of all, he couldn’t try to think of anything, or it would be read by Leng Yueyan.

“Let’s sit together!” Leng Yueyan slowly sat on a clean rock nearby. She indicated for Long Chen to join her.

To be invited by a peerless beauty was something every man dreamed of. But Long Chen felt like he was in a nightmare.

However, he was a man, and he thickened his skin and sat beside her, keeping the pot beside him. That was the only thing that gave him a slight sense of safety.

“Long Chen, do you feel like I’m crazy?” asked Leng Yueyan quietly as she stared into the distance.

“Can I not reply?” probed Long Chen.


“If I tell the truth, will I be attacked?”

“I can’t guarantee anything.”

“Oh, then no I don’t.”

“Tell the truth,” demanded Leng Yueyan.

“I’m afraid of being attacked.” Long Chen shook his head.

“If you don’t, then I’ll attack you right now.” Leng Yueyan slowly raised her hand to her back.

“Cough, in truth, you’re not that bad. At least your craziness is intermittent.” Long Chen put it in the nicest way possible.

Leng Yueyan lowered her head and was silent for a long time. Long Chen was feeling uneasy. He didn’t know when this woman would start being crazy again. This kind of waiting was torture.

He was like a prisoner waiting to be executed, but his execution date wasn’t set. He wasn’t allowed to relax at all and had to be ready for the executioner’s blade at any moment.

Leng Yueyan looked at her feet, which repeatedly brushed against the sand. It was unknown what she was thinking.

“I’ve decided. I won’t kill you.” Finally, Leng Yueyan raised her head. Looking at the sky, she sighed.

“Really?” Long Chen was stunned. Had she been cured?

“Yes, really. Congratulations.” Leng Yueyan turned to stare at Long Chen. For some unknown reason, her sapphire eyes had become much dimmer.

“You… what’s wrong?” Long Chen was startled. The current Leng Yueyan didn’t look like a killing goddess at all. Instead, she seemed like a pitiable girl who had lost all hope.

“What? Is this not good?” Leng Yueyan smiled. Although her smile was beautiful, it seemed miserable. Seeing that smile made Long Chen’s heart ache.

However, it wasn’t as if he could ask her to continue hunting him down. If he did, wouldn’t that mean he had caught her illness?

“If you have any secret sorrows, you can tell me. I might be able to help,” said Long Chen sincerely.

Long Chen felt a strange mix of emotions when it came to Leng Yueyan. He wasn’t able to describe it. She was like the legendary Hellflower.

Legend was that those who saw it would be attracted by its body. Despite knowing that approaching it meant death, they were unable to resist the allure. Even if they were to die, they had to get closer.

Leng Yueyan gave Long Chen the same feeling. Leng Yueyan was both beautiful and dangerous, but for some reason, Long Chen had a desire to protect her.

That kind of thinking was very foolish and very dangerous. It was also very stimulating. He was unable to extricate himself from her.

“You bastard, why did you have to treat me so well? If you hadn’t, I would be able to keep trying to kill you.” Leng Yueyan smiled as she cursed him. But tears had appeared in her eyes.

Leng Yueyan got closer to Long Chen. She wrapped her arms around his waist, resting her head on his chest.

Long Chen spread his arms, not daring to move. His spine was rigid, and his goosebumps rippled.

This should have been a very alluring action, but being hugged by Leng Yueyan, Long Chen felt a chill.

“It’s over for me. Even the pot won’t be able to save me this time.”

At this distance, if Leng Yueyan wanted to kill him, he would definitely die. He cursed inside. Well, if he died, then he died. He embraced Leng Yueyan, softly patting her hair.

“Other than killing me, can’t you find something else to do with me?” Long Chen bitterly smiled.

“No. Before you, I was constantly searching for targets. But after encountering you, I realized that in this world, only you could…” Leng Yueyan shook her head, cutting herself off in the middle of her words. “Long Chen, if I one day die, will you feel bad?”

“Yes, I’ll feel very bad,” replied Long Chen.

“Then that’s good. Thank you.”

Leng Yueyan suddenly laughed while crying. Her smile was like a blooming flower, while her tears were like pearls of dew. That was an indescribable beauty.

“Yueyan, can’t we properly talk one time? Whatever words you have in your heart, tell me. I’ll keep your secret, and I’ll help you think of what to do,” promised Long Chen. He knew Leng Yueyan had her own secrets. But she never revealed those.

“Aren’t you the same as well? You have just as many secrets as me. Do you tell them to your brothers and sisters?” retorted Leng Yueyan.


“It’s useless to share some secrets with others, so there’s no need to reveal them. I’ve already figured out my path forward. I’ll have to rely on myself to resolve things, and I can’t rely on others.”

Leng Yueyan stood, the tears and smile on her face vanishing. Her icy expression appeared once more. The killing goddess was back.

“You weren’t sleeptalking just now, right? Are you going to start trying to kill me again now?” Long Chen asked suspiciously upon seeing her return to this state.

The current Leng Yueyan felt like a completely different person than the one who had been speaking to him a moment ago. If he couldn’t smell her scent, he might even think he had been caught in an illusion before.

“Don’t worry, I said I wouldn’t kill you. Furthermore, I’ll sever the karma between us. We’ll walk our own paths in the future,” said Leng Yueyan.

“Why does that sound a bit hurtful?” Long Chen bitterly smiled, feeling like the emotions that had just appeared in Leng Yueyan had been cut off by a knife.

“This battlefield has something I need, so I’m going to search for it. This calm place that we’re in is a special place where experts once died. It can be considered a pure land within this chaos. They used their own bodies to create minor worlds in their deaths. Because they died, the minor worlds became even weaker, and within a Sovereign’s pressure, these minor worlds form layers upon layers. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to find heaven-defying treasures. Long Chen, goodbye. I will return your favor of not killing me twice.” After Leng Yueyan finished talking, she took out her bone sword and slashed the air.

Divine light rippled on the sword tip, and the void was cut open like it was a piece of cloth. Leng Yueyan glanced back at Long Chen for a moment before stepping into that opening.

Through the other side of the opening, Long Chen saw a dark and gloomy world. Before he could see any details, the opening closed and it vanished. All that was before him was this barren desert.

Long Chen was unable to calm himself for a long time. Although he had escaped from Leng Yueyan’s irrational, vexing killing, he didn’t feel the slightest joy. Instead, he felt disappointment.

When Leng Yueyan had asked him if he would feel bad if she died, a vague sense of unease had appeared in his heart.

After she said she would give up trying to kill him, her bright eyes had immediately lost their luster. That scene was deeply imprinted in his mind.

Just what secrets did Leng Yueyan have? Why did she want to kill him, and why did the Eastern Wasteland Bell say that she was a pitiable person?

These questions tumbled through Long Chen’s mind, but he couldn’t come up with a reasonable answer.

Other than that, he didn’t understand what she meant by severing the karma between them. Karma was something so vague that people on their level shouldn’t be able to touch it yet.

He felt like his head would split. But since Leng Yueyan refused to answer, he didn’t have the slightest solution to her problems.

Swinging his head, he gave up trying to figure it out. Without being told the riddle, who could possibly find the answer?


Long Chen followed Leng Yueyan’s actions, and he swung his pot through the air. A huge opening actually appeared in the void. Long Chen looked inside and jumped in.

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