Chapter 1413 Sending You to See Your God

Just as Bloodkill 9 was pulling in the fully trapped flame dragon and blocking the attacks of the other three with his white tortoise shell, a fiery-red sword stabbed through his back, piercing out of his chest.

That fiery-red sword possessed terrifying power. As long as the sword’s master willed it, Bloodkill 9 would be blown apart.

A hand received the net. The flame dragon and the net vanished from everyone’s sight.

For a moment, everyone was silent. The white shell shrank and suddenly vanished. At this critical time, it abandoned its master.

Gui Yan, the ancient family expert, and the ancient race expert all stared in shock at the figure behind Bloodkill 9.

As soon as that sword had stabbed through his body, Bloodkill 9’s life no longer belonged to himself. His expression was calm as he looked at that sword. He said, “What precise calculations. You really are suited to join my Bloodkill Hall.”

“Thanks, but I don’t think so. I don’t like being brainwashed, nor do I like being a soulless executioner.” Long Chen shook his head.

“You can kill me, but don’t blaspheme my faith.” Bloodkill 9’s voice contained some fury.

“I have no interest in blaspheming your faith. I’m not so bored. Do you still remember what I said in front of the Xuantian Dao Sect? Since you view death as returning to the embrace of your Killing God, I’ll send you to see him. I’ll do it now, but don’t worry, you aren’t the first, and you won’t be the last,” said Long Chen indifferently.

He didn’t feel the slightest sympathy for the Bloodkill Hall’s assassins. He scoffed at these extremist believers. They thought that everyone in this world had sins and so killing those sinners was simply right.

That was no need to even mention the enmity between the Bloodkill Hall and himself. Their enmity had reached the point of no rest until death, so Long Chen naturally wouldn’t be merciful.

“I just have one request. Can you let me die in a more dignified way? After all, I stand at the peak of my craft,” sighed Bloodkill 9.



“Let me ask you, how many people have you killed? Did you ever think about their feelings when you killed them? When you cut off their heads, did you ever think of leaving them some dignity?” Long Chen scoffed at this. Bloodkill 9 clearly wanted a chance to commit suicide, but Long Chen wouldn’t let him.

“That’s different. They’re sinners!” raged Bloodkill 9.

“Sinners? Who determined their sins? Your so-called Killing God? You’re just scum that stands at a slightly higher position and criticizes other people’s morals. You think you can stand in the same position as your god and look down on others, telling people they should die and then killing them? When I reach the same height as your Killing God, I’ll call your Killing God a sinner and kill him as well,” said Long Chen disdainfully.

“Bastard, you dare to blaspheme a god? You-”

“It’s about time for you to get going. Tell your crap to your god.”

Long Chen unleashed his power through his sword, and lightning runes lit up. Bloodkill 9 was blown to pieces, and the thunderforce destroyed his soul as well. 

Bloodkill 9 died without a corpse. Let alone dying with some dignity, he died without leaving anything behind.

“Killing a rank nine Celestial really is difficult,” Long Chen swung his sword, sighing emotionally.

This was his third encounter with Bloodkill 9. Now, he had finally killed him, but a large part of that was also due to luck.

If it had been a head-on fight, killing Bloodkill 9 would have been supremely difficult. That shell Ancestral item of his was too strange.

“Thank you all for your offering. I will kindly accept this Heaven Incinerating Flame. You can leave now!” Long Chen smiled. Starting today, he would be able to openly use his Heaven Incinerating Flame.

“Long Chen, I’ve heard of your name. But if you think killing an assassin means you can be arrogant, you’re wrong,” said the ancient family expert coldly.

Gui Yan, the ancient race expert, and the ancient family expert surrounded Long Chen.

That wasn’t just because he had the Heaven Incinerating Flame. Long Chen was the mortal enemy of their three powers.

There was no need to say anything about the Corrupt path and the ancient races. But as for the ancient family alliance, originally there hadn’t been much enmity between them. Their enmity had grown strong when Long Chen had killed Luo Minghao.

Killing a top genius of the ancient family alliance was a huge slap in their faces. Although they didn’t make any moves on the surface, they had secretly begun making their preparations.

Now that they saw him, even Gui Yan thought that this was an extremely good chance to kill Long Chen. By working together, the three of them should have a high chance of killing him.

Although Long Chen had just killed Bloodkill 9, that had just been a sneak attack. The fact that he had managed to kill him was also thanks to the three of them.

Without the flame dragon drawing attention, without the three of them attacking, without the whole constructed situation, Long Chen wouldn’t have been able to kill Bloodkill 9 in one attack.

That kind of perfect sneak-attack couldn’t be replicated. In other words, it was just a coincidence, so the three of them were not afraid at all. On the contrary, their battle intent soared.

Long Chen looked at the ancient family alliance’s expert with a sword sheathed on his back and the light shooting out of his eyes. He indifferently said, “Don’t think that I’m fooled by your act. You are not a sword cultivator, so that little play of yours is useless on me. I want to ask, why is that you want to target me when that fellow Mo Nian has already caused a huge uproar in your ancient family alliance and you’re not even able to handle him?”

In truth, Long Chen was just saying this to see if he could dredge up some information about Mo Nian’s whereabouts.

And as expected, as soon as he mentioned Mo Nian, this expert’s expression became extremely unsightly. It was like flames were about to shoot from his eyes.

“Mo Nian’s nothing! The Mo family is scum that was kicked out of the ancient family alliance. As for Mo Nian, he only knows how to do shameless, shady business. If he was a real man, he would have come out and fought openly.”

“Haha, what a joke. Your entire ancient family alliance is unable to do a single thing to Mo Nian. Unable to capture him, you mock him for running,” sneered Long Chen.

Long Chen relaxed inside. It seemed Mo Nian had had some kind of fortuitous encounter that allowed his cultivation base to advance rapidly.

Just from this fellow’s furious expression, it was clear that Mo Nian had done something to infuriate the entire ancient family alliance.

To be able to survive after infuriating the entire ancient family alliance meant that Mo Nian was definitely remarkable.

When Long Chen thought about it, he supposed that was only natural. That fellow might put on a heroic appearance, but in truth, he was a scoundrel filled with evil thoughts.

“Hmph, Mo Nian is brute, a half-breed, human scum! He didn’t dare to face us, so he… he… he dug up the graves of our ancestors! What kind of human would do something like that?!” roared the ancient family expert, his eyes starting to turn red. From that, Long Chen guessed that his ancestor’s grave had also been dug up by Mo Nian.

Long Chen couldn’t help being dumbfounded. That little fellow Mo Nian had executed such a stimulating and irritating plot. Long Chen himself had never thought of something like that, so he prostrated himself in admiration to Mo Nian.

On the other side of the coin, Long Chen knew what kind of person Mo Nian was. He knew how to act as a person, and unless the other side had done something extremely heinous, he wouldn’t do something so immoral.

Since he had, it meant that they had been even more immoral. To uphold justice, Mo Nian dug up their ancestors’ graves. This was their punishment for not properly raising their descendants.

“Cough, let me express my sympathy for what you’ve encountered. I offer my most sincere respect for your ancestors. I hope you can get through your grief. You shouldn't feel bad; going out and soaking in the sunshine isn’t a bad thing. It’s very good for bone development…”


The ancient family expert couldn’t hold back any longer, and he attacked, his sword slashing toward Long Chen.

His power was instantly raised to its peak, and Long Chen felt the space around him solidify. This was not a feeling. The space was truly frozen.

“I said that your sword was just a fake. You’re actually an earth cultivator. You draw other people’s attention with your sword and then use a spatial forcefield to lock them down. If all goes according to the plan, you will then kill them in one blow. But do you think other people are children?”

Long Chen sneered and his divine ring appeared, shattering the space around like glass. Five stars appeared in his eyes, and his sword met the ancient family expert’s sword.

What surprised others was that when they clashed, there was no eruption of power.

Just at this moment, a trident whistled over toward Long Chen’s waist.

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