Chapter 140 Nine-leaf Orchid

“Long Chen!”

Long Chen turned back in surprise to see a maiden looking at him.

“You are…?” He didn’t recognize her, but she had called out his name.

“I’m Qing Yu. We’re both part of sister Wan-er’s faction,” she hastily explained.

“Oh, do you need something?” asked Long Chen.

“I heard that sister Wan-er is fighting against Lei Qianshang. Apparently, it’s not that far from here,” she worriedly said.

“Then I wish them a good fight. Anyways, I’ll get going now.” Shaking his head, Long Chen prepared to leave.

He definitely didn’t have any interest in watching that. He still needed to spend his time searching for some better treasures. He had no time for that nonsense.

Seeing Long Chen didn’t care about Tang Wan-er, Qing Yu grabbed him and angrily said, “What are you saying?! You’re part of sister Wan-er’s faction, so you have to be loyal and never betray her! By not caring about her safety, that is precisely betraying her! Do you still have any face? How would you ever face the heroes of the world if-”

“Ok! You’ve given me a dose of you. If you keep talking then I really will be painted into becoming a completely wicked sinner. Fine, I’ll go with you.” Long Chen hastily surrendered. This girl’s mouth really was too vicious.

“How can you put it that way? What do you mean, you’ve gotten a dose of me? You just hadn’t clearly seen your own mistake. Since sister Wan-er personally invited you, you-,” Qing Yu solemnly, unceasingly scolded him.

“OK! If you keep talking, then the fight will be over by the time we get there. You know what, that’ll be good. Let’s not go.” Long Chen impatiently interrupted her. This girl’s mouth really had no end.

“Oh, that’s right. Then let’s go see how sister Wan-er is. Once this matter is over, then I’ll finish telling you about your problems. As a person, you must be upright and proper. Your cultivation goals must be clear.” Qing Yu nodded.

“Sister Qing Yu, can I ask you a question?” asked Long Chen.

“Ask away.”

“Do you have any men chasing after you?” he curiously asked.

She was startled then shook her head. “No, why?”

“Oh, I get it.” Long Chen nodded.


“Nothing. It just makes sense… right, what’s your relationship to Tang Wan-er?” asked Long Chen suddenly.

“My grandpa arranged for sister Wan-er to have a close, personal maid. I’ve already followed the young lady for ten years. I’m in charge of her safety and the various work she needs,” said Qing Yu

Ah, so she was a busybody housemaid. No wonder she was always scolding and prattling away.

“You said Tang Wan-er was fighting Lei Qianshang? Doesn’t that gorilla Lei like sister Wan-er? Why would they be fighting?” 

“Giving people nicknames like that is a big no-”

“Then I’ll withdraw that nickname. But sister Qing Yu, please answer my other question.” Long Chen hastily interrupted her scolding again.

“You’re right. That Lei Qianshang likes sister Wan-er. But when a man finds himself attracted to a woman, they rarely try to woo and chase after her.

“Instead, they like using martial force to impress and subdue them, making her unwaveringly follow him. That’s the normal way you men like to handle things,” said Qing Yu.

Long Chen rolled his eyes. Did she need to insult his entire gender? He had wanted to refute her for including him in her description, but then wouldn’t that be saying he wasn’t a man? He decided to just stay silent.

But her words did cause him to gain a new understanding of the cultivation world.

A man’s attractiveness was directly related to his martial strength. It was just like in the animal kingdom. Only the strong gorillas had the qualification to have more mates.

Although he scoffed at such a system, having entered the cultivation world, he had seen that everything else was useless. Martial strength was the only thing anyone could trust in.

Furthermore, the cultivation world’s standards were completely opposite to the secular world’s. They were incredibly barbaric. There were practically no morals or ethics. Strength was everything.

Long Chen sighed sorrowfully. By living in this world, will I also change to become like that?

“Why are they fighting?” he followed up.

“It seems to be that they noticed a treasure at the same time. No one wants to give it up to the other, so they could only use martial strength to resolve it,” explained Qing Yu.

“A treasure?” Long Chen’s eyes brightened. Something that could cause Tang Wan-er and Lei Qianshang to fight without hesitation definitely had to be something good.

“Cough, now that sister Wan-er has fallen into danger, as her subordinate, I must save her even if I must walk through fire and water, sacrificing my life. In order to return sister’s kindness and patronage, I definitely must help sister seize this treasure,” said Long Chen loyally. At the same time, his speed shot up as he rushed even faster.

Qing Yu was startled, but she then gratefully smiled, thinking Long Chen had finally gotten things straight and become a good person.

It seemed that she didn’t notice Long Chen’s words about ‘helping’ her hadn’t been entirely sincere...

Seeing Long Chen rushing forward, she also sped up. But what surprised her was that now that he had sped up, her speed was incomparable to his.

Furthermore, she could also clearly see that despite his speed, he wasn’t using any Battle Skills. Qing Yu tried to keep up as long as she could, but she could just barely follow behind him.

Passing a mountain, they arrived at a valley. Within the valley, dozens of people were currently fighting exceptionally intensely.

Outside that crowd of fighting were two people in front of a cliff. One of them was exceptionally large while the other was exceptionally lithe and graceful. They were naturally Lei Qianshang and Tang Wan-er.

Thin lines of light covered Lei Qianshang’s entire body. They were constantly flickering; they were actually countless flowing strands of lightning. 

With thunderbolts around his body, even his gaze was like lightning. A single punch of his caused space to boom as if it were exploding.

As for the one facing him, Tang Wan-er, the wind was blowing across her body. With each turn of her hand, wind blades would shoot out. Her wind blades surrounded her. Her imposingness did not lose out to Lei Qianshang in the slightest.

Wind blades and lightning continuously collided. Thunder continuously rang out. The ground beneath them was crushed piece by piece.

“It really is a rare show.” The two of them possessed incredibly great power. It was a rare occasion to be able to see such a fight.

“What are you just watching for? Quickly go help!” Qing Yu also arrived.

“Cough, I’m not just watching. I’m examining the situation and coming up with a battle plan. Only then can I really help sister Wan-er,” explained Long Chen craftily.

In reality, Long Chen didn’t want to take action. It would be better for him to conserve his true power.

Furthermore, he had only been pulled into Tang Wan-er’s faction because she had tricked him. Who knew just what plans she had for him in the future? The fact that she hadn’t already screwed him over was already quite lucky.

“That’s reasonable. Then, quickly finish observing. I’ll go and help first.” Qing Yu actually believed him and jumped down into the valley, rushing into the crowd.

Only then did Long Chen notice that the huge mess of a fight was split between two sides.

After a careful look, he realized that the mass was split between Lei Qianshang and Tang Wan-er’s factions.

He only figured it out because he saw a few familiar faces. They should have been people who had their families set up their positions and not those that Lei Qianshang or Tang Wan-er personally knew. It was no wonder that they would come at this opportunity. This was the best time for them to show off their power to their factions.

However, it appeared Tang Wan-er’s side was quite a bit weaker. Who knew whether it was because her faction was simply weaker or whether the stronger members had yet to arrive, but under their opponents’ pressure, they were forced back step by step.

Even the addition of Qing Yu’s peak Blood Condensation power didn’t change that. They were stuck in an inferior position.

After briefly examining the battlefield, Long Chen began to search around, finally finding what he was looking for.

“Wow, so it was the Nine-leaf Orchid. No wonder they would fight.”

The Nine-leaf Orchid was an extremely rare medicinal plant. It had many uses. But its main use was to nourish the body.

Its powerful medicinal energy could increase the physical body’s strength. Even directly eating it was no problem. But if it was refined into a medicinal pill, its effect would multiply.

Other than greatly increasing the strength of the physical body, it also had the effect of smoothing the skin and reducing wrinkles, letting a person’s skin become even more lustrous.

It was obvious that Lei Qianshang was after the Nine-leaf Orchid to increase his own physical strength. As for Tang Wan-er, it seemed more likely that she was after this divine treasure because it could immediately make her even more attractive.

The more beautiful the woman, the more beauty she would desire. And so neither party would let the other obtain it, causing them to fight.

And once the news that they had started to fight had transmitted out, their factions’ experts all gathered to help.

Even Long Chen was somewhat attracted to the Nine-leaf Orchid. Its nourishment of the physical body was definitely miraculous.

And for Blood Condensation cultivators, it could not only nourish the body but also expand the meridians.

However, Long Chen’s body had already been improved by the Spirit World expert. Long Chen estimated that even if he obtained the Nine-leaf Orchid, it wouldn’t have much of an effect on him.

But if he refined it into a medicinal pill, it might be somewhat effective. 

The Nine-leaf Orchid was located on a cliff. In order to arrive there, he would have to wade through the battle. That would be too obvious, and his chances of obtaining it would be far too low.

Furthermore, if he did try passing through that crowd, he would definitely be recognized. Then there was no way he wouldn’t be involved in the fighting. He wouldn’t be able to go directly to the Nine-leaf Orchid.

After observing for a while, he noticed that both parties were currently completely focused on the other. They weren’t paying much attention to the Nine-leaf Orchid.

Furthermore, although they were fighting, it wasn’t a life and death battle. Both sides were holding back. There shouldn’t be much change for a while, let alone any deaths.

Since it was such a protracted battle, perhaps it might be possible for him to slip through without anyone noticing. He’d let them beat each other up and stealthily go snatch that medicinal plant.

Long Chen smiled and began to stealthily withdraw when a shout rang over.

“Damn Long Chen, hurry up and come help!”

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