Chapter 1386 The Qualifications to be Arrogant

People hadn’t even recovered from their shock at Long Chen’s arrival before the Dragonblood warriors pounced on them.

“We just came to watch! Your Xuantian Dao Sect is completely unreasonable!” cried those disciples.

“To watch? Fanning the flames, insulting us with your evil tongues, humiliating the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples, this is just watching? Don’t joke around. Dogs of Pill Valley, let me tell you that by standing here, you have already become enemies of the Xuantian Dao Sect. You want to talk reason? Why didn’t you think about talking reason before when you were humiliating the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples? You boot-licking dregs, I already said that the Xuantian Dao Sect is rising, and that anyone who doesn’t accept it can come and fight. I already gave you your warning, but you actually treated it as wind blowing past your ears. To blockade my Xuantian Dao Sect and humiliate our disciples, although you aren’t killers, you’re all accomplices, and killing you is only right,” sneered Long Chen. He had already turned into a bolt of lightning shooting toward Luo Minghao.

Long Chen neither had any words for Luo Minghao, nor did he give him time to talk. His fist smashed forward mercilessly.

“Long Chen, don’t be so arrogant! Even if you removed the curse and advanced to Jade Core, you’re still nothing special!” Luo Minghao’s aura surged, and he flew into the sky. Runes revolved in his eyes. His aura was much stronger than when he had fought Meng Qi and Cloud.

“What a joke. If I wasn’t arrogant, would I still be Long Chen?” sneered Long Chen.

“In front of me, you aren’t qualified to be arrogant! Be suppressed!”

Luo Minghao spread his hands, and golden light shot out of his fingers. Ten golden lines intersected, forming a huge net that enveloped Long Chen.

Last time, Luo Minghao had been careless, resulting in him almost being killed by Cloud. That didn’t mean that he wasn’t powerful, but that Cloud was too fast and had appeared too suddenly. As soon as he was caught off guard, he never had a chance to collect himself, so he hadn’t been able to bring out his real power. He had only been able to flee.

His defeat last time was his greatest humiliation. That was why as soon as Long Chen appeared now, he used his strongest magical art. These golden rays were incredibly tough. Once a person was caught, they would be unable to escape. Within the same realm, there had yet to be someone capable of escaping this golden net.

“A person who can suppress me hasn’t been born yet. I hate people who are bigger braggarts than me the most!” Long Chen let out a single punch. Ripples suddenly came out of his fist.

The golden net was instantly pierced. Long Chen charged through a large hole that had appeared in it, completely unaffected.

“What?!” Luo Minghao was stunned. This magical art was his most sinister attack. Its power was a soft one, not a hard one. No matter how much power you used, you would be unable to break the net. Instead, the net would instantly bind you.

However, Long Chen’s punch had contained some kind of power that had first condensed the space around the net. Only then had his punch landed.

Normally, this net of his was extremely powerful. It was like a net that hung in the air. If you smashed it with a hammer, there was no way it would break.

Yet, Long Chen had controlled his power perfectly. It was like he had placed the net on a rock and then smashed it with a hammer. He immediately broke open a large hole in it.

After advancing to the Jade Core realm and condensing the Divine Gate Star, Long Chen’s control of his power had risen to a new level. He could use his power as he pleased.

Seeing Long Chen’s fist coming at him, Luo Minghao could only unleash his own punch. Golden runes covered his arm in an instant.


The sky shook, and Luo Minghao was blown back. Large ripples appeared in the air, spreading in every direction.

“What?! Luo Minghao was defeated with a single blow?”

The distant disciples were all shocked. Luo Minghao was a terrifying rank nine Celestial, but he had been blown away by a single punch. When had Long Chen reached such a powerful level?

Within the Xuantian Dao Sect, on the highest level of the Xuantian Tower, Li Tianxuan, Liu Cang, and the Tower Department Head were observing the battle. Liu Cang and the Tower Department Head were both astonished.

“How did Long Chen’s combat power rise so much just from advancing to the Jade Core realm?” wondered Liu Cang.

Li Tianxuan smiled. That smile was full of confidence. Within the Xuantian Dao Sect, only he knew Long Chen’s secrets. No one else knew better than him just how terrifying Long Chen was.

Even the death sentence which was the Underworld Soul Ghost Curse had been unable to take his life.

In truth, not even Liu Cang and the Tower Department Head were aware that Long Chen had gone to Pill Valley. Only Li Tianxuan had known of Long Chen’s plan. Even Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er had only known a bit.

Now that Long Chen had returned alive, it signified that he had already obtained the second volume of Nirvana Scripture. He was going to soar like a comet, and that would cause the Xuantian Dao Sect to soar as well. Thinking of this, Li Tianxuan suddenly had a grand ambition to bring this generation of the Xuantian Dao Sect to a height that surpassed its previous peak.

Long Chen’s attack struck first, but the Dragonblood Legion quickly followed. They didn’t have any mercy on these people that had stood behind Luo Minghao and cheered him on in his humiliation of the Xuantian Dao Sect.

“For the Xuantian Dao Sect to willfully slaughter the innocent, are you trying to become enemies with the entire Righteous path?!”

Just at this moment, Life Star experts appeared in the distance, rushing over.

These Life Star experts had been present the entire time. They were here on Pill Valley or the ancient races’ orders to keep watch over every movement of the Xuantian Dao Sect.

As soon as Long Chen appeared, he didn’t give anyone any chance to explain. He directly started a slaughter, so these experts were forced to appear to save them.

“If any Life Star experts step foot on this battlefield, they will be immediately executed! I, Long Chen, declare that anyone who dares to come forward today will be celebrating the anniversary of their death in one year’s time!” Long Chen turned to the Life Star experts rushing over.

At this moment, the Xuantian Tower lit up, and the divine might enveloped the battlefield. Those Life Star experts’ expressions immediately changed.

The Xuantian Tower had been activated. Its light represented its domain. If they dared to take a single step inside that domain, they would definitely face its attack.

“Li Tianxuan, have you gone mad?!” roared the Life Star experts. They were well aware of how terrifying the Xuantian Tower was. Once activated, they wouldn’t have any chance of surviving.

They had originally expected that sending their disciples to humiliate the Xuantian Dao Sect would leave the Xuantian Dao Sect powerless to do anything. As long as the disciples didn’t attack the Xuantian Dao Sect, the Xuantian Dao Sect would have no excuse to do anything to them.

However, as soon as Long Chen appeared, he started killing those disciples. He didn’t talk reason at all.

These disciples were the elites of their sects. They were all under a hundred years old and had already reached the Jade Core realm. They were all qualified to attempt to reach the Life Star realm. If they were killed, they would have lost a whole generation of their best disciples.

Their sects had spent an enormous amount of resources on each one of these elites. If they died, it would be a serious blow to their cores. They might not recover for centuries.

“Right now, Long Chen has the authority to command the Xuantian Dao Sect. Talking to me is useless. If you want to discuss things, you can discuss them with Long Chen!” Li Tianxuan’s voice rang out from the sky.

“Bastard, are you not afraid of provoking the public’s wrath and getting your Xuantian Dao Sect annihilated?!” roared a Life Star expert.

A ray of light shot out from the Xuantian Tower. That Life Star expert’s expression changed. He wanted to run, but the space around him had frozen. He couldn’t move and could only stare as that golden light blew him to pieces.

“Of course I’m afraid of the Xuantian Dao Sect being annihilated. But before my Xuantian Dao Sect is annihilated, we’ll make sure to bring along countless other sects with us. So right now, instead of asking if I’m afraid, you should ask yourselves whether or not you’re afraid!” Li Tianxuan’s voice was as calm as ever, but it caused all their expressions to change.

Li Tianxuan’s attitude was already very clear. Those who wanted to destroy the Xuantian Dao Sect could come as they pleased. The Xuantian Dao Sect would simply use the Xuantian Tower and Reincarnation Mirror to destroy them in turn. In the worst case, they would bring down all their attackers with them.


An explosive sound suddenly rang out, drawing everyone’s attention.

Luo Minghao’s manifestation had appeared behind him. Astral winds raged and the space around him constantly twisted.

On the other side, Long Chen’s five-color divine ring was revolving. When the two of them unleashed their peak auras, it caused the clouds to change color.

The two of them were standing in the air, their fists still locked. Luo Minghao’s entire body was covered in golden runes, making him look like a golden statue. He had pushed his power to its peak.

As for Long Chen, his expression was indifferent. One hand was still behind his back. He only used a single hand to fight.

“Your power’s not bad! However, it doesn’t seem to be a good match for your arrogance. Do you have any stronger moves? If we compete in terms of power, I’ll feel like I’m bullying you,” said Long Chen.

Although Luo Minghao’s current state was truly powerful, and when he entered this golden battle state his power was ten times greater than normal, his normal was just too low. Even if it increased by ten times, it wasn’t a match for the Five Star Battle Armor. He was far too lacking when it came to power.

“Long Chen, since you want to die, I’ll help you out!”

Luo Minghao’s expression twisted. He suddenly retreated and formed hand seals. He vomited a mouthful of blood.

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