Chapter 1388 I’ve Been Waiting For You

The two of them had been fighting in the most berserk way this entire time. Each collision had been an exchange of power against power. That meant each attack used up a huge amount of energy. For such a wild battle to continue for two full hours was shocking to everyone here.

Within that terrifying battlefield, ordinary rank eight Celestials wouldn’t even have a chance to get close before being killed.

Yet, it took two hours for their auras to start to drop. Their power finally started to flag.

“This is the critical moment. I wonder who will win?”

It was normally very difficult for peak heavenly geniuses to determine a winner amongst themselves. Their talent was the same, and they were given the same blessed nurturing. Peak heavenly geniuses all enjoyed the best resources, so the difference between them wasn’t very large.

Even if they did determine a winner, it would only be a victory by the slightest margin. That was why battles between them were brilliant to watch, but it was rare for anyone to die.

However, just because no one died didn’t mean that their battles weren’t shocking. After all, that was the field of peak heavenly geniuses, existences that they couldn’t compare to.


Both of their fists collided once more, but the explosive sound from it was not as great as before. The two of them were breathing heavily.

“You’re already out of energy. Now I’ll be taking your life. Prepare to face your death!” said Long Chen coldly.

“What a joke. Who do you think you are? If you think you can kill me, you must be dreaming. I might be out of energy, but what about you? Don’t you feel a sense of shame to boast like this?” said Luo Minghao. He was starting to pant, but his eyes were full of disdain.

In truth, the disdain he revealed was to cover up his shock and fury. He had already summoned his greatest power but was only able to fight evenly with Long Chen. This was an unacceptable result for him.

“From the Eastern Wastelands to the Central Plains, I don’t know how many arrogant but incompetent idiots like you I’ve slain. With my experience of killing idiots for so many years, I can tell that you’re definitely going to die today. If you have any last words, you should say them quickly. Otherwise, you won’t have another chance,” said Long Chen as his fists and legs flew.

“Bullshit! You’re the one who’s going to die, you country bumpkin!” raged Luo Minghao. He did everything he could to defeat Long Chen.

Long Chen was forced back step by step under his torrent of attacks.

“Luo Minghao, you’ve fallen for Long Chen’s trap! He said that to make you angry! If you attack so much, you’ll use up more energy than him. Stay calm. Long Chen’s using up more energy than you to fight, so you have the greater chance to win!” warned someone.

Luo Minghao’s heart shook upon receiving that person’s warning. The flames in his heart instantly calmed down.

“Long Chen, you despicable trash, you would actually use such an underhanded move? You’re not fit to be a martial cultivator,” cursed Luo Minghao.

“With trash like you present, I do feel embarrassed to be called trash as well. You blocked the entrance to people’s homes and humiliated weaker disciples to find meaning in your existence, trampled over other people’s dignity for your pleasure, used any despicable means necessary to achieve your goals. Tell me, just who’s the real trash? To be able to call other people trash, I really don’t know how you survived with such a brain,” mocked Long Chen.

When he had returned to the Xuantian Dao Sect, he had come just as they were humiliating that disciple. He had seen it all. Thus, he had memorized the expressions of the people who had come to watch the fun.

He was from a low background, and when he was young and weak, he had been bullied every day. When he saw them bullying that disciple, he thought of when he had been bullied in his youth. At that time, there had also been a group of cold spectators who had simply watched with smiles delighting in his pain. That was just like this current scene.

Not one of these people was a friend of the Xuantian Dao Sect. If they wanted to watch as the Xuantian Dao Sect was mocked, then fine. The price of the ticket would be their lives.


After another hour, they were unsteady. Luo Minghao’s manifestation and Long Chen’s divine ring had dimmed, and they looked like they might fade away at any moment. The two of them were tottering.


Suddenly, Long Chen’s power erupted, and he shot at Luo Minghao.

This shocked everyone. Had he been holding back some energy? Was it to be used in a final effort to kill Luo Minghao?

Blood sprayed from Luo Minghao’s mouth. Long Chen’s punch broke his ribs, and his chest caved in.

Everyone let out startled cries. This one attack signified Luo Minghao was the loser. Long Chen had still been holding back a bit of power, while Luo Minghao was out of energy.

An ancient scroll suddenly appeared in Luo Minghao’s hand. He was about to activate it when a flame sword severed his arm.

“By this point, do you think I’d let you get away?” sneered Long Chen as his sword slashed down again.

Luo Minghao was appalled. Seeing the coldness in Long Chen’s eyes, he suddenly realized something. He had fallen for Long Chen’s trap.

Long Chen’s eyes were calm. Their previous dimness had vanished, replaced with a reserved sharpness. Long Chen hadn’t used even close to all his energy.

He had been exhausting Luo Minghao on purpose. By making him think they were fighting evenly and giving him hope that he could win, Long Chen made sure he was completely exhausted before launching a sudden killing blow.

Now Luo Minghao had no energy left to use any of his escape techniques. He could only watch as death came for him; he was filled with terror.

“Long Chen, I don’t believe you dare to kill me!” roared Luo Minghao.

Long Chen’s sword suddenly made a strange turn, actually missing Luo Minghao’s head.

“Long Chen had mercy? No…” Liu Cang’s expression changed.

Long Chen’s sword wasn’t aiming for Luo Minghao. That had just been a facade. His waist turned, and the sword slashed behind him.

At the same time, his dim divine ring suddenly lit up, its light shaking the sky.

The space behind Long Chen twisted. A sword silently came out of that space.

However, Long Chen’s sword had landed on it. “Bloodkill Hall idiot, I’ve been waiting for you.”


Long Chen’s sword shattered the space around the sword, causing a miserable figure to fly out, vomiting blood.

“Bloodkill 9, you really are determined.” Long Chen swung his sword, emitting Sword Qi. But this Sword Qi wasn’t aimed at the Bloodkill Hall’s assassin.

Luo Minghao, who had just escaped disaster, had managed to grab the scroll with his other hand. However, he didn’t have time to open it before Long Chen’s Sword Qi struck him.

BANG! Luo Minghao’s body smashed into the ground, but shockingly, he didn’t die. Semi-transparent runes revolved around his body as he stood back up.

“This is his ancestral spirit blessing?”

Several Life Star experts cried out as they recognized Luo Minghao’s current state. Rumor was that the top geniuses of the ancient families were under the protection of their ancestors’ spirits.

One way was shown when Luo Minghao had increased his power by so much. This was another way. The ancestral spirit descended into his body to protect him.

However, this kind of situation was extremely rare, because once that ancestral spirit descended into the physical world like this, they would quickly dissipate. In the future, they wouldn’t be able to offer any more blessings to their descendants.

“You vile creature, you will be put to death!” Luo Minghao seemed like a completely different person. His voice was ancient, and simply by raising his hand, a rain of light fell and enveloped the world. The rain was like millions of divine arrows. It attacked both Long Chen and Bloodkill 9.

Bloodkill 9’s expression changed. In truth, he had arrived here a long time ago and had been waiting for half a month.

Originally, after Long Chen had been afflicted with the Underworld Soul Ghost Curse on Devil Spirit Mountain, his mission had been canceled, because no one struck by that curse could survive.

As a result, he had gone through with his advancement, becoming a Jade Core expert. But for some unknown reason, the higher-ups sent him to test the Xuantian Dao Sect’s bottom line. He was to wait for a chance to assassinate Meng Qi.

However, Meng Qi hadn’t come out. Instead, Long Chen had returned. At the most critical moment, he had been hoping to kill Long Chen in one blow.

Unfortunately, he didn’t have the ability of the twin brothers that had been Bloodkill 10. Those twins had been able to cancel out each other’s killing intent. As for him, Long Chen had sensed him from the start.

He had intentionally put on an act of running out of energy when fighting Luo Minghao for two reasons. One was to bait out Bloodkill 9, but he was so powerful that even his sudden attack only injured him.

The other reason he had put on this act was because he wanted to kill Luo Minghao. He didn’t want to give him a chance to get away. He knew that rank nine Celestials were blessed by the heavens. They had great karmic luck and were difficult to kill.

When he had faced Qu Dajiang, Jiang Zijun, Kan Dongze, and Dan Yanxue, despite clearly having an absolute advantage, they would have managed to get away in the end thanks to their karmic luck. It was only because of the Alldevil monster’s appearance that they had been crushed.

The Eastern Wasteland Bell had told him that each heavenly genius was beloved by the world. Their golden fate lines were very stable, and unless you possessed enough power to overwhelm them like the Alldevil monster, they would always find some opportunity to escape from death.

Long Chen had refused to accept this. He had created this desperate situation for Luo Minghao step by step and also baited out Bloodkill 9.

However, the situation had changed again. Luo Minghao had become a completely different person, and he immediately launched a killer attack.

A cauldron appeared over Long Chen’s head, its divine runes protecting him. The rain of light shattered upon contact with the Blazing Dragon Cauldron’s defense, and Long Chen shot into the air.

As for Bloodkill 9, his sword flashed coldly. A barrier of light appeared around him, protecting him. Although it wasn’t an Ancestral item, he was strong enough himself, and this rain of light was unable to harm him.

“I still have seventy percent of my energy left. It should be enough.”

Although Luo Minghao had been possessed by his ancestor’s spirit, Long Chen wasn’t discouraged. His sword pointed at the heavens. A huge sword-image tore into the sky.

“Split the Heavens 5!”

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