Chapter 1382 Shaking the Entire World

“Grand Elders, a report has come saying that the eighteen divine guards are urgently requesting reinforcements! An emergency has occurred in the Heaven Devouring Forest!”


Pill Valley instantly became chaotic again. They didn’t know how chasing after Long San had caused them to end up in a fight to the death with the Heaven Devouring Forest.

“Send out my orders! All experts are to gather and attack the Heaven Devouring Forest! Bring the Daynight Furnace, as well as the Brahma Divine Diagram! With the Brahma Divine Diagram, it’s impossible for a flame cultivator to escape!”

All the experts in Pill Valley were gathered, including those who had been injured by the Alldevil monster. They all got onto flying boats and rushed over to the Heaven Devouring Forest.

Pill Valley’s experts had moved out in full force. They had been enraged to even bring out two divine items.

Outsiders had no chance to witness that battle, but the rumor was that the Heaven Devouring Forest had almost been annihilated, and an area of millions of miles had been turned into scarlet land.

As for Pill Valley, apparently they had suffered quite a bit too. Some terrifying existences within the Heaven Devouring Forest had attacked, and even with two divine items, Pill Valley’s victory was not completely one-sided.

Over a hundred of Pill Valley’s Life Star experts had been slain. As for Soul Transformation experts, there was no way to keep track of the casualties.

In the end, this battle had disturbed the valley master who had just returned to seclusion. He had been forced to appear in order to suppress the battlefield.

The misunderstanding was finally resolved, but resolving it now didn’t have any meaning.

Pill Valley had lost so many experts, while the Heaven Devouring Forest’s territory had been scorched, their lifeforms annihilated. Their habitable territory had shrunk by a third.

With the valley master present, the terrifying existences in the Heaven Devouring Forest had also appeared in the open. Both sides had agreed to mind their own business in the future.

However, Pill Valley’s higher-ups were incredibly vexed. They had clearly come to capture Long San, but instead of capturing him, they had ended up in a fight against the Heaven Devouring Forest. This battle had been miserable.

Moreover, even after using the Brahma Divine Diagram, they were unable to find Long San. That made them depressed.

The Brahma Divine Diagram was a powerful divine item whose range could spread for millions of miles. As long as someone possessed a Pill Flame, there was no way for them to escape from its senses. But Long San had vanished mysteriously.

This powerful divine item had been unable to find him, and there was no way he could have left its range in such a short amount of time. There was only one possibility: Long San had died.

According to their hypothesis, he probably hadn’t accurately calculated the self-destruction of the flying boat, and so he had been blown apart in the explosion.

A flying boat of this level was comparable to an Ancestral item. Its core contained a powerful formation, and if it exploded, its power would kill even Life Star experts who were on it.

Long San’s death wasn’t what they cared about. The main thing was that he had held all of Pill Valley’s wealth on him.

That wealth had been accumulated for tens of thousands of years. There had been countless treasures. Even the valley master’s heart had bled upon hearing this.

The most infuriating thing was that at this time, the photographic jades Long San had thrown out before his death reached his hands. The truth was instantly exposed.

At that moment, the valley master had truly wanted to start a slaughter. All the experts who had seen him in that state had a deep impression of that time.

There had been two parts to the photographic jades. One recorded the sinister plot in the Heaven Dragon Flame Region, while another contained the recording of Zhuo Tianxiang raising him step by step into a killing machine to be used against the conservative faction.

At that time, the valley master’s expression had been ashen, but he hadn’t killed anyone. Instead, he had only left behind a single sentence: Just wait for when I come out of seclusion!

The valley master was at a critical moment in his cultivation, and he couldn’t bring out his true body. He could only send out clones. His meaning was clear: once he was out of seclusion, he would properly settle his debts with these people.

Once the valley master left, the radical faction’s Elders all looked like they had aged a decade. They were listless.

As for the conservative faction’s Elders, they were enraged, and they ordered the people of the radical faction to get to work. They ordered them to go over every inch of the battlefield until they found Long San’s spatial ring.

That was nothing more than bossing them around. Even the best spatial ring was only on the level of a King item. How could it survive the explosion of a flying boat?

Long San wasn’t a Life Star expert. He didn’t have his own astral space to store things. So treasures had to be placed in his spatial ring.

Having been unable to protect his own life, how could Long San have had the power to protect the spatial ring? It had to have shattered, and the treasures would have been lost in the chaotic flow of space and disintegrated.

Having them search was just to torment them. Who had asked their sinister plot to end in such abject failure? They could only be tormented now.

They were like a group of prisoners on death row, just waiting for their execution. And their execution date was the day the valley master came out of seclusion.

As for the battle between Pill Valley and the Heaven Devouring Forest, Pill Valley had already ordered everyone to shut their mouths and not to talk about it to outsiders.

However, how could it be possible to keep something like this secret? Pill Valley’s losses numbered in the tens of thousands, and the majority of people had been secretly recording the fight.

That was their pride and glory. For ordinary people like them to have experienced something so amazing, they would definitely need proof so that they could brag.

That was why Pill Valley’s gag order was essentially useless. On just the third day, news of the battle spread.

This news didn’t actually come from within Pill Valley, but from some travelers who had been sneaking their way through the Heaven Devouring Forest.

The Heaven Devouring Forest was just too huge, and some travelers had no choice but to take the danger of sneaking their way through it.

They didn’t dare to fly through as brazenly as Pill Valley. Instead, they concealed their auras and traveled like thieves. That gave them a very high chance of getting through the forest safely.

That was especially true of those with low cultivation bases. The battle between Pill Valley and the Heaven Devouring Forest had been witnessed by them, and they were the ones who unleashed the first wave of news. Countless photographic jades spread with recordings of the battle from the distance.

Very quickly, the second wave of photographic jades spread. Those were much clearer with the first-person view of the battlefield.

The entire world was shaken. Everyone went all-out to investigate what had happened, and as a result, the name Long San quickly shook the world.

He became the focus of the entire world. A Jade Core disciple had almost caused the destruction of the incredibly powerful Pill Valley.

Hundreds of Life Star experts had been killed, and it was impossible to count the casualties of the Soul Transformation experts. Four rank nine Celestials had even been conned to death.

Moreover, he had plundered the Thousand Treasure Pavilion, even taking the essence blood and soul essence from that terrifying monster that had required the valley master to kill.

He had then single-handedly killed his way out of Pill Valley, and with the eighteen divine guards on his heels, he ran toward the Heaven Devouring Forest and incited a huge battle between the Heaven Devouring Forest and Pill Valley.

Each one of these things was huge. Each one of them could shake the world.

However, Long San had done them all. Although he had died, his name was remembered by the world. In many people’s hearts, Long San was a legend.

Other so-called heavenly geniuses were garbage compared to Long San. Due to their great emotion, a saga of the great hero Long San was passed down.

Great heroes are born on the Martial Heaven Continent; the true Dragon rises arrogantly above all. Unrivaled divine power shatters heaven and earth, a power that looks down on all others. Nowadays, mediocrity is everywhere; people think themselves amazing without realizing others are laughing at them. The divine valley and ghost forest are still present, but the Master Long San of that time has vanished!

Once Long Chen was in the forest, he slowed down and suppressed his aura. He spread his spiritual perception as far as possible to avoid running into any terrifying existences.

The battle behind him grew more and more intense, but he was in no mood to watch. Every now and then, he would have to pause and conceal himself, because terrifying tree demons were rushing over from every direction. He only continued when the danger passed.

After a couple of hours, he was only able to sense the earth quivering slightly. He couldn’t hear any more voices. Only at that time did he start increasing his speed.

He finally saw sunlight again after three days. The exit of the Heaven Devouring Forest was right in front of him.

BOOM! Seeing the exit, he suddenly tore the root of a large tree out and fled. He tossed the root into the primal chaos space.

The calm forest instantly became enraged. The trees were woken from their slumber, and huge branches whistled toward Long Chen.

“Hehe, there’s no need to send me off. Thanks for everything!”

Long Chen used the Lightning Body Blink to disappear. He was already out of the forest.

The tree he had attacked was on the very edge of the forest and was not a true tree demon. Most likely, it hadn’t completely matured and was unable to move.

As a result, he easily escaped. “Hahaha, I, Master Long, am finally free!”

Long Chen rushed away. He had long since changed his appearance and his robes. Now he was completely safe.

He was ecstatic. His con of Pill Valley had gone perfectly. Now no one would be able to stop him from rising. It felt like he was a beggar who had instantly become an emperor. He wouldn’t lack medicinal pills ever again.

After half a day’s flight, he arrived in a city. Paying a slight toll, he sat through several transportation formations and finally arrived at the Eastern Xuan Region.

Here, he was fully at ease. No matter how amazing Pill Valley was, there was no way they would be able to track him down here.

Finding a decent hotel, he asked for a room. He needed to take a look at his gains this time.

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