Chapter 1383 Checking the Spoils

“After surviving a calamity, there will definitely be a great fortune. Hehe, I’m definitely rich now!”

Long Chen cackled maniacally in his private room. He seemed almost insane.

This was a hotel of the cultivation world, and its rooms were made for cultivators. They all possessed private seclusion rooms and spirit stone formations. These rooms could simply be lived in, or they could be used for cultivating.

“How regretful. For some reason, those tree demons refuse to grow in here.” This was the only thing Long Chen felt some regret about.

When he had tossed the remnants of the tree demons into the primal chaos space, they hadn’t come back to life. Instead, the primal chaos space had absorbed them and turned them into life energy to nourish itself.

It was just like the black soil had devoured them. Long Chen couldn’t explain it.

Then he supposed that those tree demons were not ordinary trees. They were capable of cultivating. Perhaps the primal chaos space viewed them as Magical Beasts and simply devoured them.

This didn’t ruin his perfect mood. On the edge of the primal chaos space, he arrived at an open space. There were a bunch of shelves piled up here.

These were the medicinal pills and ingredients he had plundered from Pill Valley. But there were so many that he needed to spend a long time organizing them.

In another region, there were two huge mountains. One was a mountain formed of chains filled with thunderforce, while another was formed of Divine Flame Crystals.

Lei Long and Huo Long were on their own mountains, crazily absorbing thunderforce and flame energy.

The Blazing Dragon Cauldron was also absorbing the energy of the Divine Flame Crystals. Long Chen could sense its power rapidly recovering.

He opened up a bottle in the primal chaos space. A terrifying Blood Qi instantly charged out, causing space to shake.

He hastily covered it again. He was shocked by its power. “That Alldevil monster’s essence blood is actually so powerful!”

What he had opened was the bottle containing the Alldevil monster’s essence blood. The amount of energy inside it was terrifying.

He supposed that made sense. At first, it hadn’t used its real power, most likely to draw over more experts.

It had been extremely crafty. If it started out too strong, it would scare them away. So he intentionally gave them hope in an attempt to annihilate them. But in the end, it had underestimated Pill Valley. It had been annihilated by the valley master.

“Perhaps I can use this.” Long Chen suddenly had a thought and slowly absorbed a drop of the essence blood. As soon as it entered his body, his 108,000 scales appeared on his body, and divine light shone. That drop of essence blood was instantly vaporized.

“What domineering dragon blood. Despite not being as strong as this blood, it used its divine might to eradicate it!”

Right now, he had cultivated the Green Dragon Battle Armor to its peak. But it clearly wasn’t worth mentioning when compared to that Alldevil monster.

However, when he tried to absorb the essence blood, the dragon might was provoked. It seemed to hate Long Chen’s actions and directly destroyed the essence blood.

The dragon, the emperor of all beasts. It stood at the peak and refused to be blasphemed.

“Fine, this essence blood has no destiny with me,” sighed Long Chen.

However, now he suddenly thought of a white scale located in the depths of the eastern sea. It was the azure dragon reverse scale.

“With my current power, would I be able to subdue it?” wondered Long Chen.

Then he shook his head. He had a kind of intuition that the azure dragon reverse scale wasn’t so easy to subdue.

Back when he had seen it, he hadn’t even been able to get through its barrier. Furthermore, he had sensed strong hostility from it.

It was different from the green dragon reverse scale. The azure dragon reverse scale seemed to possess its own independent will. It wouldn’t bend to another person’s will so easily. If he wanted to subdue it, it would be impossible without absolute power.

The green dragon was the first infant form of a true dragon. They were children to the dragon race.

However, the azure dragon was the true dragon’s second form. They shed their green color to mature.

This was a phrase left behind by the dragon race. The human race adapted that phrase, saying that people were green when they were inexperienced. But the general meaning was the same. It meant to lose one’s immaturity and become a true expert.

Just the green dragon’s power was able to eradicate the Alldevil monster’s essence blood. From this, it could be deduced just how powerful the azure dragon reverse scale would be.

Sensing the power of the essence blood in the bottle, Long Chen smiled. This would be enough for all the Dragonblood warriors to bathe in.

“I can’t use it, but it can strengthen the Dragonblood warriors. Once I have an opportunity to study it, I’ll refine it into pills and make them ascend.”

Long Chen naturally wouldn’t make them directly absorb this essence blood. That was no different from suicide for them. Even Gu Yang wasn’t an exception for that. He had to refine it into pills first to reduce its berserk power.

That wasn’t difficult for him. He placed it to the side. He’d handle that when he had time. He took out the second bottle that contained the Alldevil monster’s soul essence.

After slaying it, the valley master had only left behind the purest soul essence.

“This is perfect for me right now. Heaven Flipping Seal, you can be revived!”

Long Chen took out a cyan brick. This was the pillow the divine fetus had been lying on in Devil Spirit mountain. 

Back then, the Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet had told him that it was the Heaven Flipping Seal, and an extremely powerful existence at that. But its item-spirit was dead, so it needed a new item-spirit.

Within Long Chen’s Pill Sovereign memories, there was a technique that could do this. It was the nine heavens’ Ten Thousand Life Spirit Technique. It was normally used to impart spirituality on a pill, but it could be used for creating an item-spirit as well.

Long Chen hadn’t used it yet because it was useless. Giving birth to a new item-spirit was easy, but raising that item-spirit would be difficult. For a newborn item-spirit to gain its own mind would require thousands or tens of thousands of years.

Waiting ten thousand years was impossible for Long Chen. His original plan was to find a Corrupt Life Star expert with powerful Spiritual Strength and refine their soul into a spirit-seed, and then inject it into the Heaven Flipping Seal.

Unexpectedly, Pill Valley had been so kind as to give the Alldevil monster’s soul to him. He wouldn’t stand on courtesy.

He opened the bottle and released the seal. Vast soul energy soared into the sky.

An illusory figure appeared, one with the same shape as the Alldevil monster.

As soon as it appeared, it roared and a violent will erupted. Although it had no consciousness, its instincts were to destroy everything.

“Hmph, this isn’t a place you can show off.”

Divine might suddenly crashed down within the primal chaos space. The illusory figure was still roaring when it suddenly curled up in terror and began to shiver.

“After advancing to the Jade Core realm, I’m finally able to control a tiny bit of the primal chaos space’s power.” Long Chen smiled.

The primal chaos space had grown after he had advanced, and his soul had formed a mysterious connection with it. He could use a bit of its power to suppress everything within the primal chaos space.

Once he used it, this fierce monster was like a tiny rabbit that could only shiver.

“Spirit of the nine heavens, the law of ten thousand, the peak of life, the end of death…”

As Long Chen chanted, an invisible energy enveloped the Alldevil monster’s spiritual body.

It was originally milky white, but as he chanted, its body became clear. At the same time, its violent aura gradually faded until it was just like a ball of clear water without the slightest impurities.

“The cycle of life and death, return to the beginning. Let life be born - Ten Thousand Life Spirit Technique!”

A small light appeared in the clear spiritual body. It was like an egg. There was a small fetus within the egg.

The fetus was the same shape of the Alldevil monster, but compressed a million times. Using the Ten Thousand Life Spirit Technique, Long Chen first erased its violent and dark side before giving birth to a new soul. Countless runes began to flow into it.


Long Chen suddenly shouted. A rune lit up on the Heaven Flipping Seal, and it devoured all the soul essence and the fetus.

Once all of that energy was devoured by the Heaven Flipping Seal, that rune on top of it vanished. Only then did Long Chen bring his mind out of the primal chaos space.

He took a deep breath and wiped off some sweat. He felt like his head was about to split open.

Using the Ten Thousand Life Spirit Technique to make the Alldevil monster’s soul undergo a complete rebirth was definitely forcing his current limits. It had taken a huge amount of soul energy on his part.

After resting a bit, his headache faded. He once more entered the primal chaos space. It was time to flip through the medicines.

“Chaos Star Fire Thorn Grass, Heavenly Fragrance Fig, Azure Phoenix Bitter Root…”

Long Chen was constantly picking out the medicinal ingredients that he needed from the shelves. In the end, he had over a hundred of them.

“Haha, perfect! Now I can start planting them, and then I’ll be able to refine the Divine Gate Pill!” Long Chen laughed and got to work on a new medicinal field.

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