Chapter 1411 A Big Fish (Teaser)

The Ancient Battlefield. It was a very vague name. This was a place where supreme experts had once fought.

Back when the Spirit World was still allied with the Martial Heaven Continent, when devils had invaded the Spirit World and been about to annihilate the Spirit race with the intent of eliminating one of the Martial Heaven Continent’s helpers, a Sovereign of the human race had led an army of experts to provide assistance. An immense battle had been fought here.

The core of the battlefield was where the Sovereign had fought the devils. The laws of this region had been destroyed, causing spatial cracks to constantly appear for moments. Even after tens of thousands of years, the pressure of the Sovereign’s fighting remained.

Long Chen arrived at the edge of the battlefield where the space was constantly twisting. A powerful tearing force was present, capable of ripping steel apart.

“This is the power of a Sovereign? The Sovereign Blood Seal was like this, and now this battlefield is the same. Just what kind of existence...

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