Chapter 1414 Spirit Blood Ignition

The trident-wielding ancient race expert’s manifestation was in full bloom. Heavenly Dao energy raged around him, boosting the power of his trident.


Long Chen first blocked the attack of the ancient family expert, and then his sword slashed towards the ancient race expert’s trident.

People were shocked to see this. According to reason, having already blocked the ancient family expert’s sword, his sword shouldn’t have enough power to immediately block the trident.

But when the sword and trident met, blinding light erupted. The ancient race expert let out a muffled snort and was blown back.

Long Chen spun, smashing his fist behind him. Gui Yan’s bone jar was also blown back.

In an instant, he forced back three peak experts. The distant spectators were all shocked.

“Is Long Chen trying to defy the heavens?

“First he killed Bloodkill 9 in one blow, and now he’s even able to hold his own against the three of them.”

Those three were rank nine Celestials! They were at the peak of all Celestials! When they used their manifestations, rank eight Celestials and below would only be able to submit.

In fact, under the pressure of all three of their manifestations, even a rank nine Celestial would be hard-pressed.

And yet, Long Chen’s divine ring was completely forcing back the might of the Heavenly Daos. With this divine ring, heaven and earth couldn’t bind him.

“I already said that your little trick was useless in front of me. Now do you believe me?” asked Long Chen indifferently.

“You borrowed my power?!” raged the ancient family expert.

“You merged the heaviness of earth with the agility of the sword. This kind of thinking isn't bad, but with your brains, there’s no way you would be able to truly create something like that. Although it looks like you now possess great offense and defense, as if you can switch between heaviness and lightness at will, the truth is that when you switch, your power leaks out, and you’re basically giving it to your opponent. This world is full of people who think themselves clever. But I’m sure that if you weren’t from the ancient family alliance, you’d have long since lost your life.” Long Chen shook his head.

He was an earth cultivator who, instead of using a heavy weapon, decided to take an alternative path. Unless he was truly a peerless genius, such an unorthodox style would only cause his combat power to drop. And this person was not a person capable of blazing such an alternative path.

“Bullshit! Who do you think you are? You couldn’t possibly understand the principles between blending Yin and Yang!” roared the ancient race expert, unable to accept that Long Chen would scoff at this self-created style.

The ground exploded, and a three-hundred-meter earth giant appeared. The earth giant’s runes revolved around it, and it became the same color as stone, and then gradually became a golden color.

“Heavy Earth Slash!”

Having summoned this golden giant, the ancient race expert attacked again. The giant’s golden sword slashed towards Long Chen.

The golden sword whistled towards Long Chen, cutting apart space like it was a screen of water.

Long Chen snorted, but he suddenly felt the space around him solidify. His expression changed slightly as the ground beneath him suddenly sank.

“Idiot, this is the gravity domain of my Golden Battle General! All your movements will be slowed down here!” The ancient family expert sneered at Long Chen from his golden giant’s head.

BOOM! The golden sword slammed down where Long Chen was. But everyone was shocked to find that there was no explosion. Instead, the ground sank once more, and even the river of lava was cut off.

The ground in a thousand mile diameter had turned a golden color. The golden giant seemed to be one with the entire earth.

“This level of gravity can’t threaten me. This little bit of power is simply insufficient!” Long Chen suddenly slashed his way out of the ground. The golden giant was knocked back several steps, and spiderweb-like cracks spread.

With the final step, the ground crumbled. It was already over a mile away from its original location.

The golden giant was huge, while a human was tiny in comparison, but the golden giant actually wasn’t a match for Long Chen in power.

“Heavy Earth Burial!”

The golden giant itself suddenly let out a roar, and it stabbed its sword into the ground. It quickly disappeared into the ground.

The ground suddenly shook and subsided. The ground around Long Chen suddenly began to wrap around him like a hand trying to crush him.

It was like the entire ground was being controlled, as if the very ground was the ancient family expert’s weapon.

Long Chen couldn’t help being startled. He had never seen such a huge scale attack. A thousand miles of earth had instantly enveloped him. A bad feeling rose in his heart, and he hastily flew up, wanting to escape the ground.

“Stay behind!”

Gui Yan and the ancient race expert attacked. Gui Yan’s bone jar had the faces of ghosts appear on it, and wailing came from them. Blood-red chains formed a huge net that blocked Long Chen’s path.

Long Chen snorted and slashed his sword. But these chains were exceptionally stuff. His attack only cut a small nick in the net.

Just as he was preparing to go through that nick, a trident smashed towards him.

“Die!” sneered the ancient race expert.

BOOM! Long Chen slashed out his sword, but as a result, he was blown back into the ground.

The ground quickly sealed above him. At this moment, everyone realized it had become a huge coffin.

The coffin had devoured Long Chen like a monster. It then began to shrink. In just an instant, it was only several thousand meters wide.

As it shrank, the runes on it grew more concentrated, and the pressure grew greater.

“Long Chen, dying to my ultimate move should make you happy.” The ancient family expert smiled coldly. He formed hand seals, causing the coffin to continue shrinking.

This was his ultimate move. Once devoured by the coffin, it would shrink and the pressure would increase until you were crushed to powder.

Furthermore, the coffin contained the pressure of the Heavenly Daos as well. Even a Life Star expert would be unable to resist unless they were also a rank nine Celestial.

As the coffin continued shrinking and the pressure increased, the ancient race expert’s expression suddenly changed.

“If Long Chen is killed like this, what about the Heaven Incinerating Flame?”

With his reminder, Gui Yan and the ancient family expert were startled. If Long Chen destroyed the Heaven Incinerating Flame in his death, they would have lost a treasure.

“Split the Heavens 5!”

Just as they were hesitating about whether or not they should speak to Long Chen and force him to hand over the Heaven Incinerating Flame, a roar came from within the three-hundred-meter coffin. A crescent moon sword-image slashed out and towards the three of them.

The three of them were shocked, and all used their strongest moves to block. The ancient race expert and Gui Yan were the most immoral. As they blocked, they immediately retreated. The ancient family expert’s golden giant ended up becoming their sacrificial shield. It was instantly blown apart.

The coffin split in two and fell to the ground, revealing Long Chen. He looked like a death god that had just crawled out of hell, and his eyes shone coldly.

That coffin had truly been powerful. If he had allowed it to continue compressing, it would have been dangerous. He supposed this was to be expected. Each rank nine Celestial was powerful and had their powerful trump cards.

“I’ll send you on your way.”

Long Chen stepped forward, appeared in front of the ancient family expert in an instant.

The ancient family expert’s expression changed. He was pale, as the destruction of his golden giant had caused a backlash to his soul. An injury to the soul couldn’t be healed with Heavenly Dao energy.

For Long Chen to choose him as his first target, he couldn’t help cursing. Long Chen was launching a vicious killing blow right at the start.

He retreated as fast as he could, and he summoned an earthen armor, but Long Chen’s sword still severed his arm. Letting out a pain groan, he slammed his ramining hand on the ground, and a pillar shot out, carrying him into the air rapidly.

That was actually normally an attack move, but now he used it as an escape move. He was sent into the sky in an instant, and so suddenly that Long Chen wasn’t able to stop him.

The ancient race expert was already charging at him, trying to win time for his ally.

Although he had severed one of his arms, a rank nine Celestial would instantly heal such an injury.


Long Chen’s sword slashed into the trident. But in that instant, Long Chen’s body became covered in green dragon scales. His power erupted like a volcano.

The ground shattered, and rubble flew into the air. A huge hole appeared in the ground, and a wave of earth crazily spread.

The ancient race expert violently coughed up blood, caught off-guard by Long Chen’s sudden increase in power. His arms were deformed.

“Something’s up! He’s intentionally holding back his power!” cried the ancient race expert. Seeing Long Chen’s sword coming for him again, he roared, “Spirit Blood Ignition!”

Blood runes covered his body, and a wild aura rose.

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