Chapter 1408 Primal Chaos Soil

After chatting with the Spirit Queen for a long time, he gained an understanding of the Forest of Life’s power.

The Forest of Life had ninety million spirit warriors. They possessed such long lifespans that they had to be measured in millenia.

The longer they lived, the greater their combat power would be. They had no cultivation base rankings. Instead, it was their age that was used to divide their power. They were split into Spirit Kings, Spirit Generals, Spirit Guards, and Spirit Soldiers.

They could generally be equivalent to the human race’s Life Star, Soul Transformation, Jade Core, and Foundation Forging realms. The Spirit Guard that Long Chen had saved was very powerful amongst Spirit Guards, which had allowed her to fight so long against Gui Yan.

In truth, Gui Yan hadn’t been fighting all-out at that time. He had intentionally let some spirit warriors escape to draw more reinforcements. His appetite was quite big.

The Spirit race’s warriors would only reach the level of a true Spirit Soldier when they had reached two hundred years of age. Without reaching that age, their combat power would be even lower.

The spirit warriors’ appearances never changed. They appeared the same as when they had just been born. Other than their own people, no one else could tell them apart.

Those who had lived for two hundred to a thousand years were called Spirit Soldiers, one thousand to two thousand were Spirit Guards, two thousand to five thousand were Spirit Generals, and five thousand to ten thousand were called Spirit Kings.

When Long Chen heard this, he couldn’t help being speechless. These pure and naive ladies had actually lived for so long.

However, he supposed since they were the fruit of the Life God Tree, he could understand it. It was just regretful that the Spirit race had taken huge losses to help the human race during the battle of the immortal era.

Then the Dark Forest had come and continuously fought against the Spirit race until there were no longer any Spirit Kings left.

There were less than ten thousand Spirit Generals, and about eight million Spirit Guards. But not all the Spirit Guards were as strong as the one Long Chen had encountered. That Spirit Guard had almost reached the level of a Spirit General, which was why she had been able to block Gui Yan. Then there were over eighty million Spirit Soldiers.

There were also over three thousand eleventh rank Magical Beasts, a hundred thousand tenth rank Magical Beasts, and an uncountable number below that level in the Forest of Life. A force of this level would be shocking on the Martial Heaven Continent.

However, compared to the Dark Forest, the Forest of Life didn’t have the slightest chance of winning. That was because the Dark Forest had finally brought back the Heaven Devouring Forest they had set up on the Martial Heaven Continent in order to raise a group of extremely powerful tree demons.

The Martial Heaven Continent was different from the Spirit World. The Martial Heaven Continent was full of strife and slaughter, and tree demons all liked to absorb that air. It was beneficial to their growth.

Furthermore, the spirit trees were unable to directly participate in the battle. They could only bestow their power to the spirit warriors and spirit beasts. When they were injured, they would use their own energy to heal them. The tree demons had no such restriction.

“How long ago did they suddenly get reinforced?” Long Chen suddenly thought of something.

“Three months and seventeen days ago according to the units of the Martial Heaven Continent. What about it?” asked the Spirit Queen upon seeing Long Chen’s expression change.

“Over three and a half months ago? That’s not long after I caused a falling out with Pill Valley…”

Long Chen gave a simple summary of what he had done in Pill Valley. The Spirit Queen was completely dumbfounded. Long Chen had almost destroyed Pill Valley, as well as provoked a huge fight between them and the Heaven Devouring Forest, causing the Heaven Devouring Forest to take heavy losses.

“The Dark Forest has secret connections to many of the powers of the Martial Heaven Continent. So I will make a very brazen guess. Back when the Dark Forest first established spatial channels to spread their roots to the Martial Heaven Continent, they made it seem like this was simply the actions of the Dark Forest, but the truth was that they had already received the approval of Pill Valley, the Corrupt path, the ancient races, and the other various powers. That was why they weren’t immediately destroyed when they first entered the continent. Once they had established themselves, they began to spread rapidly, blocking off the way from the Eastern Xuan Region to the Central Xuan Region. They would occasionally kill experts crossing through them, but due to their secret connections with powers like Pill Valley, they couldn’t be eradicated.

“Because of the Heaven Devouring Forest, the Dark Forest’s power grows greater and greater at a rapid rate. Most likely, the Dark Forest doesn’t even view the Forest of Life as an opponent any longer. They simply want to get more benefits from growing in the Martial Heaven Continent. But because of their falling out with Pill Valley, although it looked like they settled things, they are filled with hatred. They view the Forest of Life as a fat slab of meat, and they’re using you as a bargaining chip with the Corrupt path, ancient races, and other powers.

“All these other powers were invited into the Spirit World, but I believe only the Pill Valley was rejected. Pill Valley is under great pressure as it is and doesn’t have the energy to participate in this matter. Others can enter and get benefits, but Pill Valley can’t. This is their way of punishing Pill Valley for the previous battle. That’s why, at the very least, our opponents won’t include the flame cultivators of Pill Valley. That will make things much easier on us, and I’ll be able to come up with certain stratagems for the battle. Do you want to hear my suggestions?” asked Long Chen.

“Ah?” The Spirit Queen stared at him with a lost expression. She apologized, “Sorry, what you’re talking about is too complicated. I… can’t really understand.”


This time it was Long Chen’s turn to be dumbfounded.

“I apologize. The lifeforms of the Spirit World aren’t very intelligent. We mostly act on instinct. I don’t really understand your analysis,” said the Spirit Queen.

“Uh…” Long Chen was speechless. Even the strongest member of the Spirit race, the Spirit Queen, couldn’t understand something like this? How were they supposed to communicate?

“Long Chen, we trust you and your intuition. We can sense the feelings inside a person’s heart, and I can sense your goodwill for us. For you to come right as we are facing our destruction is the guidance of the Life God. I’m willing to hand over everything to you,” said the Spirit Queen. Divine light began to shine from her eyes, and at the same time, ripples came from the Life God Tree. The world became enveloped by a sacred light.

“Do you see? The Life God Tree also approves of my decision. Long Chen, you are the savior of the Spirit World,” said the Spirit Queen.

The savior? I can’t even save myself… Long Chen bitterly smiled inside. But looking at the Life God Tree with its heaven-piercing branches, he suddenly thought of something.

Some soil appeared in his hand, and he slowly sprinkled it on the ground. The Spirit Queen stared at him curiously, but she quickly became ecstatic.

“This is the divine soil possessing the aura of primal chaos!” Her voice quivered.

“Is this useful to the Life God Tree?”

“Yes, very! This primal chaos aura can make up for the life energy the Life God Tree has spent. The Life God Tree used up all its energy giving birth to spirit warriors. If we only had more of this soil… ah!”

The Spirit Queen let out a startled cry as Long Chen waved his hand. A mountain of soil appeared, and the aura of primal chaos slowly merged into the ground.

This soil came from the primal chaos bead, and Long Chen could bring out as much of this as he wanted. As the primal chaos merged into the ground, the Life God Tree began to shine brightly, lighting up the sky.

Its withered branches sprouted green buds. The primal chaos bead’s soil was incredibly effective.

However, the Life God Tree was so huge that this mountain of soil was absorbed in just a moment, only allowing it to recover slightly. But this was already enough to delight the Spirit Queen.

Long Chen summoned more and more soil, piling it up around the Life God Tree.

The Spirit Queen stared in shock, her hand covering her mouth. The Life God Tree was crazily absorbing this soil. As endless life energy began to bloom within it, tears overflowed from the Spirit Queen’s eyes.

The Life God Tree was the protector of the Spirit World. It was the highest faith in the Spirit World. As for the Spirit Queen, she was the protector of the Life God Tree. Her soul was connected to it, so she knew best how quickly it was healing.

The Life God Tree’s exhausted energy was rapidly being replenished. Nothing else could make her so happy.

“Thank you. The Life God Tree has already recovered.” The Spirit Queen’s voice was choked with emotion.

In just a few hours, there was not a single withered branch on the Life God Tree. It was overflowing with vitality and had recovered to its peak.

“Don’t worry about it. I can bring out as much of this soil as needed. Since we’re in such a crisis, can I ask if the Life God Tree can now give birth to more powerful spirit warriors?” asked Long Chen.

“Do you really have that much of this soil?” The Spirit Queen’s voice was quivering. “If you really have a limitless amount, then the Life God Tree can spend a large amount of life energy to give birth to Spirit Generals.”

“How many can it give birth to in one day?”

The Spirit Queen closed her eyes. She was communicating with the Life God Tree. After a moment, she said, “If there is enough of this soil, the Life God Tree can give birth to ten thousand Spirit Generals a day.”

“What about Spirit Kings?”

“No, there’s no way to create Spirit Kings from nothing. They need to grow naturally. Spirit Generals are the limit for the Life God Tree,” answered the Spirit Queen.

Long Chen sank into thought. The Spirit Generals were equivalent to the Soul Transformation realm, and they were blessed by the Life God Tree, giving them immense power.

However, that still wasn’t enough. Back when the Heaven Devouring Forest had fought against Pill Valley, even Life Star experts had died. The Forest of Life’s power was still too low.

“If I can’t raise our power fast enough, then I’ll need to reduce the opponent’s power.” Long Chen smiled faintly. He thought of another soil in the primal chaos space, one that devoured life.

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