Chapter 1410 The Terrifying Willow (Teaser)

Long Chen noticed that this strange willow had eighteen roots growing out of it, connecting it to the World Trees like chains. It was absorbing the energy of the eighteen World Trees.

The thing that shocked him the most was that while the willow’s branches swayed gently in the wind, making it seem weak, the willow still made him feel an immense sense of danger.

He stealthily approached one of the World Trees from a safe angle. Making sure to stay out of view of the willow, he began to climb up a World Tree like a lizard.

His aura was completely hidden. As he climbed higher and higher, he eventually broke past the clouds. From here, it was even possible to see that distant battlefield.

He stealthily plucked one of the World Tree’s seeds and tossed it into the primal chaos space. His heart was thudding loudly in his ears.

The seed landed in the primal chaos bead’s soil. But there was no change.


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