Chapter 1407 Traitors of the Human Race

“Why would that happen?” asked Long Chen with shock.

“The answer would take a long time to explain…” The Spirit Queen sighed and began to tell Long Chen a story he had never heard before.

Rumor had it that in the immortal era, the Spirit World had had very good relationships with the human race. The Spirit race had powerful life energy skills and had helped the human race countless times against their powerful enemies.

In that battle of the immortal era, in order to help the human race, the Spirit World had lost many of its experts. It had been forced to seal itself off to recover.

Then the dark era came. The Spirit World was also attacked, with foreign tree demons invading. At that time, they still hadn’t recovered from their previous losses.

When the dark era ended, the Martial Heaven Continent had been devastated, and the Spirit World had taken disastrous losses. The Dark Forest grew stronger. At first, they only managed to take over a small part of the Spirit World, but now they began to spread.

Other than their powerful tree demons, the Dark Forest also had berserk Magical Beasts. As for the Forest of Life’s spirit trees, they couldn’t kill other creatures. Only their Spirit race warriors and spirit beasts could fight them.

However, they were unable to stop the advance of the Dark Forest. The Dark Forest’s territory grew greater and greater, while the Forest of Life’s territory shrank with each passing year.

This was a slow battle. Since the dark era had passed, and the human race had recovered, the Spirit race asked for help.

However, the Sovereigns that had once led the human race heroically had all fallen, and the Martial Heaven Continent had completely changed.

Each person was selfish, and no one came to help the Spirit race. In fact, people began to curse the Spirit race for betraying their trust and not helping the Martial Heaven Continent during the dark era. They thought that the huge losses they had taken were all because of the Spirit race’s betrayal.

“How could they be so shameless?!” raged Long Chen. “This was too evil!”

Although he hadn’t spent a long time with the Spirit race’s people, he had no doubt whatsoever toward them. They would never lie.

“If they just didn’t help us, that would be one thing. But then after having a falling out with us, they began to help the Dark Forest suppress us,” said the Spirit Queen sadly.

“Are they worse than beasts?” Long Chen couldn’t imagine this. Just what had happened to the human race? Why would they do something so treacherous? Suddenly, he had a thought. “Could it be…?”

“Yes. It stemmed from greed. Everything in the Forest of Life is filled with life essence. The spirit beasts, the spirit trees, the spirit warriors, all lifeforms within the Forest of Life are treasures in the outside world that can extend a person’s lifespan.”

As expected. In front of great enticement, humans would also become depraved. Even a saint could become a devil.

“Does the entire Martial Heaven Continent side with the Dark Forest?” asked Long Chen. If the Xuantian Dao Sect had also sided with the Dark Forest, he wouldn’t know how to feel about it.

“About all of them. The Corrupt path, the ancient races, Pill Valley, the Xuan Beasts, they all stood by the side of the Dark Forest. As for the Righteous path, they acted like they didn’t see anything. But some sects stealthily sent some people to kill the creatures in the Forest of Life, so the Righteous path also isn’t our friend,” answered the Spirit Queen.

Hearing this, Long Chen sighed with relief. As long as the Xuantian Dao Sect hadn’t participated in killing them, he could accept it.

He finally realized what Li Tianxuan had been about to tell him. Clearly, Li Tianxuan had already figured out the situation in the Spirit World and had predicted that Long Chen would be surrounded by enemies.

But even if Li Tianxuan had told him all this, Long Chen would still have come to the Spirit World without any hesitation.

The thing that disappointed him was that whether it was the Xuantian Dao Sect, the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect, the Heavenly Sword Gate, or the Wine God Palace, all these sects he had a close relationship with had all chosen to be silent in the face of the Spirit World’s crisis.

Then he supposed that any single sect couldn’t become enemies with so many sects. They could only act like they didn’t know anything.

At the same time as he was disappointed, he was enraged. If people could abandon the allies that had fought alongside them so easily, were they even worthy of being called cultivators? Was this in order to live a longer but sullen life? If you didn’t even dare to do the things you wanted to do, then what was the point of cultivating?

“Spirit Queen, on behalf of the human race, let me apologize. I’m ashamed of my ancestors, for their actions. But the Dragonblood Legion and I will stand together with you. We will live and die together,” swore Long Chen.

“Are you prepared to become enemies with the entire Martial Heaven Continent?” asked the Spirit Queen.

“If I have to be enemies with them, then fine. In any case, I have plenty of enemies already. I don’t mind increasing the scale a bit more.” Long Chen smiled.

Wasn’t that precisely the case? The ancient races, Corrupt path, and Pill Valley were his mortal enemies. Which one didn’t want his life?

As for the Xuan Beasts, as soon as he had accepted Cloud, he had made his preparations to be enemies with them.

To put it bluntly, a dead pig wasn’t afraid of boiling water. Since things had already reached this point, he might as well do what he wanted.

Although he had many things to accomplish, if he didn’t even dare to repay his debts, then would having a higher cultivation base matter? This wasn’t his first time putting his life on the line, and he was already used to it.

“Long Chen, thank you.” The Spirit Queen was extremely grateful. After being betrayed by so many humans, this was her first time encountering a human who would sacrifice their life for them for a small favor.

“Spirit Queen, I have many questions I want to ask you.”

“Ask away. As long as I know, I will answer.”

“Why are the spirit warriors all women? Where are the male warriors?”

This was something that he had been holding back for a long time. In all the Forest of Life, he hadn’t seen a single male.

“There are no male warriors in our Spirit race. These warriors are not humans. They are the fruit of the Life God.” The Spirit Queen raised her head to look at the giant tree.

“They’re fruit?” Long Chen jumped in shock. How was this possible?

“Yes, the fruit of the Life God Tree. They took human form with the Life God Tree’s power. Bows and arrows are the martial weapons that allow them to unleash their greatest power. Although their arrows are made of ordinary wood, when they shoot, they will pray to the Life God, giving their arrows divine power that can pierce the armor of experts and the hide of Magical Beasts.

Now Long Chen understood why their arrows were so strangely powerful.

“It is because they are the fruit of the Life God Tree that they are like pure and naive children. They are like a sheet of white paper. After years of fighting against the Dark Forest, countless spirit warriors have lost their lives. In order to protect everyone, the Life God has spent all its energy. You can also see how bad the Life God Tree’s situation is. It’s unable to give birth to any more spirit warriors. Originally, when the spirit warriors die, a portion of them will transform into spiritual qi and return to the Forest of Life to be absorbed by the Life God Tree. But when the Martial Heaven Continent’s experts capture them, they will refine them into divine life elixir.” Fury appeared on the Spirit Queen’s face. The spirit warriors who landed in enemy hands all suffered miserably.

This was why Gui Yan had captured those spirit warriors. But with the Corrupt path’s lecherousness and cruelty, they would inflict even more suffering on them.

“What is the origin of the Dark Forest? They invaded the Spirit World during the dark era. Was that a coincidence or part of a scheme? If it’s part of a scheme, what is their goal?” Long Chen was extremely curious toward the Dark Forest. Just how had those tree demons formed an agreement with the Martial Heaven Continent’s experts?

“I’m ashamed to say that our heads aren’t as clever as the human race’s. We’ve never been able to figure out why they appeared,” said the Spirit Queen apologetically.

Long Chen was dumbfounded. Even after tens of thousands of years, they were unable to figure out their goal?

He quickly thought of how Pill Valley’s experts said that the Dark Forest’s tree demons were all wooden-headed fools. They weren’t very intelligent.

It was just that the Spirit Queen looked very wise, so it was unexpected that even she wouldn’t know such a thing.

“That’s fine. We can figure that out later. Then tell me, other than their greed for the Forest of Life, is there anything else that attracts the Martial Heaven Continent’s warriors here?”

“Yes. Within the Spirit World lies part of the Ancient Battlefield. Back when the human race was still allied with the Spirit World, when devil creatures invaded us, they were suppressed by a Sovereign. That battle was extremely intense, and heaven and earth were destroyed. Spatial cracks now litter that region. Rumor has it that countless experts of both the humans and those devil creatures died at that time, and their treasures were left behind. However, the divine might of a Sovereign still lingers there, so neither we nor the Dark Forest’s tree demons can approach there without being annihilated,” said the Spirit Queen.

“A Sovereign’s divine might that makes you unable to approach the battlefield?” Long Chen was shocked to learn that a Sovereign had once fought in the Spirit World.

“Yes. Only humans can get close to that area, but I heard that the battlefield is extremely dangerous. Countless adventurers have entered without ever leaving.”

Sovereigns were legendary existences that dominated anyone in the same realm. Only one Sovereign would appear in one generation, so the title of Sovereign was synonymous with unrivaled.

Rumor had it that the Sovereigns were the result of all the world’s karmic flow condensing into one person. Only one Sovereign could be born in one era, and only when that Sovereign fell would it be possible for a second Sovereign to be born. So the Sovereigns that had risen during previous eras were all figures that had led that era. They were god-like existences.

“I’ll definitely have to go to that battlefield. Perhaps I can get some treasures.” A fiery light appeared in Long Chen’s eyes.

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