Chapter 1413 Sending You to See Your God (Teaser)

Just as Bloodkill 9 was pulling in the fully trapped flame dragon and blocking the attacks of the other three with his white tortoise shell, a fiery-red sword stabbed through his back, piercing out of his chest.

That fiery-red sword possessed terrifying power. As long as the sword’s master willed it, Bloodkill 9 would be blown apart.

A hand received the net. The flame dragon and the net vanished from everyone’s sight.

For a moment, everyone was silent. The white shell shrank and suddenly vanished. At this critical time, it abandoned its master.

Gui Yan, the ancient family expert, and the ancient race expert all stared in shock at the figure behind Bloodkill 9.

As soon as that sword had stabbed through his body, Bloodkill 9’s life no longer belonged to himself. His expression was calm as he looked at that sword. He said, “What precise calculations. You really are suited to join my Bloodkill Hall.”


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