Chapter 1401 Woman of the Spirit Race (Teaser)

The flying boat shot forward, allowing them to see several giant beasts attacking a person.

These beasts were called Scorpion Lions. They were eighth rank Magical Beasts. Their upper bodies were covered in fur, while their lower bodies were cloaked in plates of armor. They had long tails with huge stingers.

Each of these Scorpion Lions was three hundred meters long and crazily attacking one person.

Long Chen and the others were surprised by the appearance of the person whom these Scorpion Lions were attacking. It was a slender, beautiful woman who wasn’t wearing any clothes.

She had two leaves covering her chest and a skirt made of woven leaves around her waist. Her legs were extremely large. She didn’t have the proportions of a normal person.

At this time, one of the Scorpion Lions opened its mouth, and a white ripple spread. The ground crumbled, and the woman pressed down on the ground. That allowed Long Chen and the others to see her face.

Her face was beautiful, making her look like...

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