Chapter 1405 The Beautiful Spirit World

Endless life energy invigorated everyone’s minds. It was completely different from the Dark Forest. This place was full of tranquil air that freed people of their worries. Just entering this forest would make a person feel like their heart was being cleansed.

When Long Chen and the others came off the flying boat, they couldn’t help closing their eyes and sensing that sacred and pure energy in the air. It made them feel so close to the forest.

Long Chen had felt this aura before. This was the aura the forest divinity had possessed, but now it was much denser.

Towering trees still covered the sky, but sunlight managed to sprinkle on the ground. From a distance, it looked like streaking rainbows were roaming within the forest. It was a world of fantasy.

“How beautiful.” Meng Qi was enchanted by this dream-like forest.

“Friends, please come.”

They had only just begun appreciating this beautiful world when a translucent figure walked out of the forest.

“Forest divinity? It’s good to see you again. Thank you for your favor from back then. That was the only reason I could reach my current level.” Long Chen immediately recognized her familiar voice and aura.

The translucent figure walked out of the forest. Ripples condensed into a graceful woman wearing a green dress and an emerald hat. “I am Ling Yao. I know the human race’s cultivators don’t like to bother with too much etiquette, so you can call me sister Ling Yao.” A single smile from her made everyone feel like they were being cleansed by spring wind. They all felt a good feeling for her that came from the bottom of their hearts.

“I should be the one to thank you. If it hadn’t been for you, it would have been impossible for me to return to the Spirit World so quickly. Come, let me welcome you to the Forest of Life.” Ling Yao stretched out her hand. Divine light fell and condensed a rainbow bridge that stretched into the depths of the forest.

This rainbow was composed of countless rainbow-colored leaves. As they walked along with it through the giant forest, immortal qi swirled around them, making them feel like they had entered an immortal world.

Lights began to twinkle from the huge trees. They were coming from butterflies that flew through the forest. Their wings gave off a fairy light that adorned the forest, making it feel dream-like.

Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er were both intoxicated with this beauty. They gently reached out their hands, and butterflies flew over to them, landing on their hands and arms. Their fairy light illuminated their faces. Not even a master painter would be able to capture that scene. When Long Chen saw them like that, he was simply stunned.

More and more butterflies came over, circling around everyone. Some brazen ones landed on their bodies.

Even the Dragonblood warriors involuntarily came to a stop, afraid that if they moved, they would scare them away.

These butterflies were incredibly beautiful, but they looked extremely weak. The Dragonblood warriors didn't dare to touch them in fear of harming them.

Seeing more and more of the butterflies coming, Ling Yao sighed emotionally. “Dream Butterflies, go play somewhere else. Our guests need to keep going.”

The butterflies were like naughty children that were shooed off by an adult, and they scattered. In that instant, they filled the air, illuminating everything for a moment. The light then slowly faded deeper into the forest.

“Sister Ling Yao, the Spirit World is so beautiful. Can we come here more often?” asked Tang Wan-er, completely infatuated with this world.

“Of course, you can. As long as our Forest of Life is still present, you can come whenever you want.” Ling Yao smiled, but Long Chen saw an unnatural expression flitted across her eyes.

“Sister Ling Yao, I came here to repay my debt to you. If it hadn’t been for your divine life elixir, I would probably have died a long time ago. So no matter what troubles the Forest of Life has, I will do my best to help, even if I have to sacrifice my life,” promised Long Chen. He could see that the Forest of Life was most likely in an extremely bad situation.

“Sister Ling Yao, since you saved our boss, the entire Dragonblood Legion will help repay you. Without boss, we wouldn’t have our current achievements. So we will stand together with you no matter what,” added Guo Ran heroically.

They all knew that Long Chen was someone who cared deeply about returning debts. The favor of a drop of water in need had to be repaid with a gushing spring. As for Long Chen’s debt to her, it was truly enormous.

Ling Yao gratefully bowed. “Thank you for your kind intentions. Please just follow me. The Spirit Emperor has been waiting for a long time.”

Ling Yao continued to lead the way. More and more lifeforms appeared in the forest, curiously staring at them.

Long Chen and the others saw huge tigers lying on the ground, resting. They also saw huge pythons extending their heads to stare at them.

“Eleventh rank Magical Beasts?!”

Those Magical Beasts didn’t give off any malice, but their auras were extremely shocking. They were Magical Beasts on the Life Star level.

Although eleventh rank Magical Beasts were on the same level as human Life Star experts, there was a great gap in combat power. An eleventh rank Magical Beast could instantly kill ordinary Life Star experts.

However, these Magical Beasts didn’t give off any hostility as they passed. More and more of them appeared as they entered deeper into the forest, but they were all very tranquil. It was like they were domesticated.

“They are the protector spirit beasts of the Forest of Life. They’re our friends. They’ll only attack when facing the brutal Dark Forest,” explained Ling Yao.

Eventually, a large open space appeared in front of them. Many floating islands hung in the air.

The flying islands were all of different sizes. The larger ones would be hundreds of miles wide, while the smaller ones were just a few meters.

Those islands were overflowing with greenery. They were like green clouds floating in the sky.

Spring water flowed down from them. Under the sunlight, it was especially dazzling. They were like silver rivers flowing down from the heavens.

Such beauty was something Long Chen and the others had never imagined even in their dreams. They were all intoxicated by the sight.

Suddenly, the ground beneath them began to rise. Only then did they realize that the rainbow bridge beneath them had disappeared, replaced with a rainbow-colored parrot that was carrying them to the floating islands.

They flew past thousands of floating islands. From this height, their admiration of the Spirit World’s supernatural beauty increased even more.

“Originally, the Spirit World had eight places with similar floating islands. Unfortunately, this place is the only one left.” Seeing that Long Chen and the others were stunned by the beauty here, Ling Yao was first proud, but then she lamented.

“The Dark Forest would destroy such beauty?!” raged Tang Wan-er.

After entering the Forest of Life, they sensed a feeling of unprecedented tranquility. It made them feel even more disgust for the outside world’s slaughter.

When this place was compared to the Dark Forest, one was a wonderland, while one was hell on earth. All of them felt regret that those other floating islands had been ruined.

“Long Chen, let’s eliminate the Dark Forest.” Guo Ran was also enraged.

“How are we supposed to eliminate them? With your mouth?” demanded Long Chen.

Did Guo Ran think he could brag about such a thing? Just how vast was the Dark Forest? They had countless tree demons. The portion they had traveled through was probably less than one-millionth of the total Dark Forest.

The only reason the Dark Forest had allowed them to pass was because the trees had mistaken them to be on their side. That was why they had managed to go straight to the battlefield. But if this hadn’t happened, they would have had to face terrifying tree demons and berserk Magical Beasts. Long Chen couldn’t help but feel that his power was too miniscule.

The Forest of Life was also extremely powerful. Just those Magical Beasts they had seen on the way represented a terrifying force.

Furthermore, those Magical Beasts should just be a portion of what the Forest of Life had. The Forest of Life was shockingly powerful, so Guo Ran’s bragging was out of place.

“Boss, of course I’m just bragging, but I’m sure an unrivaled hero like you can do it.” Guo Ran laughed mischievously, pulling Long Chen up so his fall would be worse.

“Long Chen, the Dark Forest is too evil. I know you have some evil plots- cough, I mean some wise stratagems to help the Forest of Life.” Tang Wan-er held Long Chen’s hand, standing on the same front as Guo Ran.

Then she looked around and whispered, “Once you drive away the Dark Forest, think about how nice it would be if we came to live here!”

You want to live here?! Long Chen was first startled, but then when he thought about it, once all his problems were resolved, to bring a bunch of beauties and come live in seclusion in the Spirit World sounded perfect. They could do some good things and have a whole group of babies. If he could have such a life, he wouldn’t exchange it even for the chance to become a god.

Two hours later, they flew past the region of floating islands. But what greeted them was a desert.

The terrain changed so suddenly that it caught them off guard. There was only a single tree within the desert. At this time, it was night, and they could see the tree piercing into the sky. They had never seen such a giant tree.

Its branches were huge and covered the sky. The stars that twinkled above them looked like the tree’s fruit.

However, Long Chen saw that the tips of the branches were starting to wither. The tree was giant, but it also gave off a feeling that its vitality was about to run out.

When Long Chen and the others arrived, a gentle ‘rain’ floated down. However, that wasn’t rain, but women of the Spirit race.

They were flying down from the giant tree. A sea of beautiful women surged over to their side, and Guo Ran lost his voice. It was his first time seeing so many beautiful women.

“Respected guests, welcome to the Spirit World.” Just at this moment, a voice rang out, and all the Spirit race women knelt on the ground.

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