Chapter 1401 Woman of the Spirit Race

The flying boat shot forward, allowing them to see several giant beasts attacking a person.

These beasts were called Scorpion Lions. They were eighth rank Magical Beasts. Their upper bodies were covered in fur, while their lower bodies were cloaked in plates of armor. They had long tails with huge stingers.

Each of these Scorpion Lions was three hundred meters long and crazily attacking one person.

Long Chen and the others were surprised by the appearance of the person whom these Scorpion Lions were attacking. It was a slender, beautiful woman who wasn’t wearing any clothes.

She had two leaves covering her chest and a skirt made of woven leaves around her waist. Her legs were extremely large. She didn’t have the proportions of a normal person.

At this time, one of the Scorpion Lions opened its mouth, and a white ripple spread. The ground crumbled, and the woman pressed down on the ground. That allowed Long Chen and the others to see her face.

Her face was beautiful, making her look like a spirit elf. Her nose pointed up slightly, and her eyes protruded out a bit more than a regular person’s. Her pupils were emerald green, and there was an image of six leaves on her forehead. 

This woman was extremely strange. Her aura was completely different from a normal cultivator’s. But based on the power she had displayed, she seemed to possess the power of a Sea Expansion expert.

Even surrounded by these Scorpion Lions, she didn’t panic. She held an emerald bow, and she shot out an arrow.

The bow and arrow were extremely simple. The bowstring looked to be a wooden vine, while the arrow didn’t even possess an arrowhead. It was just a sharp stick.

Shockingly, the arrow directly pierced through the Scorpion Lion’s defenses.

“How is that possible?!” A stick was able to break the defense of an eighth rank Magical Beast?

If that bow was a King item, then fine. But it was clearly just the simplest, most primitive bow. How did it possess such power?

The Scorpion Lion roared painfully. It was the same furious roar that they had heard before.

“Guo Ran, prepare to attack. I’ll give you a chance to be the hero saving the beauty. That woman’s running out of energy,” said Long Chen.

Although Long Chen didn’t understand this woman, from his years of combat experience, he could guess that this woman was like an oil lamp on the verge of running out of oil.

That arrow she had shot out had clearly been pointed at the Scorpion Lion’s eyes, a vital spot. But when she had unleashed it, her hand had shuddered, causing her arrow to miss and strike its neck.

“Boss, you really are my beloved boss, my-”

“Just go!” Long Chen grabbed Guo Ran and threw him off the boat.

“I swept through the four seas, crossed a thousand mountains, caused huge billows in heaven and earth, slaughtered demons, eliminated devils, plucked the stars and moon. If there’s a beauty in need of saving, Guo Ran will be her hero!” Guo Ran struck a very flashy pose in the air as he shouted.

Long Chen and the others almost coughed up blood. This was just too shameless.

This damn chant of his was always identical, except he would change the last few lines to match the situation. Just how thick did a person’s face have to be to say such a thing over and over again? Guo Ran’s shamelessness gave them goosebumps.

Long Chen had an urge to give this fellow a vicious beating. If he had to show off when there was a good chance to show off, then fine.

However, right now, the only ones here were the Dragonblood Legion, excluding one outsider and a few Magical Beasts. Just who was he showing off to? It wasn’t a time to be showing off, but he still forced it. It was completely unbearable.

The woman seemed to have sensed Long Chen and the others’ arrival a while ago, and she wasn’t surprised by Guo Ran coming. She continued to nimbly dodge the Scorpion Lions’ attacks.

“What are you dawdling for? Hurry up and attack! We’re all busy!” shouted Long Chen. If he hadn’t tossed out Guo Ran, he’d have charged out already. This fellow was clearly waiting for a critical moment to interfere.

Guo Ran helplessly pointed out his finger, and rays of golden light shot out. The heads of the Scorpion Lions were all pieced straight through the middle, and they exploded.

“Miss, don’t be afraid. I’m a good person. I’m here to save you, and I won’t ask anything of you. All you have to do is give your heart to me.”

After killing those Scorpion Lions, Guo Ran advanced closer to the woman. She suddenly raised her bow and pointed an arrow at Guo Ran, making him raise his hands innocently.

The woman didn’t react to Guo Ran’s words. Her hands were shaking from how tired she was. Just pulling back the bowstring was taxing to her.

“Miss, put down your bow. I don’t want to be killed when your hand slips. Ah, fine, you don’t need to give your heart to me.” Guo Ran shook his head.

For some reason, that arrow gave him a sense of unease. It seemed that some energy within that arrow intimidated him.

The woman still didn’t reply. She glared at Guo Ran, but her arms trembled even more.

However, when a certain person walked over, she was shocked and delighted. She put down her bow.

What shocked everyone was that this woman immediately flew over to Long Chen and threw herself into his embrace.

“Hey, what’s with this?! I’m the one who saved you! You should be throwing yourself to my embrace!” cried Guo Ran.

Long Chen also found it strange. But he didn’t sense any hostility from this woman, so he didn’t refuse her.

The woman really did just hug him like that. The leaf image on her forehead spun, and she took a step back.

“Friend, have you come to help our Forest of Life?” The woman suddenly began to speak.

“I don’t know what the Forest of Life is. I came to the Spirit World to repay a debt.” Long Chen shook his head.

“You have the aura of the Forest of Life on you. You have an agreement with the Forest of Life, so you are our friend.”


Long Chen suddenly thought of the final words that the Spirit World expert had said.

“She came from your Forest of Life?” Long Chen created an image in the air with his Spiritual Strength. It was an image of the forest divinity that small nameless village in the Eastern Wasteland had offered sacrifices to.

“Yes. Friend, my comrades are in danger. Can you help us?” asked the woman.

“Talking is too difficult. Transmit what you want to communicate with me through Spiritual Strength.” Long Chen pressed a hand against the woman’s forehead. The woman was clearly panicked inside, but her words didn’t seem to match her expression. She probably wasn’t able to speak this way easily.

“Meng Qi, summon Cloud. We have to go!”

Cloud appeared in the air. Meng Qi, Tang Wan-er, Long Chen, and the woman jumped on. Cloud let out a bird cry and transformed into a rainbow streak of light that vanished from the rest of the Dragonblood Legion’s sight.

“We’re following!” Guo Ran used the flying boat to fly off in the same direction. Due to the urgent situation, Long Chen had left first.

Cloud had been in seclusion in the Myriad Spirit Diagram this entire time. Its cultivation base was still at the peak of the ninth rank, but it was displaying more and more power of the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow.

Its aura had grown far stronger, and its speed was absolutely shocking. It flew so fast that there was no way to see their surroundings as they passed.

Through the woman’s soul, Long Chen confirmed that she was definitely from the same side as the forest divinity.

She was from the Spirit race. The Spirit race was the indigenous race of the Spirit World, and the Forest of Life was what they depended on to survive.

Long Chen could have learned much more from this woman’s soul, but he didn’t, because that was an invasion of her privacy. He only received what she expressed to him. All he really needed to know was that he wasn’t helping the wrong person.

“These ladies from the Spirit World really are stubborn. They’re still resisting.” A Corrupt expert pulled out an arrow sticking out of his shoulder, grimacing from the pain.

There were hundreds of Corrupt experts on this battlefield. They were surrounding a large tree, and there were over ten Spirit race women fighting against them, shooting out arrows continuously.

The Corrupt experts were unable to approach the women, because divine runes came falling from the huge tree, forming a natural formation that protected them.

Under the protection of the tree, they were able to hold on. But at this time, the runes on the tree’s leaves were starting to dim.

The Corrupt experts’ attacks were constantly draining its energy. They were powerful experts within the Jade Core realm, and the tree couldn’t last much longer.

Fortunately, the arrows from the Spirit race’s women were also terrifying. They possessed some energy these disciples had never encountered before. If they were shot in their heads, their souls would instantly dissipate. Even the Yuan Spirit of a Soul Transformation expert might be erased.

That was why these Jade Core Corrupt disciples had been in a deadlock with them for the better part of a day. Dozens of them had already been killed, infuriating them.

They had to constantly dodge the rain of arrows as they attacked the tree. As long as the tree ran out of energy, these women would be easily caught.

The runes on the tree’s leaves were dimming, and the barrier protecting it was weakening. Each of their attacks was causing it to shudder as if it might break apart at any moment.


The tree finally couldn’t last any longer. The barrier exploded and the tree vanished, transforming into a withered seed.

At the same time, one of the women coughed up a mouthful of blood. She turned pale and fainted, and the others hastily went to support her.

“Hahaha, beauties of the Spirit race, you’re ours!” The Corrupt experts laughed greedily and sinisterly charged forward.

They didn’t know that a huge mouth had suddenly appeared in the sky above them. It devoured them all in one gulp.

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