Chapter 1418 Lightning Devours Heaven and Earth

A chill came with this sword. It felt like it could freeze a person’s soul. The face that was smiling beautifully like a flower had become cold-hearted in the blink of an eye.

Long Chen was shocked to see Leng Yueyan seemingly tear straight through space to teleport in front of him. This was an inconceivable movement art. Long Chen couldn’t even grasp the path of her sword, and he had to react with his intuition.

A chill cut through Long Chen’s face. Blood slowly dripped down.

Long Chen’s sword was severed. The severed half fall to the ground. This Ancestral item was now broken, its item-spirit annihilated.

“You were distracted. Haven’t I already told you that since you’re the man I favor, I will kill you?” reminded Leng Yueyan.

“I understand. Fine, then let’s see who lives or dies!” replied Long Chen coldly.

He completely gave up on curing Leng Yueyan. He didn’t have any more fantasies about converting her, even if the Eastern Wasteland Bell had said that he would one day understand the truth.

However, this wasn’t one day. This was the present, and presently, Leng Yueyan wanted to kill him. The truth wasn’t important. He couldn’t be merciful to those who wanted to kill him.

Right now, what was in his eyes wasn’t Leng Yueyan, but a terrifying opponent. So if he wanted to live, he had to kill her.

“That’s the right way. If you don’t have the determination to kill me, you’ll die to my sword sooner or later. Prepare yourself, because this time, I’ll be serious.”

Leng Yueyan’s sword pointed toward the sky. Her sapphire eyes were like ice, and ripples began to appear within them.


Leng Yueyan’s hair began to fly, and an air of death filled the world. Thunderous rumbling rang out that was like the roaring of demons from hell.

Heaven and earth changed color, while darkness shrouded the land. There wasn’t the slightest bit of life left in this world. The only thing present was death.

Leng Yueyan was like the god of this world. She didn’t have the slightest emotion. She was a killing god who had come to strip this world of all life.

Her bone sword quivered ever so slightly. A touch of black appeared on the edge of her white sword. It was so sharp that it seemed to even slash through the restrictions of spacetime.

This time, Long Chen was prepared, and he took out the pot. His divine ring was out, five stars revolved in his eyes, and green dragon scales covered his body.

Long Chen raised his power to his peak and smashed the pot at Leng Yueyan.


When the pot met the bone sword, space exploded and ripples spread, tearing at the sky.

They went all-out even in the first exchange. With a thunderous cry, Long Chen smashed the pot again at Leng Yueyan, lightning erupting from his body.

Leng Yueyan’s bone sword was too terrifying. It looked as fragile as jade, like a finely crafted ornament that would crack easily. But it had cut through his Ancestral item sword.

In their first exchange, the bone sword had caused Long Chen’s blood to flip inside him. Even in his peak state, he didn’t have any advantage.

Now seeing Long Chen fighting at full strength, Leng Yueyan smiled. She ignored Long Chen’s attack and slashed her sword behind her.

“I have the Voidpiercing Eyes? Did you think you could trick me?”

BOOM! The bone sword once more collided with the pot. The pot slowly lowered, revealing Long Chen’s face. This was his true body. The one who had been attacking from the front had been a fake.

“What’s true is false, what’s false is true. Sometimes what you see with your eyes isn’t true. You have to use your heart to see the world,” said Long Chen lightly.

“Are you cursing me for not having a heart?”



At this moment, the Long Chen that was at the front suddenly arrived, smashing the pot at Leng Yueyan.

A touch of surprise appeared on Leng Yueyan’s face. She extended her arm, using her hand as a blade that slashed against the pot.

The pot exploded, but what replaced it was a burst of lightning.

“Lightning Devours Heaven and Earth!”

That Long Chen at the front suddenly transformed into lightning runes that wrapped around Leng Yueyan.

This Long Chen was one of Lei Long’s split bodies. It was based on one of the ancient magical arts he had learned in the Ancient Battlefield. After learning this magical art, Lei Long became capable of coming out in whatever form it wanted. It was no longer restricted to a dragon form. So Leng Yueyan mistook it for Long Chen’s clone.

The most amazing thing about this move was that the split body could switch places with the true body at any moment. The split body was simply used to draw the enemy’s attention. It didn’t possess any attack power. But if it was used well, it could achieve amazing results. Its appearance was essentially flawless, and even a person’s killing intent and aura could be replicated perfectly.

When it came to clones and split bodies, most of them were simply spiritual clones that didn’t possess much power. Other than spiritual clones, there were also clones made of flesh and blood. For such clones, you needed to sacrifice a portion of your Spiritual Strength. But the power of a clone could only be eighty percent of the true body. This was an absolute limit.

Furthermore, this limit was almost impossible to reach. A clone possessing seventy percent of the true body’s power would be a top tier clone.

However, peak heavenly geniuses would rarely create any clones. One reason was that it took up too much energy and required sacrificing a part of their soul. But the main reason was that once a clone was killed, it would affect the future cultivation of the true body.

So those willing to condense non-spiritual clones were very rare. Normally, only people who had reached their limits would create true flesh clones. Sometimes that clone could be used to deceive enemies and save their lives. To put it frankly, it was like a scapegoat.

That was why Leng Yueyan wasn’t fooled. Even if she didn’t possess her Voidpiercing Eyes, it was obvious that someone like Long Chen wouldn’t condense a flesh and blood clone. That was why she said that he couldn’t trick her.

Yet, it was because of this that she did end up falling for it. Just as she ignored that spiritual clone, Lei Long’s true body switched out with its split body.

Now thunderforce was tightly binding Leng Yueyan, trapping her.

Just as Long Chen thought he had won, a sword pierced through the lightning chains. It seemed that nothing in this world could stop that bone sword.

As soon as Leng Yueyan appeared, the prepared Long Chen smashed the pot down.

However, he was shocked to find his pot miss. Leng Yueyan had vanished.

Leng Yueyan hadn’t just vanished from his sight. She had also vanished from Lei Long’s senses.

Long Chen suddenly felt a chill on his back, and he instinctively moved the pot to his back.


Long Chen let out a muffled groan as the bone sword stabbed into the pot. He staggered forwards.

But even more shockingly, as he involuntarily staggered forward, Leng Yueyan appeared in front of him, her bone sword already touched his chest.


The bone sword pierced his chest. The lightning filling the air vanished, and the world suddenly became calm.

Leng Yueyan’s bone sword was stabbing through Long Chen’s chest, but Long Chen’s right hand was also pressed against Leng Yueyan’s chest. Neither of them spoke. They simply stood there.

A sharp light shone from the bone sword. It was like a sickle of death that could reap Long Chen’s life at any moment.

However, Long Chen’s right hand had two dragon-shaped images revolving on it. All of Lei Long and Huo Long’s power was concentrated there. As long as he willed it, they would unleash all their power. Leng Yueyan wouldn’t have any chance of surviving.

Now their positions were extremely awkward. Long Chen especially felt it as he sensed a slightly warm sensation from his hand.

After a moment, Leng Yueyan looked at Long Chen and shook her head. “Why must you be like this?”

“There’s nowhere else for me to put my hand,” said Long Chen. He really didn’t have a choice.

“I’m talking about how you could have killed me. Why didn’t you? I was clearly aiming to kill you.” A complicated expression appeared on Leng Yueyan’s face.

Long Chen was silent, so Leng Yueyan continued, “I was tricked by your lightning clone. If you had tried to kill me instead of trapping me, I might have been killed. And now, you could have unleashed your power in your right hand, while my sword had yet to completely pierce your body. If you had attacked, I would definitely have died, while you would only be heavily injured. You let off a person who wanted to kill you twice. Don’t you think you’re very dumb?”

Long Chen was still silent.

“Answer me,” demanded Leng Yueyan.

“There’s nothing to say. If you want to call me dumb, if you want to call me foolish, if you want to call me an idiot, then fine. This is just who I am. If you want to laugh at me, then laugh away,” said Long Chen.

Long Chen also felt that he was very stupid. With his kind of character, he definitely shouldn’t have mercy on someone who wanted his life.

But for some reason, he was unable to launch the killing blow. It was like there was a voice inside his soul screaming at him that if he killed Leng Yueyan, he would regret it.

Before attacking, he was resolved to kill her. But when the opportunity came, he found himself unable to proceed.

This had nothing to do with what the Eastern Wasteland Bell had said. It also had nothing to do with his brain. This was an unknown instinct.

Leng Yueyan lowered her head and pulled her sword out of Long Chen. She pressed a hand against Long Chen’s chest, and the wound instantly healed.

All of Leng Yueyan’s killing intent vanished. She no longer seemed like a terrifying killing goddess, but an ordinary girl.

“How long are you planning to keep touching?” asked Leng Yueyan lightly, looking at her own chest.

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