Chapter 1399 Strange

Long Chen could no longer recognize this place. The Heaven Devouring Forest’s towering trees had all vanished.

The ground looked like it had been freshly overturned. It was like this entire land had been plowed and was simply left to nature. Wild growth grew everywhere.

The flying boat continued forward, but Long Chen was puzzled. The horde of adventurers he had expected to see rushing in this direction never appeared.

Although he did see a few, they were sparse and isolated, only in small groups of just several people.

“What’s going on? Why would only so few people come for such a good opportunity?” wondered Tang Wan-er.

“Is it that it’s too dangerous, so they don’t dare?” Guo Ran was also suspicious.

“The Heaven Devouring Forest’s name is on the same level as Devil Spirit Mountain, but Devil Spirit Mountain had so many people adventuring inside. It doesn’t make sense.” Meng Qi shook her head.

According to reason, something this huge would have shaken all the Central Plains’ geniuses, and they would have flocked over. But they didn’t see any large groups. Even groups over ten people were very rare.

Seeing how few adventurers there were, Long Chen thought of Li Tianxuan’s warning. Was this to say that he knew what was going on with the Spirit World?

The flying boat quickly reached the spatial portal at the center of this region. From a distance, it looked like the gaping maw of a giant beast that was patiently waiting for its prey to enter.

The spatial portal was dozens of miles wide, giving off violent spatial fluctuations. The space around it rippled like water.

This was a spatial portal that had existed for countless years, and the spatial channel inside was completely stable. It was like a door to the Spirit World.

However, this place had been the heart of the Heaven Devouring Forest and had always been a forbidden land to human cultivators. If the Heaven Devouring Forest’s tree demons hadn’t suddenly vanished, no one would have known that there was such a spatial portal here.

This spatial portal was opened by the tree demons and was made for them. Human Soul Transformation experts and above would feel a strong sense of expulsion if they tried to enter, and if they forced it, the spatial backlash would kill them.

Long Chen put away the spatial boat. The Dragonblood warriors stood in front of the spatial portal, all of them feeling their spirits rise. Long Chen had said that they were going to return a debt.

Long Chen’s debt was their debt. And they also wanted to take a look at the legendary Spirit World.

“Let’s go.”

Long Chen led the way. Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er followed right behind him, and then the rest of the Dragonblood warriors. Gu Yang and Guo Ran took the rear.


Space shook, and the scene in front of Long Chen changed. He saw he was standing on top of a mountain. An endless forest stretched beyond the horizon.

“This is the Spirit World? What strong life energy fluctuations!” exclaimed Tang Wan-er.

“But this air also contains something evil.” For Meng Qi, this was her second trip to the Spirit World. She could sense that this place was different from the last place they had entered from.

Long Chen hadn’t even had a chance to completely capture the scenery around him before a blood-red sword slashed toward him from an odd angle.

Over ten other figures appeared with the sword, attacking Long Chen.

Wind blades suddenly formed in the air, slicing through those people like flying knives.

Tang Wan-er was now a rank nine Celestial, and her control over wind energy had reached the point that she could control it at will. Even without forming hand seals, she could control the surrounding wind.

“They’re from the Corrupt path.” Meng Qi was surprised.

There were a total of seventeen of them, and sixteen of them were Soul Transformation experts.

These people were all very weak. They were only rank three Celestials. But the shocking thing was that they were Soul Transformation experts. Just how had they entered the Spirit World?

The rest of the Dragonblood Legion now entered. The first thing they saw were the corpses on the ground.

“Sorry, I couldn’t control my energy perfectly.” Tang Wan-er stuck out her tongue with embarrassment. As a rank nine Celestial, even just a random attack from her contained the might of the Heavenly Daos. These people were too weak. Even their Yuan Spirits were destroyed.

“How strange. They were from the Corrupt path, so they should have recognized Long Chen. Were they trying to get themselves killed by attacking him?” Meng Qi was trying to make sense of what was going on.

If you were to ask who the Corrupt path wanted to kill the most, it would definitely be Long Chen. Whether it was in the Eastern Wasteland or the Central Plains, Long Chen had killed countless of their experts.

That incident on Devil Spirit Mountain had especially been vicious. Long Chen had killed so many of their geniuses. Therefore, now that the Corrupt path as a whole hated Long Chen, how could their people attack and fail to recognize him?

No one could figure that out. Even Long Chen himself couldn’t tell what was going on. He could only vaguely feel just how grave this matter was. Li Tianxuan had clearly known some things and wanted to tell him, but the Xuantian Tower had prevented him from doing so.


Suddenly, a furious roar came from the distance. Experts from the Corrupt path charged over.

There were dozens of them, but what was shocking was that half of them were Life Star experts.

“You… you’re Long Chen? Hahaha, kill him!” Their leader suddenly recognized Long Chen and began to laugh with delight.

“A rank five Celestial dares to be so arrogant?” Gu Yang flew out, his spear striking like a poisonous snake.

That Life Star expert was startled as this bald fellow made his soul shudder. Feeling that this baldy posed a mortal threat to him, he took out his corrupt weapon, a curved blade with an evil aura coming out of it. He raised it against Gu Yang’s spear.


His corrupt weapon shattered, and he himself was blown apart by Gu Yang’s spear. His Yuan Spirit tried to escape, but it was destroyed by another thrust of Gu Yang’s spear.

A Life Star expert was instantly slain by Gu Yang. Both the Corrupt experts and the Dragonblood warriors were shocked.

However, Long Chen had expected this. These Life Star experts were the weakest existences in their realm. 

For rank three Celestials, due to their limited talent, reaching the Jade Core realm would normally be their limit. The limit for rank four Celestials was Soul Transformation, and the limit for rank five Celestials was the Life Star realm.

This so-called limit referred to never being able to advance again after making their breakthrough. In other words, once a rank five Celestial broke through to the Life Star realm, their cultivation bases wouldn’t advance again.

These people’s cultivation bases would be stuck in the state of someone who had just broken through. They couldn’t even count as having reached the first Heavenstage. It was a bit similar to how Liu Cang had used a Life Star Bead to break through.

However, these people were even weaker than Liu Cang, and their weapons were all inferior King items, with half not even having reached the King item level. As for Gu Yang’s spear, it was an Ancestral item Long Chen had brought out of Devil Spirit Mountain.

In the first clash, that curved blade was as weak as paper, and the Life Star expert was slain.

“Kill them all. Meng Qi, see if you can soulsearch them.” Long Chen waved his hand, giving out his orders.


Gu Yang felt like his heart was about to burst with joy after killing a Life Star expert in one blow. This feeling of accomplishment was truly stimulating. His spear unleashed a wave of spear-images at the Corrupt experts.

The Dragonblood Legion instantly surrounded those people. Tang Wan-er, Li Qi, and Song Mingyuan all attacked. What they found strange was that these Life Star experts were truly weak. They were all killed in just a few exchanges.

As for the Soul Transformation experts, they were even weaker, weaker than ordinary Jade Core disciples. They might not even be a match for the Xuantian Dao Sect’s outer sect Jade Core disciples.

The Dragonblood Legion had never encountered such weak Life Star experts. They were all slain in just a few breaths, dumbfounding the Dragonblood warriors. They were just too weak.

“Boss, what’s going on?” Gu Yang’s excitement vanished. He was just stunned at how weak these people had been.

“How was it, Meng Qi?” Long Chen didn’t reply to him, instead turning to Meng Qi.

Meng Qi’s hands slowly came out of their seal. A rune on her forehead faded, and she opened her eyes, shaking her head. “Their souls were filled with restrictions, and I couldn’t get anything of value from them. They’re the Corrupt path’s weakest existences and aren’t even fighting experts. Normally, they are in charge of gathering information, and thus the Corrupt path doesn’t view them highly. These people’s longevity was coming to an end, so they were sent to kill any disciples that entered from this channel. But there is one piece of important news I obtained. They didn’t enter from this spatial portal. Instead, they entered through other means.”

“Other means?”

“Yes. Their memories were sealed, but by scouring the fragments of their souls, I was able to piece together that they had entered the Spirit World from a large transportation formation. Furthermore, the number of people that came with them was extremely, extremely great.” Meng Qi was now worried.

The Corrupt path’s transportation formation could dispatch experts above the Jade Core realm. Meanwhile, the outside world’s experts could only send in Jade Core disciples and below. In this case, the Righteous path’s disciples would be slaughtered if they encountered the Corrupt path here. The scent of a scheme was growing stronger.

The Corrupt path’s experts had entered the Spirit World in force. For the Dragonblood Legion to have also entered, they had essentially stepped into the Corrupt path’s hive.

Long Chen thought about it for a while before shaking his head. “The old man said constantly using brains to resolve problems will cause a person’s body to regress and their guts to shrink. There’s no need to think too much about it. It doesn’t matter what they’re scheming. All we have to do is flip the heavens as usual. When has the Dragonblood Legion ever been afraid?”

Then he raised his hand and summoned the flying boat. “Since they want to play with their secret schemes, we’ll just use an open scheme. Let’s move out!”

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