Chapter 1415 The Ancient Battle

The ancient race expert’s Blood Qi erupted, and the trident suddenly let out an ominous roar as if it had come to life.


Long Chen’s sword landed once more. The trident-wielding ancient race expert forcibly received this attack and used Long Chen’s power to shoot away. The runes on his wings lit up, and he transformed into a ray of light that disappeared over the horizon.

The distant spectators were all shocked to see him flee. They couldn’t understand what had happened. The three of them had clearly suppressed Long Chen, so how had things turned around in the blink of an eye?

The ancient race expert had been covered in blood, and his body had been covered in cracks when he had fled. He had been about to die.

Long Chen hadn’t expected the ancient race expert to pull out such a powerful trump card. In the instant when his Blood Qi erupted, his combat power multiplied by several times. His trident had caused Long Chen’s arms to turn numb.

Seeing that the ancient race expert had fled, Long Chen turned toward the ancient family alliance expert. But as soon as he started to move, the ground erupted, and earthen walls appeared like high mountains, blocking his path.

Long Chen slashed his sword, breaking the earthen walls. But when he looked around, he found that his target had vanished.

A quick survey revealed that Gui Yan had also vanished at some unknown time. Perhaps he had been the first to flee.

“In the end, I still got nothing,” sighed Long Chen.

The Eastern Wasteland Bell had said that without absolute power, it was very difficult to kill heavenly geniuses who were in possession of copious karmic luck.

A situation like his sneak attack against Bloodkill 9 was very rare. Of course, Long Chen had known from the start that fighting one against three, it would be very difficult for him to kill any of them.

He hadn’t been willing to accept that, and so he had wanted to see if he could kill one or two. But he ended up empty-handed.

In truth, if he had wanted to kill Gui Yan, Gui Yan’s life would have most likely been lost here. But he hadn’t wanted to kill him, or he would have released him for nothing last time.

Right now, Long Chen estimated that in a one on one or in a sneak attack situation, his chances of killing a rank nine Celestial were still decent. But in a group fight, he would just be wasting energy.

Unless he could fully condense the Divine Gate Star, it would be very difficult to counter the karmic luck acting behind the scenes. However, despite how he consumed pills like his life depended on it, the Divine Gate Star was still improving very slowly. There was an extremely large distance between its current state and its peak state.

Long Chen looked around. The other people had already fled. The lava river that had been blocked had found a new path and was once more flowing.

“I suppose it wasn’t a complete waste. Now I’ll be able to use Huo Long openly.” Long Chen didn’t care if others spread this news or not. In any case, he had recorded his own scene of him capturing the flame dragon. If anyone dared to frame him as being Master Long San, he would take out the photographic jade and slap them in the face.

“I’m really not used to wielding a sword. It’s too light, and I can’t use my real power!” Long Chen looked at his sword and shook his head.

This sword was something he had snatched away in the Heaven Dragon Flame Region. He didn’t have any better weapons, so he was forced to use it.

Although the sword was also an Ancestral item, it wasn’t a good fit for him. It was a sword for flame cultivators, and he wasn’t a real flame cultivator.

Tidying up his thoughts, Long Chen left this region, continuing deeper into the Ancient Battlefield. He quickly reached another region of violent and chaotic space.

This time, the spatial fluctuations were even more intense. Long Chen sensed two different laws clashing. Space was booming, and it was like the roaring of ten thousand beasts.

When he entered this chaotic space, he felt like a fish trying to swim through a turbulent current. Spatial energy was constantly pulling at him, and he almost wasn’t able to bear it.

“Damn, so this is the result of a clash between two supreme magical arts. Even after this many years, the Heavenly Dao will left behind by these two experts is still clashing!” Long Chen was shocked.

“Hm, I wonder if I could learn it?”

Long Chen suddenly had an extremely brazen thought. Looking around, he decided to have Lei Long come and protect him.

The current Lei Long was no longer its old self. Unlike Huo Long, Long Chen hadn’t been constantly interrupting it. By absorbing the lightning chains’ energy, Lei Long’s power had crazily risen during this time. Its power was no weaker than Huo Long’s now.

With Lei Long’s protection, Long Chen could safely attempt to immerse himself in the clashing energy in the air.

He sat lotus style on the ground and slowly circulated the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art. His divine ring appeared behind him. His eyes were closed as he entered a state of emptiness.

Long Chen seemed to be in a dream. As the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art circulated, he was transported through the river of time. The roaring of Magical Beasts and devil creatures rang out in his ears.

When he heard those voices, his heart shook ever so slightly, causing the sound to intensify. Long Chen knew this was a result of his distraction, and taking a breath, he completely relaxed his heart.

The roaring grew louder once more. With his experience from last time, he didn’t try to guess what the origins of those voices were.

Right now, he was willing this empty state of mind to grasp some of the remnants of the ancient battle that had been fought here.

Originally, he had just been testing an extremely brazen thought. This kind of thinking was completely crazy. The only reason why he was trying it was because he was experimenting with the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art.

He hadn’t expected to see some hope of success from this test. But right now, he couldn’t think about that. He had to take the attitude of an indifferent spectator. Not trying to see nor hear anything, he could only let it come naturally.

The voices grew clearer. He heard the sounds of weapons whistling through the air. He heard the wails of strange beasts. He also heard the sound of sharp blades piercing flesh. But he still maintained this steady state of mind.

These were scars left behind from that ancient time. They had been imprinted in the Heavenly Daos, and the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art was currently seizing them.

Once the imprint was seized, it would vanish. Once he grasped it, it would cease to exist. So this kind of opportunity would only come once. If he missed it, there would be no do-overs.

He listened to the voices, but he didn’t pay any meticulous attention to any of them.

A blurry scene appeared before his eyes, but he still couldn’t look. In fact, he intentionally didn’t look for fear of being attracted by anything he saw. The slightest disturbance in his mind would cause all this to vanish.

The scene slowly grew clearer. Long Chen had gotten used to this state, and he began to look at the battle.

Countless strange creatures were present. There were beasts that looked like apes but had lizard-like tails. Some were like leopards, but they had three heads and a pair of wings.

There were also human-shaped creatures. They had a pair of bat-like wings and two horns coming out of their heads. They had fangs protruding out of their mouths, and their bodies were covered in scales.

“Those are devil creatures.” Long Chen recognized those creatures from their appearance.

As the scene grew clearer, he began to sense those creatures’ auras. That further proved that his guess was correct.

One of the devil creatures charged right at him. Its clawed hand stabbed through his head, but he still didn’t move.

Black blood splashed. A ray of Sword Qi slashed through the air, killing the devil creature. Long Chen was shocked to find that these devil creatures were practically all on the level of eleventh rank Magical Beasts. But this one ray of Sword Qi killed hundreds and thousands of them.

He didn’t dare to look at the master of this sword. He had to maintain a steady state of mind. He couldn’t be drawn in by any details.

The army of devil beasts collapsed, and he finally saw an army of human experts slaughtering their way through them.

The shocking thing was that these human experts all had nine flowers revolving behind them. They were all rank nine Celestials.

Long Chen sat on the ground, not moving. He could now feel his own existence in this world.

He was sitting in the middle of the battlefield like a specter, calmly watching the battle.

Suddenly, roaring shook the sky. The sky split open as a huge claw descended from above the clouds.

The claw was like a mountain. The world shook as it fell. Those human experts were appalled and attacked it with full power.

Yet, that claw still fell, destroying the land. Those powerful human experts were all killed by this one claw. Not even one survived.

Long Chen couldn’t help being shocked. What kind of monster was that? How could it be so huge? The world couldn’t even fit it. Just a single claw from it was able to kill so many human experts.

The claw rose from the ground, and a burst of lava flew into the air, forming a river.

“Was this the origin of the lava river?” Long Chen instantly thought of the lava river that still existed here.

The sky began to crumble. It was like the world couldn’t bear the power contained in the claw and was about to explode.

This was different from its first attack. Divine light was erupting from the claw, and divine runes spread. This time, the power was even more terrifying than its first attack.

Just as it felt like the world would crumble from this attack, a golden light shot out. Long Chen couldn’t see what that light was.

However, when it smashed into the claw, the entire world crumbled away. Long Chen seemed to hear the sound of a star exploding, but then everything vanished.

His eyes flew open, and he took a deep breath. His back was covered in cold sweat, and he was involuntarily shivering.

The instant those two powers had collided, he had felt like his soul would be torn apart. It was like that power was so terrifying that it was impossible to bear witness to it even through the river of time.

One attack caused heaven and earth to crumble. One attack caused stars to explode. Just what kind of terrifying power was that? It had completely surpassed his imagination.

“That level is too high. There’s no way for me to even touch something like that. I should switch locations.” Long Chen shook his head and left.

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