Chapter 1402 Old Acquaintance

All the Corrupt experts were devoured by Cloud. In front of a Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow, they didn’t have the slightest opportunity to resist.

Cloud had been cultivating in the Myriad Spirit Diagram this entire time, and it had learned the divine abilities of the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race. Amongst them, the most terrifying was their devouring ability. Of course, that was why they were given the name Heaven Swallowing.

At the same time as Cloud devoured those Corrupt experts, it swung its wings, and the Spirit race women felt their bodies lighten. They appeared on its back.

They were shocked and about to resist when the Spirit race woman beside Long Chen seemed to communicate with them spiritually. They didn’t need to speak to know what the others were saying.

Those women immediately thanked Long Chen. But their ‘clothes’ were far too simple, making things awkward.

He tried his best not to look, but their bodies were all beautiful. Even Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er couldn’t help but glance, let alone a man like Long Chen.

The curious thing was that all the Spirit race’s experts were women. He saved three waves of them on his way, and they were women.

It made him speechless that they all looked identical. It was almost impossible to tell them apart.


Suddenly, an explosion shook the land, and a pillar of light soared into the air. They saw a blood-colored skeleton floating in the air, wielding a huge bone club.

Facing the skeleton was a woman of the Spirit race. An image of an ancient tree hung behind her, one that was even larger than a mountain. Chains shot out of the tree, attacking the skeleton.

The Spirit race woman fought against the skeleton, while countless experts of the Corrupt path and Spirit race were clashing in the distance. Their battle was extremely miserable, and both sides had taken losses. Corpses covered the land, but the Corrupt path was currently winning.

Their power was extremely great. They had over ten Life Star experts and hundreds of Soul Transformation experts. Moreover, their Jade Core experts numbered in the tens of thousands.

As for the Spirit race’s side, they were down to less than ten thousand members, and whether it was in terms of numbers or power, they were at a disadvantage.

The worst thing was that their leader, the one who was fighting the skeleton, was already starting to lose. The chains she summoned were being blown apart one by one.

“Long Chen, please save our Spirit Guard!” begged one of the Spirit race women by Long Chen’s side.

“Don’t worry, with Long Chen present, your Spirit Guard will be fine,” said Meng Qi. Both she and Tang Wan-er had recognized the master of that skeleton.

“I’ll go greet him. I’ll leave the rest to you two.” Long Chen shot off.

Meng Qi, Tang Wan-er, and Cloud charged into the fray.

“Sisters, tell your people to retreat. We’re not that fierce, but when a certain fellow fights, he always causes a mess.” Tang Wan-er smiled to the Spirit race women. She knew that once Long Chen fought, he would definitely shake heaven and earth.

On the battlefield, the Corrupt experts seemed to be crazily attacking the Spirit race women. But although it looked fierce, they were holding back. Their goal wasn’t to kill the Spirit race women, but to capture them alive.

Just as the Corrupt experts thought that they would be able to capture most of their prey, the latter suddenly retreated. At the same time, the sky darkened.

“What’s going on?!”

The Corrupt experts were startled. Looking up, they saw a single wing covering the sky and smashing toward them.

“Watch it, it’s a Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow!” shouted a Corrupt Life Star expert. He immediately launched an attack with his weapon.

The other Life Star experts also attacked. They were people with great experience, and they knew how terrifying the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow was.


Rainbow light exploded. Seven Life Star experts had attacked all out, but were still knocked back, almost coughing up blood.

The shockwaves of this exchange caused the other Corrupt experts to fly back, and quite a few of the weaker ones were killed.

“The Soul Bound by its Dream.”

“Frigid Wind Moon.”

Two voices rang out at almost the same time. The Corrupt experts suddenly entered a dazed state, feeling like mortals who hadn’t slept in a week. They truly wanted to sleep. But once they slept, they wouldn’t need to wake ever again.

“Watch out, it’s a bewildering soul art!”

A sharp cry rang out, startled the Corrupt experts who had been about to fall unconscious. That sharp cry came from a Life Star expert who specialized in the soul. He wasn’t affected by Meng Qi.

An icy crescent wind blade slashed out at the seven Life Star experts that had just been sent flying by Cloud’s attack.

The seven of them were startled, but Blood Qi suddenly erupted out of them, and blood runes condensed into a huge shield.


The crescent wind blade collided with the blood shield. The wind blade exploded, and the shield formed from all seven of them also collapsed, causing them to hack up blood. Due to how hasty their movements were, their internal organs were injured.

The Corrupt experts were in disarray, not having expected the Spirit race to suddenly gain such powerful reinforcements. But when they saw who had come, their pupils shrank.

“The Xuantian Dao Sect?!”

They had yet to recover from their shock when Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er both formed a hand seal.

Nine flowers appeared behind each of them, and Heavenly Dao energy revolved around. With the manifestation supporting them, they appeared more beautiful than ever.

“What?!” The Corrupt experts were even more shocked. No matter what, they would never have expected Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er to become terrifying rank nine Celestials. The instant the two of them summoned their manifestations, the Corrupt experts felt their Heavenly Dao energy sucked away. The amount of Heavenly Dao energy they could use sharply dropped.

“Don’t be afraid, they’re just two people! Furthermore, they’re just in the Jade Core realm! We-”


At this moment, a huge explosion shook the world, cutting off that person’s shouting.

A blood-red skeleton fell from the sky. It had been smashed down by a single person’s fist.

That person was as small as an ant when compared to the huge skeleton. But this ant completely blew the skeleton away.

The expert who had been called the Spirit Guard had thought that the situation was hopeless, but just as the final blow was about to be delivered, Long Chen had arrived.

That woman had received spiritual messages from the other members of the Spirit race, and she looked in shock at the god-like figure that was standing in the air.

“Gui Yan, your pork chop ability has grown ever stronger. Last time I destroyed your skeleton. Could it be that you dug out your family’s ancestor to take its place?” taunted Long Chen.

There was a person at the top of the skeleton, and he was staring in shock at Long Chen. That person was precisely the one who had fought against Long Chen on Devil Spirit Mountain, the Corrupt path’s Gui Yan.

The two of them met once again, both feeling immense hatred for the other. Last time, Long Chen had almost died to Gui Yan’s curse and had only survived thanks to the Nirvana Scripture.

As for Gui Yan, he hated Long Chen as well. His defeat in their last battle had cost him all his face, as well as the Ghost General that he had been raising since childhood.

When he had heard that Long Chen was still alive and had even shown immense power in front of everyone by defeating Luo Minghao, Gui Yan had almost lost his mind. He had learned that in the midst of his cultivation, and it almost made his qi go out of control.

“Hahaha, good, the heavens really have eyes! Now I get another chance to defeat you!” Gui Yan suddenly laughed. That laughter was full of rancor.

As he laughed, his face split open as a terrifying injury was triggered. The blood pouring from his face made him especially frightening to look at when combined with his scarlet eyes.

“No wonder Leng Yueyan cut your face. Your smile really is ugly. You should never smile again in the future,” said Long Chen.

“Long Chen, I don’t know if you’re stupid or just conceited to dare to come to the Spirit World. It seems that your sect leader didn’t know that I would be here,” laughed Gui Yan.

“Oh? Is there any difference now that you’re here?”

“A difference? No, I suppose there isn’t too much of a difference. In any case, you would die sooner or later. There’s not much difference whether you die in the Spirit World or the Martial Heaven Continent.”

“If you have something to say, just say it. If you have to fart, either keep it in or let it out completely,” taunted Long Chen.

“You want to get information out of me? Keep dreaming. However, Long Chen, I admit I underestimated you. I didn’t expect you to ask the Wine God Palace’s High Priest to remove my curse. I suppose you must have kneeled and kowtowed to him countless times,” sneered Gui Yan. He completely ignored the others fighting.

In truth, Gui Yan was full of envy and resentment. If Long Chen had died to his curse, then at very least he could say that Long Chen had died to his hands, and his humiliation at having been defeated would be wiped away.

His defeat in Long Chen’s hands had turned him into a laughingstock of the Corrupt path. People constantly discussed his defeat when he wasn’t around.

Now that he saw Long Chen again, he instinctively mocked and ridiculed him. It was like that was the only way to make himself feel a bit better.

“Do you not feel slapping yourself in the face is painful? Last time you bragged so hard, but weren’t you still defeated? If a Life Star expert hadn’t saved you at that time, you would have never managed to escape. Well, you might have gotten away last time, but this time, I’ll be taking your life.”

Long Chen’s divine ring appeared, and five stars glowed in his eyes.

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