Chapter 1392 Preparing to Forge Items (Teaser)

News that Long Chen had fought against Luo Minghao and Bloodkill 9 at the same time resounded throughout the Eastern Xuan Region. Most shocking of all was that of those two heavenly geniuses, one was slain and the other was sent fleeing.

Despite being struck by the Corrupt path’s Underworld Soul Ghost Curse, Long Chen hadn’t died. Instead, he had advanced to the Jade Core realm and his power had risen explosively. He won even one against two. If Bloodkill 9 hadn’t had an Ancestral item to protect him, he wouldn’t have been able to escape his death either.

At the same time, Long Chen’s ruthlessness enraged countless sects. Their strongest Jade Core disciples had all been killed by Long Chen. They had lost a whole generation of geniuses.

They went to demand justice from Pill Valley, wanting their Pill Tower to teach the Xuantian Dao Sect a lesson. Last time when Zhuo Tianxiang had led them to the Xuantian Dao Sect and their Life Star experts had been killed, they had received a large amount of compensation that had drawn Pill Valley closer to their side.

This time, they had suffered huge losses because...

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