Chapter 1393 Dragon Tiger Body Tempering Pill


An illusory figure charged out of the Blazing Dragon Cauldron and attacked Long Chen. It was a three-meter-long devil beast.

Bang! Long Chen’s fist blew it back, but it didn’t explode. Instead, it roared and black qi condensed in front of it, transforming into a black blade that slashed at Long Chen.

Bang, bang, bang…

Long Chen blocked it three times and was forced back. He was shocked to find that its power was extremely bizarre, capable of instantly killing ordinary Jade Core disciples.

“Pipe down! The medicinal energy’s going to be completely wasted.” Long Chen’s fist began to glow, and his punch blew the illusory figure apart this time. It dissipated, revealing a giant pill the size of a baby’s fist floating in the air.

This was a Dragon Tiger Body Tempering Pill, an extremely bizarre pill as it didn’t have any set tier. It could be considered a fifth tier medicinal pill at its lowest level, but it had no upper limit.

The higher the quality of the ingredients, the greater the medicinal energy. Normally, its main ingredients were the Earth Dragon and the Leopard Striped White Tiger’s essence blood.

However, now Long Chen was refining it with the Alldevil monster’s essence blood. Although Long Chen split one drop of its essence blood into ten before refining the pills, each pill still contained a frightening amount of berserk energy.

“This particular pill is probably only suitable for Gu Yang,” muttered Long Chen.

“If someone else consumed this top grade giant pill, they would instantly explode. Only Gu Yang would be able to survive the ordeal.

“Looks like I still underestimated the power of its essence blood. I’ll have to split each drop into a hundred for it to work.”

Long Chen split the essence blood once more, only merging a hundredth of a single drop of its essence blood into his pills.

This time, he refined nine top grade normal pills. The energy in giant pills was too great and was unsuitable for the Dragonblood warriors.

With the Blazing Dragon Cauldron and Huo Long’s assistance, he didn’t have to refine any more. They could do it on their own.

Huo Long had it easy. It just used a single split body to refine pills with the Blazing Dragon Cauldron. The rest of its bodies were absorbing the energy in the Divine Flame Crystals.

Now Long Chen focused on consuming the Divine Gate Pills. The Blazing Dragon Cauldron’s efforts had resulted in a small mountain of Divine Gate Pills, so Long Chen had to get to work.

On this day, Long Chen started to constantly consume medicinal pills by the handful. He calculated that he had to be eating over ten thousand Divine Gate Pills each day, and each one of them was a top grade ninth tier pill.

Without the primal chaos space that allowed him to have an infinite amount of ingredients, he’d have bankrupted a sect like the Xuantian Dao Sect in less than a month.

Normally, only Soul Transformation alchemists could refine ninth tier medicinal pills. And amongst those people, only a tenth had the possibility of refining top grade ninth tier pills.

To refine top grade medicinal pills didn’t just require great skill. It required a certain amount of luck. Being able to refine a single top grade pill out of a hundred furnaces was not bad.

Any top grade pills that they did refine would normally be stored by the alchemist as part of their personal collection. To them, they were treasures bestowed by the heavens, and they were symbols of their glory.

That was why top grade ninth tier pills were basically priceless treasures on the marketplace. You wouldn’t necessarily be able to buy one no matter how much money you had.

Yet, Long Chen was consuming such precious treasures like candy. If the world learned of this, it would definitely make countless alchemists faint. Some people would die from fright, some would die from the pain of having so many top grade ninth tier pills disappearing from the world, and some would die from rage.

As Long Chen crazily consumed pills, the small dot of light in the middle of the vortex in front of his Divine Gate gradually changed.

It seemed to be going from gaseous to liquid, and then it went from liquid to solid. At that time, the core of the star was completed.

As the Divine Gate Star strengthened, Long Chen clearly felt the connection between it and the FengFu, Alioth, Life Fate, and Enlightenment Palace Stars.

He felt that the Divine Gate Star was sharing its power with the other four stars. Those four stars were also transforming.

The five stars were growing as one. It was no wonder it was taking so long for the Divine Gate Star to advance. It was advancing while bringing the other four stars along with it.

That made Long Chen feel even more anticipation for the day it was fully condensed. He could clearly feel his body going through some kind of transformation.

The most obvious change was that the qi seas below his four stars were continuously growing stronger. His spiritual yuan was growing more abundant.

That was also what excited him the most. Both Star Fall and the fifth form of Split the Heavens were huge moves that sucked up the majority of his spiritual yuan.

During the battle, he would have to choose between using one or the other. But as his four qi seas grew stronger, then adding on the spiritual yuan in his 108,000 stars, he would be able to consecutively unleash his ultimate moves.

Thinking of that, he felt an indescribable excitement. Before this, he had always had to be careful when fighting, making sure to get the most out of every bit of his spiritual yuan. However, it seemed that with the growth of the Divine Gate Star, he would be able to luxuriously spend his energy when fighting.

Each fight with a rank nine Celestial was extremely taxing for him. Their manifestations constantly absorbed energy from heaven and earth to replenish their own usage.

On the other hand, the world rejected him. He had to use the divine ring to force the world to give him its spiritual yuan.

Now he didn’t need to rely on heaven or earth. He could rely on himself. The only thing he could count on was the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art.

Three days later, he had refined plenty of Dragon Tiger Body Tempering Pills and came out of seclusion. Minus the ones for the Dragonblood Legion, there were still over a thousand left for the Xuantian Dao Sect. These pills could definitely be passed down as treasures.

When Li Tianxuan received over a thousand top grade ninth tier pills from Long Chen, he involuntarily jumped in shock.

Long Chen had given him plenty of medicinal pills before this as well, but he knew that those pills had been plundered from Pill Valley. They couldn’t see the light of day, and when given to disciples, they had to be consumed stealthily.

Now, there were over a thousand Dragon Tiger Body Tempering Pills, and they had clearly just been refined. In other words, Long Chen had personally refined all of them.

Li Tianxuan had decided not to bother or ask about Long Chen’s power. Although he had known that Long Chen was very skilled in alchemy, he hadn’t expected his skills to be so monstrous.

When handing the pills over, Long Chen asked Li Tianxuan to bring him to where Wilde was sleeping. That was within the Xuantian Tower, and it was definitely safe.

A pool of blood appeared beside Wilde. Long Chen had brought over all the remaining essence blood of the Alldevil monster. It filled a three-thousand-meter pool, and he tossed Wilde in.

The large cocoon around Wilde began to slowly absorb the essence blood.

“This essence blood is comparable to the essence blood of a rank twelve Magical Beast. For Wilde to be able to absorb it directly, he truly is terrifying,” said Li Tianxuan with shock as he saw the cocoon absorb this powerful essence blood.

“Xuan Master, how many ranks do Magical Beasts have?” asked Long Chen.

“Thirteen. It’s the same as human cultivators. After thirteen levels, the next step is ascending and becoming a god or immortal. However, becoming a god or immortal lies only in legend. In fact, whether or not people can reach the thirteenth level is a mystery,” said Li Tianxuan.


Long Chen suddenly had a thought. He had thirteen Heavenstages in each realm. Could it be…?

Just at this moment, the blood pool began to bubble. A whirlpool appeared, and the blood began to rapidly fall.

In just a few breaths, the blood was all absorbed into Wilde’s cocoon.

“He absorbed it all at once?” Long Chen was stunned.

All the pills he had refined had used just two to three percent of all the essence blood. His original plan was for Wilde to absorb as much as he could and then Long Chen would save the rest of the essence blood. After all, it might be useful in the future. But he had really overthought it.

After absorbing all this essence blood, silver runes appeared on the cocoon. Those runes quickly hardened, forming a seemingly metallic outer case. It was like a giant ball had enveloped Wilde.

“The Barbarian race really is terrifying. He required all this essence blood to store up enough energy for his metamorphosis. If you hadn’t brought this essence blood, his metamorphosis would have probably taken thousands or even tens of thousands of years,” gasped Li Tianxuan.

The Barbarian race only existed in legend, and no one truly understood them. Now that Wilde was in an egg-like ball, it meant that he was finally undergoing his metamorphosis. Once he awoke, he would be like a butterfly. It was unknown what kind of form he would take.

Long Chen was startled and delighted. This was a good thing. The stronger Wilde was, the better. He left the Xuantian Tower and gathered all the Dragonblood Legion. Good brothers should share their fortune; medicine should be eaten together!

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