Chapter 1390 Scram! (Teaser)

“That direction is-!”


The earth shook and a plume of smoke rose from the distance. Because it was so far, they first felt the earth shaking before they heard the sound.

“The Mystic Peering Formation has been destroyed!”

That direction was where the Mystic Peering Formation was. The Xuantian Tower had unleashed an attack to destroy it.

Long Chen coldly stared at the shocked Life Star experts. “Did you fools think that sucking up to Pill Valley would allow you to do anything? After being used by Pill Valley, you still don’t realize you’re just idiotic cannon fodder. You might have forgotten, but while Pill Valley is strong, its interior is currently in a mess due to the chaos Long San caused. They’re too busy to bother with anything else right now. You fools weren’t even able to see this, and yet you still came to add fuel to the fire. If I try to talk reason with you, you play your games to avoid me. If I play your games, you start acting as shameless as possible. Well now, I’m not going to beat around the bush. In the future, I won’t be talking reason with any of you idiots. No matter who it is, either fuck off or fight! From top to bottom,...

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