Chapter 1412 Intense Competition

That person was Long Chen’s ‘old friend’, Gui Yan. When Gui Yan saw the flame dragon, his eyes turned green with greed.

In his last defeat to Long Chen, Gui Yan’s Ghost King had been destroyed. Although he had managed to use the lives of the spirit warriors to save his life, losing his Ghost King had caused his total power to drop by over fifty percent. He had been forced to become much more low key.

After his second defeat, he had rested for a bit before entering the Ancient Battlefield. He had only just entered a short time ago, and due to losing his Ghost King, he had been forced to travel carefully. As a result, he just so happened to be nearby when these Corrupt experts sent the call for reinforcements, and he immediately rushed over.

When he saw that flame dragon, his heart pounded wildly. The Heaven Incinerating Flame could be exchanged for enough resources to build three Ghost Kings if he wanted. Once that happened, would anyone else be a match for him within the same realm?

“Underworld Soul Lock Curse!”

Gui Yan immediately began to chant a curse. His nine-flower manifestation appeared behind him, and a black chain shot out of each flower.

The chain was not metal. It was condensed of Heavenly Dao energy. It represented a kind of law.

The nine chains bound the flame dragon. No matter how it struggled, it couldn’t escape. As for the nine chains, they were ignited by the Heaven Incinerating Flame, but they didn’t break.

“Haha, get in here!” Gui Yan laughed, and his chains pulled back, drawing the flame dragon towards him. An ancient jar appeared in his hand.

This jar was formed from a skull. It was unknown what level this treasure was. 

Just as the flame dragon was about to be pulled into the jar, a trident slammed down, and a large figure appeared. It was an ancient race expert with two wings and a beak instead of a mouth. His hands were like claws.

Heaven and earth shook as this ancient race expert attacked Gui Yan. The Nine Flowers Manifest the Heavenly Daos manifestation appeared behind him, and a sea of Heavenly Dao runes raged around him.

“Leave behind the Heaven Incinerating Flame and I’ll spare your life.” The ancient race expert was extremely domineering, and he directly attacked, not giving a damn about Gui Yan.

“Bastard, you want to break the agreement?!” raged Gui Yan. He couldn’t bother with the Heaven Incinerating Flame. Blood-red runes lit up on the bone jar, and it grew larger, smashing towards the ancient race expert.


The trident and jar collided, unleashing blinding light and astral winds. The other experts who had already retreated were still sent flying, coughing up blood.

“Heavens, they’re already using Ancestral items!” Those experts were shocked. Was a battle really about to erupt here?

Considering how enticing the Heaven Incinerating Flame was, it seemed that whatever their agreement was, it had no power to stop them.

“Agreement? What a joke. We were invited by the Dark Forest. The ancient races simply need to provide assistance when the Dark Forest requests it. But right now, everyone’s just searching for their own opportunities. So don’t tell me a joke about how you were the first to see the treasure. The cultivation world’s treasures belong to the strong, and as for you, Gui Yan, if you’re smart, you’ll scram right now. Otherwise, this day next year will be the anniversary of your death,” sneered the ancient race expert. He once more attacked. He had to obtain the Heaven Incinerating Flame.

BOOM! Gui Yan’s bone jar was sent flying. This bone jar was a special item capable of refining flesh and blood, as well as souls. But it wasn’t a fighting Ancestral item.

Gui Yan was sent flying, and the chains binding the flame dragon shattered. The flame dragon regained its freedom.

Gui Yan’s rage soared. If his Ghost King hadn’t been destroyed by Long Chen, he wouldn’t be at such a disadvantage.

“The Heaven Incinerating Flame is mine!” The ancient race expert reached out his hand.

Long Chen couldn’t help sneering inside. This was just one of Huo Long’s split bodies. If its real body was there, it would turn him into a cooked chicken!

That flame dragon was just one of Huo Long’s thirty-six split bodies. To make these people feel like they had a chance at winning, it only possessed one thirty-sixth of Huo Long’s true power. That was why even the ordinary experts had dared to take the risk. After all, the Heaven Incinerating Flame was too alluring.

The trident-wielding expert’s hand transformed into a huge claw-image that reached towards Huo Long.

“Yours? It’s a bit early to say that.”

A disdainful snort rang out, and Sword Qi slashed down. Blinding light made everyone turn away.

The attack had come from behind the ancient race expert. The ancient race expert simply snorted and swung his trident behind him without even looking.

What shocked the ancient race expert was that this Sword Qi contained a very heavy power. His trident was actually unable to resolve the mountain-like power behind the Sword Qi, and he was sent flying.

The most embarrassing thing was that his hand was set ablaze because he had already touched the flame dragon. Because of the sudden attack, he had to circulate his energy several times to his arm to extinguish the flames.

Only a rank nine Celestial could possibly use their immense Heavenly Dao energy to extinguish the Heaven Incinerating Flame.

This wasn’t to say that the Heaven Incinerating Flame wasn’t strong enough, but simply that Huo Long was still in the midst of growing stronger, and couldn’t unleash the full power of the Heaven Incinerating Flame. Otherwise, the Heaven Incinerating Flame wouldn’t make countless people crazy for it.

A man wearing a sword stepped out from the air. His appearance was extremely ordinary. Only his eyes were shocking. Sharp, golden light shot out of them, making it so others couldn’t look directly at them.

This man was wearing the robes of the ancient family alliance. He also had the manifestation of a rank nine Celestial behind him.

“You’re right, treasures belong to the strong. There’s no need to say anything useless. Let’s use our strength to speak,” said the sword-wielding man.

The flame dragon didn’t seem to recognize its situation, and it suddenly let out a roar. It charged at the ancient race expert. This fortune came so suddenly that even he was surprised. He quickly reached out to grab it.

Although the flame dragon was sending itself to him, and he moved quickly, Gui Yan and the ancient family expert both attacked. Sword Qi slashed towards him along with a bone jar.

“Hmph, you want to block me? Keep dreaming!”

The ancient race expert sneered and let go of his trident. He spat a mouthful of blood onto it. The trident instantly grew larger. A vast and ancient aura seeped out of it.

“Not good!” Seeing the ancient race expert actually sacrifice his essence blood to use his trident, Gui Yan and the ancient family expert’s expressions sank.

BOOM! Gui Yan’s bone jar was sent flying, while the ancient family expert had to use his sword to block.

The trident-wielding ancient race expert also suffered a recoil. He hacked up blood as he flew back. But his expression was ecstatic, as he had caught the flame dragon in one of his hands.

This hand was now covered in scales, and runes sparkled on the scales. They possessed a spatial energy. The flame dragon shrank to become only a foot long in his hand, and despite how it struggled, it couldn’t escape.

The ancient race expert laughed delightedly. He was just about to put it away. This flame dragon’s power was much lower than the golden phoenix that Long Chen had encountered back then. As long as someone possessed an Ancestral item, they would be able to suppress it.

Furthermore, back then, Long Chen had only been at the peak of Foundation Forging. It had naturally been much more difficult for him to fight the Heaven Incinerating Flame.

These experts were at the mid Jade Core realm. The ancient race expert in particular was on the verge of stepping into the late Jade Core realm. Subduing the flame dragon wasn’t that difficult for him.

Gui Yan and the ancient family expert were disappointed and angered, but there was no time for them to attack again. They could only watch as he put away the flame dragon.

The most hateful thing was how the ancient race expert held the flame dragon. He raised the hand holding it high into the air as if showing off his victory, mocking them.


Suddenly, a strange light flashed through the air. There was no sound or change in the air. People were only vaguely able to see a minute streak of light appear. Then they were shocked to see the ancient race expert’s hand fly into the air.

His hand had been caught off at the wrist, and the flame dragon instantly regained its original size. It let out a heaven-shaking roar.

This occurred out of nowhere, and so suddenly that no one was able to react. A figure seemed to appear out of midair. That person waved his hand, and a golden net wrapped around the flame dragon.

“Bloodkill Hall bastard, die!”

At this moment, Gui Yan, the ancient race expert, and the ancient family expert all let out furious roars and attacked.

This person was also Long Chen’s old friend, one of the Bloodkill Hall’s top assassins, Bloodkill 9.

Bloodkill 9 had instantly severed the ancient race expert’s wrist and snatched the flame dragon. Seeing the three experts in front of him attack at the same time, his expression was calm. As he pulled in the golden net, a white tortoise shell appeared in front of him.

It immediately grew larger and began to rapidly spin. White light shot out of it, protecting him.

“That bastard! Go all-out and break his damn tortoise shell!” roared the ancient race expert. He once more coughed up blood onto his trident.

Gui Yan and the ancient family expert both attacked. But what startled them was that when their weapons landed on the shell, some mysterious energy cancelled out their blows. Ripples appeared on the shell, but it didn’t break, nor was it blown back.

Just as Bloodkill 9 was about to succeed in putting away the flame dragon, a fiery-red sword stabbed through his back and out his chest.

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