Chapter 1389 Killing Luo Minghao

His sword fell, shattering the rain. The huge sword-image transformed into a crescent moon that slashed down.

The crescent moon was thirty thousand meters long at the start, but as Long Chen attacked, it explosively grew, enveloping Luo Minghao and Bloodkill 9 within it.

Everyone stared in shock as this celestial blade slashed down. The world changed color.

Luo Minghao hastily formed hand seals and chanted. His forehead split open, and divine runes appeared, wrapping around him.

As for Bloodkill 9, he was locked down by Split the Heavens’ divine might and couldn’t flee. Clenching his teeth, he took out a palm-sized turtle shell.

The turtle shell sparkled like jade. It looked to just be an ornament, but when he poured his spiritual yuan into it, it grew to hundreds of meters and began to shine. An aura of primal chaos flowed within it. This turtle shell was actually a powerful Ancestral item.


The crescent blade slashed down, exploding into blinding light. The ground was instantly split in two, and a long ditch extended far beyond the horizon.

Even the Xuantian Dao Sect’s grand protective formation was cut apart, and the Sword Qi continued. However, a divine light shot out of the Xuantian Tower, blocking the attack.

This single slash terrified everyone, both friend and enemy. This attack surpassed the scope of their understanding.

Even Liu Cang and the Tower Department Head were stunned. If they hadn’t personally witnessed it, they would definitely have refused to believe that Long Chen could unleash such a terrifying attack.

This attack was something that even Life Star experts would definitely die to if they didn’t have an Ancestral item to protect them.

As for the opposing Life Star experts, they turned ashen. They blessed their luck that this sword hadn’t been aimed at them. Otherwise, they didn’t know if they would have been able to survive.

After launching this attack, Long Chen began to pant. He felt like he had used up all his energy.

Suddenly, a figure of light flew out of the dust. It was Luo Minghao’s soul.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Long Chen stretched out his hand, and the lightning dragon tattoo on his arm lit up.

However, before he could attack, a violet spiritual arrow shot over and pierced Luo Minghao’s soul.


Luo Minghao’s body had been destroyed despite the protection of his ancestral spirit. Now that he only had his soul, the spiritual arrow instantly caused his soul to dissipate.

In order to force Long Chen to accept his challenge, he had called Meng Qi out to fight. He had also said many hateful things in his efforts.

In order to protect Long Chen, everyone had been forced to stay inside and not say a word. But even the calm-natured Meng Qi felt like Luo Minghao had to be killed due to his malicious tongue.

As a soul cultivator, she was better than anyone here at killing a soul. She had long since been prepared, and Luo Minghao’s soul didn’t manage to run far before she killed him.

After all, Luo Minghao was only a Jade Core disciple. Although his soul was powerful, it was still just a soul. He hadn’t condensed a Yuan Spirit yet. As his soul dissipated, a generation’s heavenly genius died.


Just at this moment, a huge wind blade cut through the dusty battlefield. It landed on a huge white-colored turtle shell. Tang Wan-er had also attacked.

Tang Wan-er had now reached the fourth Heavenstage of Jade Core. She was at the mid Jade Core realm, and her attack was extremely powerful.

The turtle shell trembled. As for Bloodkill 9 who was behind it, his body was covered in cracks. He was heavily injured even with an Ancestral item protecting him.

Tang Wan-er’s attack caused him to cough up more blood, and the cracks on his body grew. If struck again, his body would explode.

Suddenly, he vomited blood onto the turtle shell. It instantly became scarlet and began to rapidly spin. It formed a spatial portal in the air.

“This bastard’s running!” cried Guo Ran. He whipped out his crossbow, and a black light shot into the turtle shell.

Regretfully, the arrow was unable to affect the turtle shell at all. Meng Qi, Tang Wan-er, Hua Shiyu, and the others all unleashed attacks, but they were ineffective in the face of an Ancestral item.

Barriers of light had appeared on the turtle shell, which also covered Bloodkill 9. Space began to tremble.

Long Chen paused his hand seal. The lightning and flame dragon images on his arms had lit up, but in the end, Long Chen put down his hands.

“Long Chen, congratulations on escaping your assassination this time. That’s your blessing, but also your misfortune. With the Killing God’s guidance, death is your only end. Just patiently wait for your death to come!” Bloodkill 9 was covered in blood, but his eyes were still icy-cold.

“Stop talking. In my eyes, you’re just a minor character. Whether I kill you today or tomorrow doesn’t matter. You should cherish your life after managing to escape with it. Keep talking and just wait for the Xuantian Tower to attack. Then even ten thousand lives wouldn’t be enough for you,” said Long Chen indifferently.

If Long Chen unleashed the Double Dragon Destruction, he was ninety percent confident in killing Bloodkill 9. Although his spiritual yuan was exhausted, just Lei Long and Huo Long’s power should be enough to kill him.

However, he chose not to. He had two misgivings. One was that he was worried about exposing the Heaven Incinerating Flame so quickly. That would draw suspicion.

Another reason was that Huo Long and Lei Long had grown to a terrifying level. He didn’t know just what would happen if he released the two of them.

Although the Dragonblood Legion was rather far away, he wasn’t one hundred percent sure that they would be safe. After having their power explosively grow, Huo Long and Lei Long weren’t able to perfectly control their energy. They were only able to release it explosively.

So after hesitating, he decided not to kill him. And if he didn’t kill him, the Xuantian Tower would feel that it was beneath it to kill him.

The Xuantian Tower was a divine item, and it had its own pride. It wouldn’t participate in the competition of the junior generation. Unless someone provoked the Xuantian Dao Sect, which was provoking the Xuantian Tower, it wouldn’t interfere too often.

“Yes, that’s the truth. My life was bestowed to me by the grand Killing God. Death is just returning to the embrace of the god.” Bloodkill 9 became covered in divine runes. His expression lacked any fear at all.

“What a nice way to put it. Since you love your god so much, why don’t I send you to see your god right now? Hopefully, your god has long enough arms, or it won’t be able to hold you all if there are too many of you,” said Long Chen.

He couldn’t be bothered trying to change the minds of these brainwashed fellows. These people were no longer even human. Their heads no longer knew how to think for themselves, and they only knew how to follow orders.

That was why Long Chen didn’t feel the slightest guilt no matter how many of their assassins he killed. He knew they were emotionless killing machines.

“Blasphemer, you’ll receive your divine punishment soon! Repent in your terror and regret. Don’t commit the same sins in your next life-”

“Fuck, can you shut up?” raged Long Chen. He almost unleashed the Double Dragon Destruction right there and then.

Just at this moment, the turtle shell shook and vanished along with Bloodkill 9.

“Rank nine Celestials really are hard to kill. They have countless trump cards and are supported by karmic luck. Even after all that, I only managed to get one. But just getting one rank nine Heavenly Dao Fruit was worth it.” Long Chen slowly descended from the sky.

Meng Qi, Tang Wan-er, and the others all rushed over to greet him. Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er helped support him. This time, he wasn’t acting. He was really out of energy.

Despite his weakened state, the fact that he had fought against two rank nine Celestials and even killed one still caused him to give off immense pressure.

“Long Chen, you murdered colleagues of the Righteous path! Where is your conscience? Is your Xuantian Dao Sect planning on rebelling and going against the Righteous path!” shouted the Life Star experts.

Supported by Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er, Long Chen’s gaze swept across those Life Star experts. He sneered, “Colleagues? Are you trying to joke? Were they acting like colleagues?”

“This was just a mutually beneficial exchange of pointers. Both sides would work to improve themselves. But you, you viciously murdered them. Your crimes need to be punished!” cried out another Life Star expert from the crowd.

“Do you think I’m as stupid as you? You’ve established a Mystic Peering Formation around the Xuantian Dao Sect to keep watch over our every move. Don’t tell me that’s a part of exchanging pointers?” sneered Long Chen.

As soon as he had arrived, he had seen the formation outside the Xuantian Dao Sect. That was what had enraged him the most.

Through this formation, they were able to observe every movement of the Xuantian Dao Sect. Although it couldn’t see into the Xuantian Dao Sect, it was still a provocation and an insult.

This little move of theirs might not have affected the Xuantian Dao Sect on the surface, but if the Xuantian Dao Sect simply endured it, then eventually it would be surrounded by all kinds of formations. If it was like a game of chess, the end result would definitely be a checkmate.

“I don’t have time to waste words with you. And you guys shouldn’t try to act stupid in front of me. Hurry up and scram, or there’ll be no need for you to ever leave again,” snorted Long Chen.


Suddenly, a ray of golden light shot out from the Xuantian Dao Sect.

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