Chapter 141 Another Beast Transformation

Long Chen had just been sneaking away when that voice made him stop stiffly.

That voice was very clear and melodious. Slowly turning back, he saw that Tang Wan-er had noticed him at some point. While fighting, she had shouted out his name.

“Damn Long Chen, are you trying to run right before battle?!” Tang Wan-er’s voice was full of anger. Obviously, she despised the way Long Chen was acting.

Her contempt wasn’t anything to care about. But more importantly, now everyone’s focus had landed on him. 

“Hey, what kind of joke is that? Am I, Long Chen, a person who would do such a thing? I was just thinking of finding a good place to warm up before joining the battle in my peak condition,” retorted Long Chen.

That sophistry was met with complete disdain in everyone’s ears. His furtive figure had clearly been about to flee. Even a blind person could probably have seen that. 

“Zhao Wu, go capture that brat. I’ve long since found him to be displeasing. Give him a thorough beating.” Lei Qianshang ordered one of his subordinates.

“Yes, boss.” That Zhao Wu nodded. With a smile delighting in Long Chen’s misfortune, he charged over at him.

Zhao Wu was at the peak of Blood Condensation with powerful combat abilities. He was one of Lei Qianshang’s most capable subordinates. The entire power level of his side sharply dropped because he left the battle, alleviating much of the pressure on Tang Wan-er’s side.

A crafty light shone within Tang Wan-er’s eyes when she saw Zhao Wu go after Long Chen. You might want to warm up, but this sister won’t let you do as you please.

With a light shout, Tang Wan-er waved her hands, summoning two clear wind blades. They were like two longswords in her hands as she attacked Lei Qianshang.

She possessed an extremely rare wind spirit body and had a great innate affinity toward wind energy. Her control over wind energy had definitely reached a pinnacle.

That was similar to how a pill cultivator controlled the flame. Her wind blades were the same as the Flame Weapons condensed by pill cultivators. They were formed from the compression of their body’s spiritual energy and were extremely terrifying.

Other than the wind blades in her hands, there were still countless thinner wind blades swirling around her body. Although they weren’t as powerful as the ones in her hand, those wind blades could be controlled with her thoughts. They would shoot out whenever she wanted, causing people to be unable to defend.

Only now did Tang Wan-er release some of her true strength. Before she had just been probing him. This was the true fight. She must obtain the Nine-leaf Orchid!

BOOM! Lei Qianshang’s pressure exploded out. The thunderforce around his body increased as it collided with Tang Wan-er’s wind blades.

Lei Qianshang’s body was completely covered by thunderbolts. His body was as hard as iron, and against those wind blades which were more terrifying than sharp swords, he used his fist to resist them, releasing continuous booms. He was not the slightest bit inferior.

But the more intense the fight, the more excited Lei Qianshang became. Tang Wan-er’s strength had exceeded his expectations. If he could conquer such a woman, that would definitely be the greatest accomplishment of his lifetime.

His body was incomparably powerful. If he could obtain the Nine-leaf Orchid, he would power up to a whole new level. And so he also definitely refused to give up. 

As Lei Qianshang and Tang Wan-er’s fighting reached its peak, Zhao Wu had already reached Long Chen. 

He sinisterly laughed, “Brat, now that you have no third rank Magical Beast, I want to see whether you can still be so insolent.”

Long Chen’s expression became a bit strange. It seemed everyone had already assumed that all of his strength had disappeared along with Little Snow. Did he really look so modest?

“If you are sensible, then you will immediately kneel and beg for mercy.” Zhao Wu stopped a dozen meters from Long Chen with his arms behind his back.

Long Chen shook his head at him. “I really want to know, will you spoiled disciples die if you don’t show off an act of strength?

“Why don’t you look at your own turtle shells and see if they’re hard enough? Frankly speaking, you guys are just a bunch of bumpkins who have yet to see the world.”

Long Chen was truly disgusted with these disciples from powerful families who acted so arrogantly and aloof. It was irritating to see them constantly holding their noses in the air, looking at him with their chin.

Zhao Wu had been so respectful in front of Lei Qianshang, but now in front of Long Chen, he had become an aloof and arrogant lord. It was truly sickening.

“Your mouth is really disagreeable. Perhaps I’ll beat your mouth first.”

Zhao Wu’s expression sank, and he coldly shouted. Stamping his foot, he had already disappeared, leaving behind only an afterimage as he charged at Long Chen. He sent a slap directly at Long Chen’s cheek.

“As you wish.”

Long Chen didn’t even think about it and also sent out a palm.

Long Chen’s palm landed on Zhao Wu’s palm, causing an intense explosion. Qi waves frantically surged out.

Zhao Wu had never imagined that Long Chen’s palm would contain such shocking strength. He felt as if his palm had collided with some huge mountain. His hand almost broke.

He was knocked back and his hand was unbearably sore, his heart trembling.

Zhao Wu was also a genius who rarely had anyone that could fight with him on the same level. He was extremely arrogant, and other than Lei Qianshang, he had never admired anyone else.

And his powerful combat strength had been noticed by Lei Qianshang and he had become his right-hand man. But he had immediately lost out after just one exchange with Long Chen. How could he not be shocked?

“It should be my turn now, right?” Long Chen had already arrived right in front of the shocked Zhao Wu. Sending out a palm, he directly sent out a slap on his cheek, the exact same move as before.

“You’re asking for death!” Zhao Wu roared. Long Chen was planning on giving him a public slap in the face?! That was the first time anyone had ever treated him like this. His fury immediately soared.

Blood Qi exploded, and qi waves surged out. Shouting loudly, he smashed his palm at Long Chen.

BOOM! This time, the collision was even greater than last time. Even those people fighting below were disturbed.

After the collision, they saw one person miserably being knocked back. With a shocked cry, people realized that that person was Zhao Wu.

Other than Tang Wan-er, everyone present had thought that Long Chen would be ruthlessly oppressed. But surprisingly, the result was that Zhao Wu was sent flying.

Zhao Wu was able to fight alone against three members of Tang Wan-er’s faction. His strength was obvious to anyone.

Of course, Zhao Wu was also extremely shocked. To him, it felt like Long Chen was a huge mountain, and no matter how he tried, he was still completely minute in front of him.

Suddenly, he felt a sharp pain over his face, and he was sent flying back once more.

A clear ringing echoed throughout the battlefield. Along with Zhao Wu, a couple of teeth that were still stained with blood flew through the air.

Everyone watched that figure in horror. Long Chen truly appeared like a war god, his incredible imposingness making him a completely different person than his previous mischievously smiling self.

Even Lei Qianshang and Tang Wan-er were given a fright. Zhao Wu’s strength was something they had a clear understanding of.

Tang Wan-er had always suspected that Long Chen was an expert and should have been able to handle Zhao Wu, allowing her to focus against Lei Qianshang.

But she had never imagined that he would defeat him so quickly. In front of Long Chen, Zhao Wu was almost unable to withstand a single blow.

Furthermore, she could tell that Long Chen hadn’t used the slightest bit of spiritual qi. He had only used the power of his physical body. In other words, he hadn’t even used any of his real abilities!

Although Zhao Wu was nothing in her eyes, to be able to defeat him so easily meant that Long Chen was a true expert.

At the same time as she was shocked, she also found it funny. Originally, she had only tricked Long Chen into joining her faction in order to punish him for being so rude to her. She really hadn’t expected to have accidentally grabbed a powerful expert for her side.

No wonder Ye Zhiqiu had gone to try to pull Long Chen in. It seemed it was Ye Zhiqiu who had realized Long Chen’s strength the earliest. Thinking about it, she was also shocked at how perceptive Ye Zhiqiu’s vision was.

The entire battlefield had slowed down because of Long Chen. Although they were still fighting, the majority of their focus had now shifted to him.

“Bastard, I’ll kill you!”

Zhao Wu was in disbelief as he held his cheek, feeling the empty sockets for his teeth. He let out a hysterical howl.

He was a proud genius, one who his family had doted on greatly. When had he ever received such humiliation? His fury soared as he sinisterly and bitterly glared at Long Chen.

“Idiot, are you the only one allowed to beat others while others can’t beat you? Is that the stupid logic of disciples from the powerful families?” sneered Long Chen.

Zhao Wu angrily roared and suddenly, his clothes exploded, leaving behind only his trousers. Black scales covered his bare flesh.

Even his face was being covered with scales, appearing extremely frightening. As the scales covered his body, his aura became increasingly terrifying.

“Beast transformation?!” Someone shouted out in shock. This was clearly a kind of Battle Skill. By refining a Magical Beast’s essence blood, it was possible to release a portion of a Magical Beast’s strength.

Long Chen was also somewhat surprised. This was the second time he encountered beast transformation, the first time being against Huang Chang at the Phoenix Cry Lantern Festival.

But Zhao Wu had an even greater ability than Huang Chang. Even his head was being covered with scales, and his pressuring aura was much stronger.

“Bastard, I’ll kill you!” Zhao Wu roared and stamped on the ground. Just that one stamp created a large hole in the ground. He shot forward like a cannonball. His scale-covered fist was like a large hammer as it smashed at Long Chen.

Before his fist even arrived, the air had become unable to endure such pressure and was beginning to whistle, space trembling.

“What a terrifying punch!” Some people cried out. No wonder Zhao Wu had become Lei Qianshang’s right-hand. This kind of strength was too frightening.

Tang Wan-er was frightened and icily said, “When Zhao Wu undergoes beast transformation, even his reasoning will become chaotic and explosive. Are you not afraid of him accidentally taking someone’s life?”

If someone killed another person during this trial, they would be expelled from the monastery. This was to preserve everyone’s safety, preventing their disciples from massacring each other.

Lei Qianshang merely sneered, “What do your people’s lives and deaths have to do with me? Within the monastery, just I, Lei Qianshang, can be the main character. You other minor characters aren’t necessary.”

Tang Wan-er icily shouted in reply, and a wind blade sliced out, forcing Lei Qianshang to retreat. She was just about to rush over to Long Chen.

“You should take care of yourself.” Lei Qianshang coldly snorted and thunderforce suddenly appeared below his feet. He shot over and blocked Tang Wan-er, cutting off her path.

Tang Wan-er forcefully received Lei Qianshang’s attack and was forced back a couple of steps. She raged, “Do you not even care about your own subordinates?!”

“Who cares about them? Minor characters are only there to serve the main character. This is their fate,” said Lei Qianshang indifferently.

Tang Wan-er’s beautiful face became icy. Slowly folding her hands before her chest, a terrifying energy condensed between her hands.

“You bastard, I’ll show you just who is a minor character!”


The energy within Tang Wan-er’s hands had just begun to condense when the ground suddenly trembled intensely before she could finish. Qi waves exploded out and Tang Wan-er looked into the distance with shock.

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