Chapters 1400 Piles of White Bones

The flying boat shot through the air like a streak of light. It was completely unbridled and fearless. Below them was an endless sea of trees.

“Boss, don’t you think this is too unbridled?” asked Guo Ran as he controlled the flying boat.

“No need to worry, just keep flying like this. The more carefully we travel, the easier they’ll find us. Perhaps by flying so openly, we can pass ourselves off as belonging here,” said Long Chen.

Since the Corrupt path could enter this place without any restrictions on their cultivation base, Long Chen wanted to test if the tree demons might view them as from the Corrupt path.

He also realized why they hadn’t seen disciples of other sects rushing over to the spatial portal. The sect leaders of the various sects must be aware of some secrets and had warned their disciples not to come.

He didn’t know why the Xuantian Tower would prevent Li Tianxuan from telling him those things, but he knew the Xuantian Tower wouldn’t harm him. If the Xuantian Tower wouldn’t tell him, he would find the answer on his own.

“What direction should we go then?” asked Guo Ran.

“Just close your eyes and fly. As long as you don’t fly into any mountains, you can go wherever you want,” replied Long Chen.

“Boss, can you not mess around so much? I’m talking seriously.”

“I’m talking seriously as well. The Spirit World’s huge, and I don’t even know where the person I’m looking for is. So you can fly wherever you want,” said Long Chen.

Last time, he had come with Meng Qi to the Spirit World, and they had only seen a single corner of the Spirit World. They hadn’t entered very deeply.

When he compared the huge trees they had seen at that time with the Heaven Devouring Forest’s tree demons, he found that what they had seen last time weren’t worth anything. So they could fly around blindly.

“Heavens, these trees are giant!”

Meng Qi, Tang Wan-er, and the others all let out a startled cry. The trees in front of them blocked out the sun, turning the world dark.

“We were just in the outer region before. Now we’ve entered the real Spirit World. Guo Ran, keep flying like before. Just charge through directly,” said Long Chen.

These trees were so tall that the flying boat couldn’t fly above them. The airflow that high would cause huge resistance and greatly impact their speed.

Guo Ran involuntarily gulped at the sight of these somewhat sinister giant trees. He had never seen trees like this. They gave off a feeling similar to Magical Beasts baring their teeth.

However, with Long Chen’s orders, he could only steel himself and send the flying boat charging through their midst.

The darkness in front of them was endless. The sunlight was completely blocked by the leaves. This was a world of darkness, of deathly silence.

However, the flying boat didn’t slow down. It continued charging forward, and these sinister trees didn’t do anything to stop them.

Long Chen narrowed his eyes. This was truly abnormal. Although these tree demons were low tier, they definitely had to have some intelligence. According to reason, they shouldn’t permit the flying boat to continue so brazenly.

“Increase the speed.”

Guo Ran slowly increased the flying boat’s speed to its max. Just as everyone’s hearts were clenching tightly, these huge trees opened a path for them.

“Boss, why is the path starting to curve?” called out Guo Ran. The path the trees had opened was not straight.

“It doesn’t matter. Just follow the path,” said Long Chen.

This wide path finally let in some sunlight. It was the only light in this world of darkness. They rushed forward on this path, but everyone was still tense.

Through this flight, they finally recognized the terror of the Spirit World. Even after three days and nights of travel, they were still on this path.

The flying boat was going at max speed. The distance they had crossed would probably be enough to even cross the Martial Heaven Sea-Ring.

“Boss, another flying boat has appeared!” cried out Guo Ran.

Another flying boat was up ahead, but it was much smaller than theirs. After all, this flying boat had been stolen from Pill Valley. It was the highest grade flying boat.

Just a few seconds after noticing the second flying boat, they caught up.

“It’s from the ancient races.”

Everyone easily recognized that the flying boat belonged to the ancient races just from the mark.

There were thousands of ancient race experts on the flying boat. An elder standing at the front of the flying boat shouted, “Which power are you from? Why haven’t you displayed your symbol?”

“Boss, what do we do?” asked Guo Ran.

Long Chen thought about it for a moment. He couldn’t figure out why these ancient race experts would be here. Furthermore, that elder was clearly a Life Star expert.

“Eliminate them.”

“Boss, are you joking?!” Guo Ran jumped in shock.

“Don’t waste words. Slowly open the barrier. We’re attacking,” said Long Chen.

The flying boat’s runes lit up. The barrier slowly opened, allowing the ancient race experts to see which power they were from.

They were first dumbfounded to see a mass of people. But when they saw one guy in particular who was waving at them, when they saw that extremely friendly smile, their expressions instantly changed.

“Long Chen?!”


Just as they were shocked by the sight of Long Chen, a huge cannonball smashed into their flying boat.

The ancient races hadn’t expected that they would be attacked. And Long Chen was truly evil to store up energy as they slowly lowered the barrier.

As a result, the ancient races’ flying boat exploded, and all the people on it were killed. Even the Life Star expert was not an exception.

Because it had come so suddenly, they hadn’t been prepared at all. The explosion of their flying boat’s core was so destructive that not even their Yuan Spirits escaped.

Although the explosion also affected the giant trees, Long Chen had told Guo Ran to fly away at top speed as soon as the attack was launched. They were already rushing away.

“Strange. Why didn’t these trees attack us?” wondered Guo Ran.

“It’s not strange. The ancient races and the Corrupt path have very likely come to reinforce the Heaven Devouring Forest,” said Long Chen.

From his various tests and the fact that Li Tianxuan had wanted to warn him, as well as Pill Valley’s relationship with the Heaven Devouring Forest, Long Chen had come up with a very brazen theory.

The forest divinity he had encountered in the outskirts of the Phoenix Cry Empire had possessed a holy and divine aura. It had been completely different from the berserk and evil aura of these tree demons.

It was likely that the Spirit World possessed two great powers. One was the side of the forest divinity, while the Heaven Devouring Forest represented the other side.

As for the experts that said that a war was being fought in the Spirit World, that was nonsense. It was part of the Corrupt path’s scheme. They were trying to draw more adventurers to their deaths.

There had been so many experts guarding the spatial portal. Although they were incredibly weak for the Dragonblood Legion, they could easily slaughter Jade Core disciples.

Most importantly, this situation in the Spirit World was definitely known by Li Tianxuan. His warning was definitely going to be that other sects weren’t letting their disciples come because this wasn’t a good opportunity, but a sinister trap instead.

They continued flying for two more days, and the huge trees slowly dwindled in number. Replacing the forest was a barren mountain range. The ground had been destroyed, and the scars of battle were still present. A dense scent of blood still hung in the air.

“It seems we’ve reached the battlefield. Let’s continue onward, but carefully. We might end up joining a bloody battle at any moment, and there won’t be any time to warm up,” called out Long Chen. He couldn’t conceal his excitement.

He had owed this debt for a long, long time, and that pressure had been like a stone weighing down his heart the entire time. He wanted to cast it away as soon as possible.

As they continued onward, he realized that this battlefield was even larger than he had thought. The ground below them was stained red with blood, and there were huge skeletons as large as mountains. Their flesh had already vanished, but their skeletons still emitted terrifying auras.

At first, they only appeared occasionally, but as the flying boat advanced, more and more of them appeared. The entire ground became covered with white bones.

“Did we end up coming to hell?” Guo Ran couldn’t help muttering as he stared at the white bones covering the bloodstained ground. This scene was truly similar to the hell spoken in legends.

Suddenly, they heard a furious roar in the distance, and the ground trembled. A ray of light soared into the sky, but they were still too far to tell what was going on.

“We’re going!”

The flying boat sped off in the direction of the light.

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