Chapter 1391 The Xuantian Tower’s Warning

Hearing Long Chen’s story, even Li Tianxuan felt his heart pounding in shock.

Although he had heard the recent news about Pill Valley, the rumors and stories that came through the grapevine could not compare to the truth spoken by one who had not only personally witnessed it, but also been in the middle of it.

“Lord Brahma and Fallen Daynight are the gods Pill Valley believes in. Lord Brahma is the god of controlling fire, while Fallen Daynight is the god of forging furnaces. Flames and pill furnaces are two must-haves for alchemy. Rumor has it that all of Pill Valley was built around their inheritances. As for the valley master, for him to suppress the Alldevil monster, he had to have used the gods’ power. As expected, Pill Valley is as unfathomable as always,” sighed Li Tianxuan.

Long Chen wasn’t just telling him his story. He also revealed many battle scenes he had recorded on photographic jades.

When Li Tianxuan had seen the Alldevil monster, he had jumped in shock. That monster was absolutely terrifying. For Long Chen to be able to survive such an encounter, it could be said that as usual, his luck was heaven-defying.

“One god’s inheritance is flame arts, and the other’s is forging arts. Then what about the actual alchemy arts?” asked Long Chen.

“If you don’t know after muddling around in Pill Valley for so long, how would I know?” Li Tianxuan couldn’t help but smile. 

“I went through countless tomes in Pill Valley, but I didn’t see any information about those two fellows or any of the secrets behind Pill Valley’s history,” said Long Chen helplessly.

Perhaps it was simply that he hadn’t been qualified to learn such things. If Li Tianxuan hadn’t mentioned it now, he wouldn’t have even known about the background of Lord Brahma and Fallen Daynight.

So Fallen Daynight specialized in forging alchemy tools. It was no wonder his statue had held a pill furnace.

However, Lord Brahma was even more amazing. All flame magical arts were his inheritance. Long Chen regretted having left Pill Valley so early. He hadn’t learned their true skills.

Back when he had fought against Qu Dajiang, Dan Yanxue, Kan Dongze, and Jiang Zijun, they had used many powerful techniques that he had never seen before. Clearly, the flame magical arts he had managed to learn in Pill Valley were nothing to them.

“Xuan Master, that Alldevil monster repeatedly said that Lord Brahma used the Alldevil race, and that he was a traitor who betrayed his master. Do you know what he was talking about?” asked Long Chen. This was still a mystery to him, so he asked Li Tianxuan, whom he had to prostrate toward when it came to wisdom.

“It would be best if you didn’t discuss things relating to gods.” Before Li Tianxuan could say anything, the Xuantian Tower’s voice rang out.

“Long Chen, although it looks like your trip to Pill Valley went very smoothly, the truth is that you have already invoked karma. You have to be careful. When mortals end up involved with gods, they are infected by karma, and that karma will always settle its debts during heavenly tribulation,” said the Xuantian Tower.

“What?!” Long Chen’s expression instantly changed.

“People aren’t being alarmists when they say that man and god are blocked off from each other by the Heavenly Daos. You shouldn’t randomly discuss gods, or the karma will cause divine lightning to fall during your next tribulation. In the end, mortals aren’t able to resist divine lightning. And it’s not just you, Long Chen. Li Tianxuan, you’ve reached the peak of Life Star and have touched the next barrier. If you are infected by karma, you’ll definitely die during your next tribulation.” The Xuantian Tower’s voice was extremely grave.

“Divine lightning?” Long Chen gulped. He was doomed. He had a premonition that his next lightning tribulation would be far more dangerous than any before. This was a feeling that came from the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art. It seemed that he would definitely encounter divine lightning next time.

So the Xuantian Tower had been helping Long Chen out by not mentioning gods to him before. But now, it was already too late. He felt like the Heavenly Daos had already locked onto him. They were just waiting for their chance.

“Xuan Master, I have a request.” Long Chen suddenly clenched his teeth and took out a dragon-shaped jade pendant. “Do you know the origin of this jade pendant?”

“Nine-line Soul Calming Jade? No, that’s not right… this dragon shape, it’s…” Li Tianxuan’s expression suddenly changed.

“We know its origin, but it would be best if you didn’t learn it yet. By the time you reach that level, you will naturally learn of it.” The Xuantian Tower cut off Li Tianxuan once more.

Li Tianxuan’s expression was bewildered, but he didn’t say anything. He simply handed the jade pendant back to Long Chen.

“Long Chen, this jade pendant’s origin is even more complex than you imagine. It can be used as a summoning transportation formation, but it would be best if you never used it. As for why, you should think about it yourself,” said the Xuantian Tower.

Long Chen’s heart pounded wildly. It seemed that the Xuantian Tower had realized something and was warning him.

“Many thanks. Then I’ll take my leave.” Long Chen knew that there was no point in asking any more questions, so he directly left.

Seeing Long Chen’s parting figure, an unprecedented grave expression appeared on Li Tianxuan’s face.

“When he first arrived, Liu Cang said that he had a nine-line Soul Calming Jade. I thought that he might have been some fallen genius from a powerful family. But only now do I realize that I was wrong. The shape of the dragon, it’s a coiling dragon. That’s the specific mark of that existence,” sighed Li Tianxuan.

“There’s nothing strange about it. Back when he used Future Lake to see his past, I learned of his origin,” said the Xuantian Tower.

“Then why didn’t you warn me?!” Li Tianxuan grumbled.

“Why would I warn you? Even if you knew, would you have changed your plans?” retorted the Xuantian Tower.

“I… I guess not.”

“Then don’t worry about it. No matter what his origin is, you would have bet everything on him. Furthermore, I really look favorably on you and your decision,” said the Xuantian Tower.

“Many thanks for your support.” Li Tianxuan was grateful. Without the Xuantian Tower’s support, he wouldn’t have dared to act so brazenly. He would be worried his master would kill him once he came out of seclusion. But now he had a reliable backer.

“I have no choice but to support you. The Heavenly Daos and the lines of fate, they’ve become chaotic. The future is no longer clear. The qi flow of the world is surging. Heavenly geniuses will rise one after another, and the world will definitely enter a glorious era in just a hundred years. But that’s the herald of a world-shaking tribulation. It’s also what people call the final radiance of the setting sun.”

“Is it really so grave?” asked Li Tianxuan.

Although he had also felt the change in the world, in the end, part of the Heavenly Daos was that the world had to go through a cycle. Trees grew and withered. A cycle of prosperity and decline was completely normal.

However, the Xuantian Tower’s words were a bit frightening. Li Tianxuan knew that the Xuantian Tower wouldn’t give such a warning just to scare him.

“It’s even graver than you think. Although I didn’t experience that battle of the immortal era, my premonition is that the upcoming tribulation won’t be any less fierce than that battle,” said the Xuantian Tower.

Li Tianxuan’s heart shook. Legend said that the Martial Heaven Continent’s five parts, the Eastern Wasteland, Western Desert, Southern Sea, Northern Source, and Central Plains had all been the same size at first.

That had been a golden age for the Martial Heaven Continent. People flourished, while gods and immortals were abundant.

Yet, for some unknown reason, after a huge battle where the heavens collapsed and the earth fell, the very world had changed shape to its current state.

It was said that the five great divine items had all appeared and joined forces, but it was unknown who their opponents were. Now there were many different stories. Some said that their enemies were demons, some said that they were devils, and some said that they were gods.

That era had occurred so long ago that there was no way to research anything about it. But that huge battle had almost destroyed the entire continent. Because that time was rumored to have been a time of gods and immortals, it was called the immortal era.

After an unknown number of years, the continent gradually recovered. Although it couldn’t compare to its former glory, it had still been a glorious era with heavenly geniuses soaring and hundreds of philosophies of the Dao emerging.

The Xuantian Tower, Heaven Splitting Battle Sect, Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect, and other sects like them had only risen during that time after the immortal era. It was another glorious era.

However, when that era reached its peak, another tribulation suddenly descended. Countless lifeforms from other worlds broke through the barrier between worlds and attacked.

The Martial Heaven Continent’s experts had fought back, and under the lead of Sovereign-class experts, they managed to repel them.

That battle had been incredibly bitter. Mountains of corpses and rivers of blood had formed. There had been so much slaughter than the sky had turned dim.

Although they had won that battle in the end, almost all the continent’s experts had been slain.

Many extremely powerful sects were annihilated and had their inheritance fully severed. Some sects relied on their powerful foundations to survive, but lost most of their inheritance.

That bloody time had been called the dark era. The Xuantian Tower had participated in that battle. However, it didn’t say that this upcoming tribulation would be like that dark era, instead it brought up the battle at the end of the immortal era. Clearly, it thought that when the tribulation came, it would very likely mark the end of the Martial Heaven Continent.

Li Tianxuan now understood why the Xuantian Tower would support him like this. It was because it could see the end coming. That was what made Li Tianxuan feel the most fear.

“Don’t feel pressured. If this world really is destined to die, it means its fate has simply come to an end. No matter how hard you try, it would be meaningless. But if the continent still has some fate left, there will definitely be some variables appearing to save it. The lines of fate are a complete mess now. That means the Martial Heaven Continent also knows that it’s in a fight for its life. Heavenly geniuses will spring up like bamboo after the rain. During such an era, countless demon-class geniuses will rise to stand above the rest. We will enter an era of legends. As for whether those monstrous geniuses will be able to change the fate of the continent, it’ll be up to the will of the heavens. That’s why you don’t need to feel any pressure. Just do what you want. This is the final stand of the Xuantian Dao Sect and the final stand of the Martial Heaven Continent.”

The Xuantian Tower’s voice resounded throughout Li Tianxuan’s mind. He nodded and brushed aside all his worries.

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