Chapter 1411 A Big Fish

The Ancient Battlefield. It was a very vague name. This was a place where supreme experts had once fought.

Back when the Spirit World was still allied with the Martial Heaven Continent, when devils had invaded the Spirit World and been about to annihilate the Spirit race with the intent of eliminating one of the Martial Heaven Continent’s helpers, a Sovereign of the human race had led an army of experts to provide assistance. An immense battle had been fought here.

The core of the battlefield was where the Sovereign had fought the devils. The laws of this region had been destroyed, causing spatial cracks to constantly appear for moments. Even after tens of thousands of years, the pressure of the Sovereign’s fighting remained.

Long Chen arrived at the edge of the battlefield where the space was constantly twisting. A powerful tearing force was present, capable of ripping steel apart.

“This is the power of a Sovereign? The Sovereign Blood Seal was like this, and now this battlefield is the same. Just what kind of existence is a Sovereign?” wondered Long Chen as he sensed the intense fluctuations in space.

He slowly walked deeper into the battlefield. The spatial twisting grew worse. A few miles in, the space beside him suddenly tore apart, and it was like a huge mouth wanting to devour him.

If he didn’t react fast enough and instinctively dodge, he would have been drawn into the chaotic flow of space. No matter how strong he was, he’d still die from that.

His face turned pale. The danger had come so suddenly. To be killed by some random spatial tear would be too sullen of a death.

He continued walking deeper, advancing slowly like he was walking through cold water. The spatial fluctuations grew more intense.

Fortunately, after traveling for a while, he was able to tell that when a spatial tear was about to form, the surrounding space would turn static for a half a breath’s time. By keeping watch of that pattern, he managed to effectively avoid the spatial tears.

After several hours, he passed through this unsteady space. What he stepped into was a desolate battlefield filled with the stench of blood.

He knelt and looked at a bloodstained stone. The blood had already dried up, but its color was as bright as if it was fresh. It also still contained some pressure.

“Even after all this time, it still retains this pressure. Just how terrifying was the cultivation base of the owner of this blood?”


Long Chen stepped on an old bone. It was three inches long. When he stepped on it, it didn’t break. Instead, a rock beside it broke from having the bone press down on it.

“Even a random bone possesses hardness comparable to King items.” Long Chen couldn’t help being shocked. This bone was very strange. There were many holes in it like it was porous, and it was practically weightless when he held it. It definitely wasn’t the bone of a normal human.

He quickly saw a skeleton. That skeleton was thirty meters long and broken. Its head and limbs had vanished. He took a look and saw that some places showed signs that they had been broken recently. Someone must have come and taken those pieces away.

“This is the outer region. The good stuff must have already been taken away. I should go deeper and see if I can dredge up anything useful.”

Long Chen no longer had much hope for his luck. But he was quite the expert at snatching other people’s treasures.

Continuing forward, he once more reached a place where space was unstable. A huge abyss appeared in front of him when he exited. When he flew over the abyss, he realized it was a giant footprint.

A single footprint was dozens of miles long and had broken the spatial laws around it. Even now, the spatial laws were broken as they tried to repair themselves.

After crossing the abyss, a scorching air came from ahead. He quickly saw a blazing river of lava.

The lava emitted fierce heat, and he saw dozens of figures roving over the lava.

Those figures were from the Corrupt path, the ancient races, and there were two people wearing the robes of the ancient families’ disciples.

Suddenly, one of the ancient race experts smashed a fist into the lava river. Its surface blew back, and within that opening was a fist-sized crystal. The ancient race expert snatched it.

“There are Divine Flame Crystals here?”

Long Chen was surprised. He hadn’t expected Divine Flame Crystals to appear here, but he wasn’t moved by them.

According to tier, these Divine Flame Crystals were just low grade. The amount of flame energy contained within them was very limited, and it wasn’t very pure.

He had obtained Divine Flame Crystals as large as human heads in the Heaven Dragon Flame Region, and they were definitely top grade. Even if you were to give these low grade crystals to him, he wouldn’t want them.

But this wide, bottomless river of lava gave him an idea.

There were quite a few people fishing for Divine Flame Crystals here. Long Chen might not care about them, but they were extremely rare treasures to others.

The Divine Flame Crystals were hidden within the flow of lava. Fishing them out wasn’t difficult. The difficult part lay in finding them.

They had to send their divine sense into the lava to search for signs of the crystals, and that was very taxing to one’s Spiritual Strength. They couldn’t keep this up for too long.

One of the Corrupt experts smashed the lava river and smoothly took out another crystal.

However, just as he took the crystal, he suddenly noticed a golden figure within the lava. He didn’t see its complete body as it was covered by the lava.

“A treasure?”

The Corrupt expert was delighted, and without hesitation, he summoned his Heavenly Dao manifestation. He was a rank six Celestial, and a large hand reached into the lava.

Summoning his manifestation immediately drew everyone else’s attention. Just what was going on? Was he attempting to gather the crystals en masse?

The hand reached into the lava. It pulled out a fifty-meter golden flame dragon, startling everyone.

“What is that?”

The flame dragon acted like a fish that had been happily swimming before it had been fished out. It let out a furious roar, and golden flames filled the world.

“Heavens, it’s an Earth Flame Spirit Beast!”

“No, this flame can incinerate Heavenly Dao runes! It’s…”

“It has to be the legendary Heaven Incinerating Flame ranked third on the Earth Flame Rankings! Run!” A startled cry suddenly came from someone.

“Idiot, why would we run? This Earth Flame Spirit Beast is a priceless treasure, and it’s still in a young state. We should capture it!”

As soon as that person said it was the Heaven Incinerating Flame, several people’s eyes turned green with greed. That was a legendary existence, something that would make flame cultivators insane with desire.

Most importantly, this Earth Flame Spirit Beast had just been born, and its combat power wasn’t very high. They had a high chance of subduing it.

“Ahh!” Suddenly, a miserable scream rang out. The expert who had pulled out the flame dragon was suddenly enveloped by a wave of dragon breath. He was instantly set ablaze, even his Heavenly Dao runes burning. The more he resisted, the more he burned.

In just a few breaths, that rank six Celestial who had been at the mid Jade Core realm was incinerated. Even his soul was burned to nothing.

The others were all startled, as well as delighted. That Corrupt expert had used his own life to prove that this Earth Flame Spirit Beast was definitely the legendary Heaven Incinerating Flame. It was a priceless treasure.

The flame dragon was about to enter the lava river again when an expert launched an attack. A ray of light struck the flame dragon’s body.

This attack infuriated the flame dragon. It let out a heaven-shaking roar and attacked that person.

“Everyone, don’t be afraid! If we attack together, using long-distance attacks, it will be helpless! We just have to exhaust it. Earth Flame Spirit Beasts are dumb, and it won’t flee. Once we exhaust its energy, we’ll be able to capture it easily!” The ancient race expert who had attacked it flew into the air, dodging the flame dragon’s attack. He took out a bow.

Just as the flame dragon chased after the ancient race expert, a Corrupt expert launched a wave of Sword Qi. The flame dragon was struck and became infuriated. It switched targets to the Corrupt expert.

Seeing that the flame dragon was truly mindless, everyone relaxed slightly. They surrounded and attacked the flame dragon carefully. At the same time, they stealthily sent the call for reinforcements from their own respective parties.

They knew that they would at most be able to trap this Earth Flame Spirit Beast. It was impossible for them to subdue it.

The powers that had entered the Spirit World all had secret communication methods so that they would be able to assist their own side if they found treasures or encountered powerful enemies.

All they had to do was keep this Earth Flame Spirit Beast here. As for which power would manage to send a real expert here first to subdue it, it would be up to luck.

Once the call for reinforcements went out, more and more experts began rushing over here.

As for Long Chen, he was hiding in the cliff beside the lava river. He watched them attack the flame dragon like they were putting on a monkey show.

That Earth Flame Spirit Beast was just one of Huo Long’s split bodies. Long Chen was using this split body as bait.

He had exposed the Heaven Incinerating Flame in order to get away from that terrifying willow. So he had to find a way to prove that he had obtained the Heaven Incinerating Flame himself, and that it had nothing to do with Long San. The chance to do so had now come.

In a bit, as long as he went out and subdued the flame dragon in front of everyone, he would be able to wield the Heaven Incinerating Flame openly.

Although there was some time difference, which would normally be a fatal flaw, he didn’t mind. That was because there was almost no concept of time within the Spirit World. And most importantly, the Dark Forest’s tree demons were truly wood-brained. It would be very difficult for them to prove anything. So this normally fatal flaw wasn’t even a flaw in the Dark Forest.

“Damn, so I really got a big fish?”

Long Chen was calmly watching the monkey show when he got a nice surprise. He saw a familiar figure rushing over.

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