Chapter 1384 News of the Xuantian Dao Sect

The runes of the Blazing Dragon Cauldron lit up. Nine small lifeforms were lit up by the runes and transformed into nine medicinal pills.

The pills shone like jade, and their bodies emitted their own light. They were all top grade pills, delighting Long Chen.

“When the Heaven Incinerating Flame is combined with the Blazing Dragon Cauldron, it’s practically a perfect match! I just need to refine it once, and they’ll remember the process and refine their own Divine Gate Pills that aren’t much inferior to my own!” Seeing the nine Divine Gate Pills in the cauldron, Long Chen felt a burst of joy.

After gathering and mass-planting the medicinal ingredients, it had only taken three days in the primal chaos space for them to fully mature.

Long Chen found that his current connection with the primal chaos space had grown stronger. As long as he had enough spiritual yuan, he could make the plants inside grow at a much faster rate.

These medicinal ingredients that would normally require thousands of years to mature had only taken three days under his efforts.

The price was that all the energy in his 108,000 stars had been sucked dry. Fortunately, the medicinal ingredients weren’t like huge trees, and the amount of energy they required was limited. If he had filled the entire primal chaos with these medicinal ingredients, there was no way his spiritual yuan would have been enough to make them grow this fast.

And if he had planted trees everywhere instead, with his little bit of spiritual yuan, it would be like watering a desert with a single drop of water.

Long Chen still didn’t know much about the primal chaos space, but he guessed that it was deeply connected to the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art.

In this world, no matter who it was, there was no way they would be able to cultivate the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art. Just the amount of medicinal ingredients required would bankrupt countless sects. Even Pill Valley wouldn’t be able to handle such a cost.

It could be said that without the primal chaos bead, he wouldn’t have his current accomplishments. This mysterious bead that came from the Jiuli secret realm had given him his ability to soar.

With the primal chaos space, as long as he had seeds of the medicinal ingredients, he could grow them limitlessly.

However, even with a limitless amount of ingredients, he couldn’t waste so much of his precious time on refining pills.

Fortunately, now he had Huo Long and the Blazing Dragon Cauldron working together. He didn’t even need to refine them personally. 

“Work hard, you two!” Long Chen patted the Blazing Dragon Cauldron.

The Blazing Dragon Cauldron sent Long Chen a spiritual message. It was extremely grateful to him.

It had its own mind, and although its item-spirit wasn’t able to form words, it could express its emotions. From the day it had been born, it had been used like a tool, like a slave, forced to constantly refine pills.

Ever since his first master passed away, his descendants had placed slave marks on it, enslaving it generation after generation.

However, Long Chen had treated it differently. He hadn’t placed a slave mark, nor had he restricted it in any other way. It could clearly sense Long Chen’s trust.

This was something it had never felt in all its years. Ancestral items had their own spirits and their own emotions. Long Chen’s magnanimity had formed a resonance with it.

On Devil Spirit Mountain, it had seen Blooddrinker self-destruct to help him and stop itself from holding him back. It had erupted in a final burst of light.

This had deeply shaken the Blazing Dragon Cauldron. This was Long Chen’s charisma. Even an item-spirit was willing to follow him into death.

Long Chen smiled. He understood its message. Trust had to be mutual. Sometimes, there was no need for oaths or words.

With the Blazing Dragon Cauldron and Huo Long refining pills, Long Chen’s mind exited the primal chaos space. He took out a Divine Gate Pill and swallowed it.

It instantly dissolved once it entered his mouth. Instead of flowing down his throat, it instead went toward his head. Divine light appeared in his mind-sea and condensed into a Divine Gate.

At the center of the gate was a huge vortex. The pill’s energy poured into it. At the center of the vortex was a small ball of light.

That was the core of the Divine Gate Star. However, it was still in an extremely primordial state, more like a ball of primal chaos. There was still a great distance from being fully formed, let alone going through the nine star transformations.

A single Divine Gate Pill was like a speck of dust to the Divine Gate Star. It didn’t change at all.

“Fine, I understand!”

Long Chen bitterly smiled. He sent over a hundred newly-refined Divine Gate Pills into his mouth.

The pills all instantly dissolved and entered his mind-sea. They contained a kind of energy similar to Spiritual Strength, which was extremely strange.

This time, Long Chen finally saw a glimmer of hope. A hundred Divine Gate Pills had finally made the Divine Gate Star brighten slightly.

However, it truly was just ever so slightly. If he hadn’t been paying close attention, he wouldn’t have been able to sense the change at all.

“Fine, I know what I have to do,” sighed Long Chen. The Divine Gate Star was even greedier than what he had expected. With his past experience, he knew condensing the star was the fastest part. But over a hundred pills had only changed it ever so slightly. He knew he would have to eat Divine Gate Pills like food in the future.

Fortunately, he had Huo Long and the Blazing Dragon Cauldron, or there was no way he would be able to refine pills all day. There was still a long path for him to walk in the future, and he didn’t have time.

The thing that comforted him was that after a hundred Divine Gate Pills were consumed, he sensed a change in the FengFu, Alioth, Life Fate, and Enlightenment Palace Stars.

“Could it be… could it be the Divine Gate Star has a subtle connection to the first four stars? The four stars became complete when I advanced to Sea Expansion, and each of them has a qi sea beneath them. Now the fifth star is in my mind-sea… is there some secret between their connection?” Long Chen suddenly thought of a possibility.

When he had opened the Divine Gate, he had sensed a change in the four stars, but he hadn’t really bothered with it.

However, now he realized that as the Divine Gate Star advanced, the other four stars seemed to be undergoing some unknown transformation.

He shook his head. He knew far too little about the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art. There were many things he couldn’t figure out about it, and so he directly gave up wasting energy on trying to figure it out.

Long Chen changed his disguise once more. Right now, he still couldn’t face people as Long Chen. After all, many people knew that he was in the Xuantian Tower and trying to suppress the curse.

That was the cover Li Tianxuan had made for him. It was to mislead everyone, making them feel like Long Chen would die at any moment under the encroachment of the Underworld Soul Ghost Curse.

When he left the hotel, he found a mid-sized restaurant. He sat at a table near the window and ordered some food and wine. As he ate, he listened to the gossip around him.

This restaurant couldn’t count as luxurious. Instead, it was very ordinary, and the people who entered were mostly at the Xiantian realm or below.

There were all kinds of people. Some were already drunk and laughing loudly. Some were bragging as if they had saved the world. And some were whispering quietly.

What Long Chen wanted to hear was news of Pill Valley and the Heaven Devouring Forest. Of course, that included the main character in that battle, Master Long San.

There was one fellow who was helping him out quite a bit. He eloquently described the scene of that battle as if he had really been there. Even Long Chen was dumbfounded as he listened, almost believing him. This person also knew how to con people.

According to him, Master Long San was a god, and the Alldevil monster had become his mount.

Riding the monster, he had caused chaos in Pill Valley, even disturbing the valley master. Apparently, Master Long San had even injured the valley master at that time. His story was so far from reality that it was clear it was just his imagination.

However, there was a group of people listening intently. Occasionally, they would buy some wine for the speaker. That person bragged as he drank. Long Chen was speechless and couldn’t bear listening any longer. He focused on others.

“Pill Valley’s matter is shaking the entire continent. The name of Master Long San is probably going to go down in history.” Within a corner were two men quietly chatting.

“True. That Long San really was terrifying. He actually managed to half-destroy Pill Valley and the Heaven Devouring Forest. He didn’t die for nothing.”

“I thought that our Eastern Xuan Region would only have a single rising star in the form of the Xuantian Dao Sect’s Long Chen, but compared to Master Long San, Long Chen’s light had been drowned out.”

“You can’t put it that way. Master Long San might be terrifying, but he’s already died, and he’s fated to just become part of history. But Long Chen is still very powerful. I saw the recording of him fighting the Corrupt path’s rank nine Celestial on Devil Spirit Mountain. It really was a world-shaking battle that made my blood heat up. Regretfully, he’s been afflicted with the Corrupt path’s curse and it seems his situation in the Xuantian Dao Sect isn’t very good. After all, that Gui Yan sacrificed the lives of so many Soul Transformation experts and the longevity of Life Star experts to back the curse. Even the Xuantian Tower isn’t able to suppress it. I heard that people have completely surrounded the Xuantian Dao Sect, and whenever their disciples go out, they will be mocked and cursed. As for the Dragonblood Legion’s people, they refuse to come out, instead acting like turtles in their shells. It’s very likely that Long Chen has reached his limit.”

Long Chen narrowed his eyes. They had surrounded the Xuantian Dao Sect? Good, he wanted to see just who was so brazen. It seemed some more fruit would be appearing on his Heavenly Dao Tree.

Last time, four heavenly geniuses had been killed, and four rank nine Heavenly Dao Fruits had appeared on the Heavenly Dao Tree. That signified four new rank nine Celestials were about to appear in the Dragonblood Legion.

Long Chen knew that the reason the Dragonblood Legion hadn’t gone out was definitely because of Li Tianxuan’s orders. It was to create the illusion that he was in grave peril. It was to win more time for him.

He continued listening for a while. All that people were discussing was news of Pill Valley and Master Long San. Since Pill Valley thought that Long San was dead, Long Chen was at ease.

Paying for his food, Long Chen patted his butt and directly got onto the Eastern Xuan City’s transportation formation.

It was time to let the world see that Master Long Chen was definitely not inferior to Master Long San!

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