Chapter 1417 Running Into Leng Yueyan Again

Slender legs, bursting curves, a thin waist, and long billowing hair, a figure of such pinnacle beauty would enrapture every man with just a look.

This kind of figure wasn’t something a human should be able to possess. Her proportions were so perfect it was like a god had carved her body meticulously. This was a beauty and perfection that shouldn’t exist.

At first, Long Chen was hopeful that it wasn’t her. But when he saw that bone sword on her back, his heart plummeted to the depths.

Long Chen’s appearance also startled her. She slowly turned, revealing her beauty that was perfect down to the last detail. Even each hair of her eyebrows was perfectly matched.

When she saw Long Chen, her ocean-blue eyes lit up. They were like sapphires reflecting the moonlight. The sight of her was dazzling.

Long Chen’s heart pounded. He unconsciously took out his sword and retreated half a step. It was like this half a step’s distance could make him feel slightly safer.

She smiled. Her lips curled slightly, and her eyes were also smiling. This smile could topple a nation, but it gave Long Chen goosebumps.

“Are you afraid of me?” Leng Yueyan’s cherry lips opened, her voice like the song of an oriole. But for some reason, each word and syllable contained bone-chilling killing intent.

It was like Leng Yueyan had become one with killing and slaughter. Each breath, each blink of an eye, each one of her movements could be the premonition of a slaughter.

Long Chen had never expected to run into this killing goddess here. What alarmed him the most was that this killing goddess’s cultivation base had reached the late Jade Core realm.

If it was just her cultivation base that had increased, that would be one thing. But with his sharp senses from the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art, Long Chen also sensed a strong mortal danger.

“How could I feel afraid? We’re old friends. It wouldn’t be suitable to describe what I’m feeling as fear!”  Long Chen forced out a laugh.

He very much wanted to say that he wasn’t the slightest bit afraid. These goosebumps were from the cold!

Long Chen grumbled inside. It could be said that his cultivation speed had been quite fast recently. His power was soaring rapidly with each passing day, and he had thrown his peers far into the distance.

However, this dangerous person in front of him had not only thrown him in the dust when it came to cultivation base, but her actual power had also grown explosively.

Ever since leaving Pill Valley, Long Chen spent each day consuming medicinal pills. But his cultivation base was only at the third Heavenstage of Jade Core.

“As old friends, don’t you think we should hug to express our feelings?” Leng Yueyan’s sapphire eyes seemed to see right through Long Chen’s heart.

“Damnit, she had her Voidpiercing Eyes. She can see right through my thoughts.” Long Chen immediately recalled the strange power of her eyes.

He knew that all his thoughts were being read by her. As a result, he became much more relaxed and smiled. “I wouldn’t dare to hug such a beautiful woman. A certain jealous somebody would beat me.”

Long Chen threw caution to the wind. The worst case was that they would fight. How could he be afraid of such a thing?

“I’ve been watching you. You’re getting stronger quite quickly, but you have too many things holding you back. They’re restricting your cultivation speed. The people by your side will one day cause your death.” Leng Yueyan shook her head.

Long Chen swung his sword, unleashing a blast of wind that blew back Leng Yueyan’s hair. But she didn’t even blink. She just stared expressionlessly at him.

“I’m not like you. I have my brothers and sisters. They aren’t a burden. They are what allow me to continue forward and get stronger. Don’t try to judge me according to your standards, and don’t try to judge my brothers and sisters. You are not me.” Long Chen’s expression was dark with a fury that he didn’t bother concealing.

He was different from Leng Yueyan. Leng Yueyan was always alone. She had no distractions, so her cultivation base rapidly advanced.

Yet, for Long Chen, when he wanted to advance, it was different. It was just like the Divine Gate Star. As the Divine Gate Star advanced, it raised the other stars with it, making it slower. For Long Chen, he had to bring up the Dragonblood Legion as he advanced.

So in Leng Yueyan’s view, his actions were very foolish. If a genius dragged up a pile of garbage with them, they would turn into garbage as well. It would be a waste of talent.

However, Long Chen had never thought that. Each warrior in the Dragonblood Legion was his brother. They wouldn’t hesitate to die for him, and in the same vein, he would put his life on the line to protect them.

Perhaps only the Dragonblood Legion could comprehend this kind of feeling. Let alone Leng Yueyan who came from the Corrupt path, even the Righteous path’s people would scoff at them.

Although Leng Yueyan’s tone was very flat and she didn’t express any disdain, Long Chen was still unable to accept her words.

“I really am unable to understand. You sacrifice so much for them. Just what are you hoping to obtain?” asked Leng Yueyan.

“If someone else asked me this, I’d scoff at them. But to you, I can only express my sympathy.”

“Oh?” Leng Yueyan raised her brows slightly.

“In truth, you’re very pitiable. Your closest companion died to your own hands, and starting then, you locked your emotions inside. You’ve already forgotten what trust is, what sacrifice is, what depending on others is. When there is a true bond between people, they don’t bother thinking about what they can get in return. This kind of bond can make you feel warm when you are cold. It can guide you when you are lost. It can give you strength when you feel powerless. When I encounter enemies I can’t defeat, they are what give me endless power. They are what tell me that I can’t die, that I can’t lose. That’s why I’m still alive today. Having cut yourself off from emotion, you will never be able to feel the warmth of sunlight.” Long Chen looked at Leng Yueyan sincerely.

Leng Yueyan looked into the distance without saying anything. But her hands had unconsciously tightened.

Long Chen was pleasantly surprised. He continued, “Do you still remember when you were brought into the Corrupt path to cultivate? You were still a child. Your group of five died one by one to the Corrupt path’s rules. In order to get vengeance for them, you cut off the head of your instructor. What were you trying to gain from that? When it was only you and your best friend left, when you decided to give the chance to live to her, did you think about what you were trying to gain? When your best friend intentionally died to your blade because she understood you all too well, did she think about what she was getting in return?”

Long Chen’s voice was very solemn, and very convincing. Most importantly, he was bringing up the miserable story that Leng Yueyan had told him.

A crystalline tear dropped onto the desert. Leng Yueyan’s eyes were unfocused as she was lost in her distant memories.

Long Chen continued again, “You’ve felt what emotions are. Your emotions are still there. All you have to do is use your heart to feel them, and the warmth of the sun will fill your heart. Walk out from the shadows cast over your heart. Then you will find that the sunlight is so warm, that many companions are waiting for you in the sunlight.”

“Will you be there in the sunlight as well?” Leng Yueyan turned to look at Long Chen once more. Her flawless face was touched with crystalline tears, but her eyes were still icy.

“Of course. As long as you-” Long Chen brazenly stretched out his hand toward Leng Yueyan’s face. But just as his hand was about to touch her cheek, lightning runes lit up on his feet, and he shot back.

It was like a cord tied around his waist had suddenly pulled him backward. And yet, despite how fast he was, a bone sword still cut across his waist. If he had been the slightest bit slower, he’d have been cut in two.

“Fuck, you really are ill! Why would you suddenly attack?!” cursed Long Chen.

“Hahaha…” Leng Yueyan laughed. The tears on her face vanished, and she appeared just as icy as ever.

“Long Chen, I didn’t think your storytelling skills are so skilled. They’re not one whit inferior to your fighting skills!” teased Leng Yueyan, brushing back a stray hair behind her ear.

“I have many other skills too, but I worry you won’t get the pleasure of enjoying them!” raged Long Chen, saying something completely immoral.

He truly was infuriated. He had been duped. He really had thought he had moved Leng Yueyan, but she had just been toying with him.

“I do want to enjoy them. But do you have the guts?” asked Leng Yueyan. She wasn’t angry. She felt happy seeing Long Chen clenching his teeth, his face flushed.

“Can you and I not properly speak? I don’t want to be your enemy.” Long Chen took a deep breath and did his best to calm down. He had always felt Leng Yueyan to be an extremely difficult person to handle.

He didn’t feel like Leng Yueyan was his enemy, as the two of them didn’t have any real enmity between them. However, they weren’t friends either, because Leng Yueyan had her ‘illness’. When her illness erupted, she would want to kill him.

“Of course we can. You’re the man I favor. The only precondition is that you can survive my attacks.” Leng Yueyan smiled.

“Do you have some illness? I never provoked you, so why do you want to kill me? If you have an illness, tell me. I have medicine,” raged Long Chen.

“You don’t like fierce girls? Don’t you feel that this kind of hunting and killing game is very stimulating? Let me show you; I’m going to attack!”

Leng Yueyan’s smile disappeared, and she unsheathed her bone sword. The void was cut in two.

When she unsheathed her sword, she was still ten meters away. But strangely, without making a move, as she slashed her sword, she appeared in front of him like a phantom.

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