Chapter 1387 Ancestral Spirit Possession

The blood Luo Minghao vomited out was caught by him, and it strangely twisted together to form a serpent.

“Long Chen, since you want to die, I’ll help you out!” Luo Minghao roared furiously, and the blood serpent transformed into chains that formed an image in the sky.

This blood-colored image was that of a human. When that figure appeared, the world shook as a terrifying pressure descended.

“Ancestral Spirit Possession!”

Luo Minghao let out a cry, and that figure merged into his body. A blood-colored mark appeared on his forehead.

“Luo Minghao has actually been forced to this extent. He’s igniting his own essence blood to summon his ancestor’s spirit. Now Long Chen is in danger,” said the Tower Department Head gravely. He, Li Tianxuan, and Liu Cang were able to see the battle clearly from the top floor of the Xuantian Tower.

Liu Cang said, “Basically, every family from the ancient family alliance has a glorious inheritance. They offer sacrifices to their ancestors’ spirits to bless their geniuses. However, summoning the ancestral spirit comes at a huge price. Luo Minghao has been forced to the point that he has no other choice, but I still don’t think Long Chen is in danger. When it comes to Long Chen, no one knows his true power.” He then hastily said, “Tower Department Head, I’m not intentionally contradicting you. Please don’t care about this.”

“Hahaha, Liu Cang, you’re no longer the Hallmaster of the Elder Hall. Your rank is the same as mine, so you don’t need to be so careful when speaking to me. Otherwise, wouldn’t it make me seem intolerant?” laughed the Tower Department Head.

For the Tower Department Head to laugh was something inconceivable to the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples. In front of outsiders, he was always gloomy and strict. He was quite frightening.

“Xuan Master, why don’t you also give us your view?” asked the Tower Department Head.

Li Tianxuan smiled. “The only one in the Xuantian Dao Sect who is not within my control is Long Chen. I would be a fool to waste time guessing anything about him. That’s why I’ve already released Long Chen. Or perhaps I should say I’ve fully released the entire Xuantian Dao Sect. What I said before wasn’t to scare them. It was the truth. Whatever Long Chen wants is what we’ll do.”

“Seriously? Can we… depend on him?” Li Tianxuan’s words caused Liu Cang and the Tower Department Head to jump in shock.

“What matters isn’t whether or not he’s dependable. The land beneath the heavens is like a chessboard. After playing for tens of thousands of years, the board has become completely chaotic, and Long Chen will add more chaos to the chaotic arrangement. The Xuantian Dao Sect only has a bit of karmic luck left, and if we don’t go all-out, we’ll simply slowly fade away like smoke in the end. I bet the Xuantian Dao Sect’s future on Long Chen a long time ago. This is a gamble. I bet that Long Chen will win. Hehe, right now my master is in seclusion, so the Xuantian Dao Sect is mine. If I don’t properly use this authority, it will probably become invalid not too long from now,” said Li Tianxuan.

Liu Cang and the Tower Department Head exchanged a glance, both seeing the shock in the other’s eyes. So the Xuan Master had truly handed the Xuantian Dao Sect to Long Chen. The world was probably about to be thrown into chaos!

With Long Chen’s character, if he didn’t flip the heavens, he wouldn’t be Long Chen. The Xuan Master was serious.

“How’s the situation with the old Xuan Master?” asked the Tower Department Head.

“He’s reached the final step. But as for whether he’ll succeed or fail, it’s impossible to tell.” Li Tianxuan’s expression finally became a bit serious. This matter was too important. Although the old Xuan Master had said he was fifty percent confident, it didn’t change the fact that advancing at his level was filled with danger. That step was fraught with danger.

Just as the three of them were conversing, Luo Minghao began to emit an ancient aura. His entire air had changed.

“Long Chen, do you see? This is my strongest state. My power is ten times greater than before! Now you’re just an ant in front of me!” Shockingly, Luo Minghao’s voice was layered, as if two people were speaking at the same time.

Right now, Luo Minghao had used a kind of spiritual possession. He had used his own Spirit Blood to call forth his ancestor.

Normally, only the ancient families would have such terrifying experts amongst their ancestors. After receiving their descendants’ offerings and faith, they would become ancestral spirits that existed in a strange state.

Those ancestral spirits would bless their descendants, but there was no way for them to fight directly against enemies. That was why they required using their descendants’ bloodline power to appear and merge with them.

“It’s just merging with another soul. Even if you dug out your ancestor’s entire grave, I wouldn’t be afraid,” sneered Long Chen.

Long Chen had long since experienced this kind of technique. No matter how powerful an external power was, it was still external power. It was nothing to be afraid of.

“You’ll pay the price for your arrogance. Taste my fist!” Luo Minghao roared furiously at Long Chen who was looking down on him. Luo Minghao attacked, his aura shaking heaven and earth.

At this time, his aura was extremely strange. It was like he was a devil god.

“Being arrogant requires the qualifications to be arrogant. As for your arrogance, it’s just from overconfidence.” Long Chen sneered and took a single step. The void exploded, and he shot forward like a shooting star. Green scales covered his body.

A terrifying aura shook the heavens. Long Chen was even more dazzling than the sun.


Their fists collided in the air. The void exploded and divine light erupted, piercing the earth. This was a world-shaking collision.

The ground exploded, and a wave of earth spread.

“Boss is as lively as ever! Brothers, prepare to defend. If we were killed by boss’s shockwaves, it would definitely not be worth it!” cried Guo Ran.

Seeing the wave of earth coming toward them, everyone’s expressions changed. They couldn’t bother with fighting, and they all unleashed defensive magical arts.

The Dragonblood Legion activated their King item armor. A large collective barrier appeared around all of them. This was the armor Guo Ran had made for them, and after upgrading them several times, their defensive power was astonishing.



“This- pfft!”

The Dragonblood Legion’s defensive barrier instantly shattered upon contact with the earth wave. Cracks even appeared on their armor, and they were blown away like wooden stakes in a hurricane.

The Dragonblood warriors were injured despite possessing such powerful armor. Meanwhile, the disciples of the other sects were directly annihilated. The shockwaves of Long Chen’s full-strength fight with Luo Minghao made their defenses as weak as paper.

Space continuously shook and runes flew about in the sky. A terrifying battle was being fought. Haze covered the battlefield so that they couldn’t see them, but they could hear two people continuously exchanging powerful blows. Each collision caused the world to rock.

Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er tightly held each other’s hands as they stared at that distant battlefield. They were filled with excitement and adoration.

That was the undefeatable Long Chen. He had finally returned. Not even the Underworld Soul Ghost Curse could defeat him. Instead, it had been like a whetstone, making him even sharper than before. 

“That bastard Long Chen…” The distant Life Star experts were clenching their teeth. They had been hesitating about whether or not they should charge forward to save their disciples.

They had felt that if they all went together, the Xuantian Dao Sect wouldn’t dare to offend everyone to kill them. But considering Long Chen’s fearless character, they had no confidence in that plan. So while they had been caught in their own indecision, Long Chen had helped them make their choice.

That terrifying attack had killed all those disciples. Not one had survived. Now they didn’t need to take the risk.

Their hearts were dripping blood as those people had been their sects’ elite disciples. They had only come to taunt the Xuantian Dao Sect.

The meaning was obvious. So what if the Xuantian Dao Sect had geniuses? They had geniuses as well. After the Xuantian Dao Sect had offended so many people, there was no way they would allow them to get away with things forever.

However, in front of this conclusion, their thinking appeared so childish. Just who was taunting who?

Now Long Chen was fighting intensely with Luo Minghao. Occasionally appearing for a moment, they both looked like battle gods, and each of their punches unleashed loud rumbling. It was like gods were beating their war drums.

Even the Life Star experts were shocked by their fight. Their combat power made them feel fear.

If it had been them fighting Luo Minghao, they’d have long since died. That was because under the Nine Flowers Manifest the Heavenly Daos’ suppression, the majority of their Heavenly Dao energy would be stripped away. They would only be able to unleash fifty percent of their normal combat power at best, so they would definitely die upon facing Luo Minghao. That was the terror of rank nine Celestials.

However, Long Chen was still fighting intensely against him. Despite Luo Minghao summoning forth his ancestral spirit and increasing his power by ten times, Long Chen was still fighting evenly with him. This kind of combat power surpassed their imagination.

At this time, the Dragonblood warriors had gathered together again. Although they were covered in dust, they were all inspired. A fanatical expression filled their eyes.

“Boss is forever boss. He’s as lively as ever.” Guo Ran and the others clenched their fists. They all felt their blood boiling as they watched Long Chen fight.

Unfortunately, their opponents this time had been too useless. They had all been killed by just the shockwaves of Long Chen’s battle with Luo Minghao. If only they had been stronger, the Dragonblood Legion would be able to fight to their hearts’ content.

The battle in the air continued. The ground was continuously being destroyed, but the Xuantian Dao Sect had activated the grand formation, protecting the sect from the shockwaves.

This battle between a dragon and a tiger lasted over two hours before Long Chen and Luo Minghao’s auras began to drop.

“The time to decide the victor has finally appeared.” Once their battle tempo finally slowed down, everyone’s hearts shook. This was when the true battle started.

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