Chapter 1395 Peak Power

“Lightning tempering?”

Gu Yang and the others didn’t understand. At this time, the warriors that had fallen unconscious began to wake up as the medicinal effect wore off.

“Lei Long, come out and greet everyone!”

A sea of lightning suddenly fell from the sky, enveloping all of them. A large lightning dragon floated in the air above everyone.

Everyone looked at Lei Long with shock. They sensed its new aura and felt that its pressure was ten times stronger than the final wave of their last lightning tribulation.

They had seen Long Chen’s lightning dragon before, but they were shocked that it had grown to such a terrifying level.

“Lei Long, help them out with their tempering,” said Long Chen.


Countless lightning runes lit up on Lei Long’s body, turning into thirty-meter lightning dragons that coiled around each Dragonblood warrior.

Everyone was fully awake now. Only one person lay on the ground like a dead dog. However, Lei Long didn’t stand on courtesy. A lightning dragon directly wrapped around Guo Ran, and when the thunderforce was injected into his body, he immediately yelped.

Long Chen’s expression darkened, and he cursed, “You shameless bastard, of the entire legion, you were the first to fall. Even the healing sisters lasted twice as long as you. Don’t you feel embarrassed to make so much noise? Lei Long, double the thunderforce on him.”

Lei Long was very obedient, and a second lightning dragon coiled around Guo Ran. The double thunderforce poured into Guo Ran’s body.

“Today, I’ll let everyone see what two dragons cooking a pig means. Just keep acting dead!” Long Chen laughed sinisterly.

“Boss, I’m going to die!” cried Guo Ran painfully.

“Don’t worry, you won’t die. And even if you do, I promise to burn a lot of paper money for you next year. I guarantee you’ll have nothing to worry about in the next world,” said Long Chen indifferently.

“Boss… I… hate you…”

“Good, I prefer this. It’d be gross if you shouted out that you loved me instead.” Long Chen crossed his arms over his chest, completely indifferent to Guo Ran’s plight.

Guo Ran coughed up a mouthful of blood, but Long Chen refused to be shaken. Guo Ran pleaded, “Boss, I’m a Forging Master, and I don’t need to be that strong! Why can’t you let me off?”

Long Chen ignored him. This brat always had countless excuses to get out of pain. Did he not realize that the pain he suffered today would be the foundation for his posing in the future?

Each bit of power Guo Ran obtained would improve his posing ability. Although he understood that, he still didn’t want to feel any pain.

That was why Long Chen ignored his cries and had Lei Long torment him. This fellow’s willpower was the weakest of everyone, so he needed extra tempering.

As for everyone else, their wills were already extremely firm after the hell they had gone through. Long Chen had Huo Long temper their bodies in the gentlest way, and so they didn’t even feel any pain. Instead, it felt very comfortable.

Hearing Guo Ran continuously crying, everyone found it funny inside. They knew Long Chen was doing it on purpose.

Furthermore, he was truly evil. He intentionally had Lei Long control its power so that Guo Ran couldn’t even faint again.

“Boss, I’m going to go crazy… hahaha… HAHAHA, I’m insane!” Guo Ran suddenly laughed crazily.

“Then congratulations, I heard insane people garner the most fame. Only a crazy mortal can become an immortal. Knight Guo Ran, carry me to new heights of posing,” Long Chen laughed mischievously.

Tang Wan-er, Hua Shiyu, Zhao Ziyan, and the others all laughed. Meng Qi couldn’t help sighing that these two were a couple of clowns. One was as slippery as oil, and one was as evil as could be. They were a perfect fit.

As the thunderforce continued to pour in, the Dragonblood warriors felt their bodies rapidly strengthening.

Even the wood cultivators with extremely weak bodies felt like their bodies were brimming with strength. But the best thing for them was that after the torment of the Dragon Tiger Body Tempering Pill, their Spiritual Strength had also advanced a level.

The Dragon Tiger Body Tempering Pills that Long Chen had refined for them were special, and through strengthening the physical body, it also passively increased Spiritual Strength. That was why even they were benefitting immensely from this pill.

However, their benefits still weren’t as great as the Dragonblood warriors who already possessed extremely powerful physical bodies. After consuming the Dragon Tiger Body Tempering Pill and going through this lightning baptism, their physical power was crazily soaring, to the point that even they felt some fear.

Gu Yang was the first to finish. With a single punch, the void shuddered. Gu Yang was delighted and shocked. The feeling of being full of energy was splendid

The others also finished their lightning tempering, and they were all happily surprised. They felt like they had gone through a heaven-toppling transformation. A single Dragon Tiger Body Tempering Pill had completely transformed their bodies.

At this time, the two lightning dragons around Guo Ran also left him. But he was lying on the ground, twitching, his eyes scarlet. He had entered a crazy state.

Long Chen forced Guo Ran’s mouth open and stuffed a pill down his throat. Only then did he stop twitching and fall unconscious.

“Long Chen, don’t you think you were a bit too ruthless?” asked Meng Qi. Although Guo Ran was a slippery little fellow, his current appearance was truly pitiable.

“There’s no way around it. If we aren’t ruthless enough to ourselves, we won’t be able to handle it when our opponents are ruthless to us. Don’t worry, once he wakes up and realizes how much stronger he is, he’ll run over and grovel while thanking me.” Long Chen truly understood Guo Ran far too well.

When he felt his new power, he would completely forget about the pain. This new strength would be the foundation of his future posing.

Long Chen patted Gu Yang on the shoulder hard. Feeling how strong his body was now, he nodded in praise. The Alldevil monster had truly been powerful. Just a trace of its essence blood was able to strengthen their bodies to unprecedented heights.

“Boss, do you want to exchange some pointers?” asked Gu Yang suddenly. After his strength explosively grew, he wanted to test himself.

All the Dragonblood Legion began to cheer rowdily. They also wanted to know just how much stronger they had grown.

Gu Yang was the one with the greatest power in the Dragonblood Legion other than Long Chen and Wilde. They cheered excitedly now that he challenged Long Chen.

“Come. I also want to see how strong you’ve become.” Long Chen smiled.

“Boss, watch out!” Gu Yang didn’t stand on courtesy. Retreating, a crackling sound came from his body as his Blood Qi rose. The manifestation of a rank eight Celestial appeared behind him.

Gu Yang seemed to become a furious wild beast. With his power instantly raised to its peak, a booming sound rang out.

All the Dragonblood warriors cheered. They felt their hot blood surging and also seemed to enter a battle state.

BOOM! Gu Yang stamped down, and the ground exploded. Turning into a ray of light, he shot at Long Chen. As he reached the end of his travel, his power had reached its peak.

Seeing Gu Yang’s punch smashing toward him, Long Chen couldn’t be careless. His 108,000 stars circulated, and he slammed his palm forward.


Qi waves surged out, sending dirt and dust flying. The ground beneath Long Chen shattered, and he was forced back continuously.

“As expected of you.” Long Chen was amazed. Gu Yang’s power was dozens of times greater than before. His full-force attack made Long Chen’s blood flip inside him.

“Boss, don’t hold back. Summon your battle armor. My fist is thirsting for a fight!” shouted Gu Yang. His robes began to float, and runes circulated around him. His muscles instantly bulged as he used a powerful Battle Skill.

“As you wish.”


Heaven and earth shook. Gu Yang flew back, rolling like a calabash, and he vomited three mouthfuls of blood.

The divine ring behind Long Chen and the stars in his eyes that had appeared for just a moment now vanished. He returned to his normal appearance.

“Boss, did you have to do that? I just wanted to compete a bit. Did you have to be so serious?” Gu Yang was pulled up by someone. The bones all over his body had cracked, and his internal organs had received quite a shock.

“The Dragon Tiger Body Tempering Pill is truly powerful. Just now, I didn’t hold back, but you only received a light injury that can be instantly healed. You’re pretty good, Gu Yang!” praised Long Chen.

Just now, he hadn’t been merciful, but Gu Yang wasn’t even heavily injured. He was very powerful now.

If he hadn’t condensed the Divine Gate Star, he probably wouldn’t be a match for Gu Yang in terms of power anymore.

“Hehe, to be able to block boss’s full-strength attack, I guess I’m pretty powerful myself.” Gu Yang praised himself proudly.

Long Chen had always been an unrivaled expert in the same realm. Just how many people were able to block his full-strength attack? It truly was something worth being proud of.

With everyone’s power explosively growing, Long Chen told them not to cultivate for a little while. They should form pairs and drill against each other in battles of physical power so they could get used to their new power.

All in all, the Dragonblood Legion had been risen to a new level thanks to the Dragon Tiger Body Tempering Pills.

Three days later, while Long Chen was busy consuming pills, Guo Ran excitedly interrupted him. He hugged him and wanted to kiss him, which resulted in Long Chen kicking him away.

“Boss, you really are my beloved boss! Starting today, I, Guo Ran, am unrivaled beneath the heavens! Because… I just defeated Gu Yang!” shouted Guo Ran excitedly.

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