Chapter 1381 Master Long Shows Off His Power

“Raging Prairie Fire!”

A flame sphere shot into the sky, and golden flames immediately began to incinerate everything around it.

BANG! Suddenly, the flame sphere exploded in the sky, turning into eight smaller spheres that shot out like a beautiful firework, instantly covering a wide area.

The eight smaller flame spheres exploded into another eight, spreading the golden flames once more.

After the flame spheres exploded a total of eight times, a region of ten thousand miles was turned into a sea of flames.

“Pill Valley’s magical arts really are useful.”

This was one of the magical arts Long Chen had learned in Pill Valley. Although the Raging Prairie Fire’s power wasn’t as great as Raging Flames Devour the Heavens, it cost less energy and was spread throughout a greater area. It was an extremely powerful area attack, and considering he was unleashing it within this forest of ancient trees, its destructive power was definitely terrifying.

All the trees in this region began to burn. Chaos raged in the Heaven Devouring Forest.

“This bastard, does he realize what he’s doing?!?!”

The Pill Valley experts chasing behind all turned pale. This Long San’s ability to cause trouble was truly heaven-defying; he had wantonly unleashed so many flames in the Heaven Devouring Forest.

“Idiots of the Heaven Devouring Forest, this is the price for not being respectful to Pill Valley! I, Master Long San, will teach you brats a lesson you’ll remember. What drugs did you take to dare stop my Pill Valley’s flying boat? Today, if I don’t beat you until you kneel on the ground begging for mercy, then I wouldn’t be called Master Long San!”


Long Chen continued charging forward with his flying boat, and he tossed out another flame sphere. He had only just flown out of the first sea of flames when a second sea of flames was born.

These huge trees were extremely weak to his flames. Even the slightest spark could ignite them.

The sleeping trees were all woken. Their branches whipped around as they tried to extinguish the flames, but that was the Heaven Incinerating Flame and was not so easy to extinguish.

Considering that fire was the bane of wood, these huge trees were quickly incinerated and toppled.

“Pill Valley, you go too far! Do you think my Heaven Devouring Forest is easy to bully?!” Furious roars began to ring out, and several terrifying auras began rushing over from the depths of the forest.

“Perfect!” Long Chen jumped off the flying boat. Wielding a sword, he stabbed a hole into the ground and vanished.


The flying boat he had been on exploded, unleashing gale winds that spread the golden flames even further.

Huge figures comparable to mountains rushed over. Each one of them was an incredibly powerful tree demon.

“Pill Valley, die!”

Over ten thousand of them had appeared just in time to see Pill Valley’s flying boats come flying out of the core of the flames. This proof was clear. These powerful tree demons summoned barriers of light that isolated them from the flames and attacked Pill Valley’s experts.

“Stop! This is just a misunderstanding! Listen to our explanation-”


The first tree demon didn’t bother waiting. Its branches gathered together to form a huge fist that smashed one of the flying boats away.

Although these flying boats were hundreds of meters long, compared to these huge tree demons, they were like toys.

Fortunately, the flying boat’s barrier activated, or this attack would have destroyed it.

“Bastards, do you think we’re idiots? After attacking, you say it’s a misunderstanding? Kill them all!”

The tree demons blocked Pill Valley’s flying boats and attacked.

“Charge through! We can’t let Long San escape!” ordered the various experts. They knew that Long San was just one person, and it would be easy for him to slip away in the chaos.

This was his best chance to get away. If they allowed him to get away, they would all be doomed.

Suddenly, runes lit up on the flying boats, and huge pillars of flames shot out.

The flame pillars blew through any of the tree demons in front of them. Each one of these attacks was the result of over ten Life Star experts working together with the flying boat’s formation. They killed hundreds of the tree demons in just a moment.

All the flying boats charged through, but their expressions changed. Long San had vanished.

After the explosion of the flying boat, the sea of flames had spread even further, and Long San had vanished amongst it all.

“There are no spatial fluctuations, so he didn’t use a teleportation talisman! He can’t have gotten far! He’s definitely hiding underground. We-” An Elder was about to order them to dig up the ground when it exploded, and vines shot out at him.

These vines were incredibly thick. They were like a fiend’s tentacles.

“Not good! It’s the Evil Ghost Creeper!” The expression on one of the Elders completely changed. This was an extremely terrifying lifeform. Its body was composed of vines, and it spent its days devouring the flesh of Magical Beasts.

More and more vines came out of the ground, covering the sky. Although it was just a few tentacles, they were so huge that it sparked disbelief.

“Activate the flame shield!”

All the flying boat’s runes lit up again, forming a huge flame barrier that protected them.

“Senior of the Heaven Devouring Forest, my Pill Valley is innocent in this. It’s just a misunderstanding. We came to capture…” One of the divine guards cried out, trying to explain.

This was all caused by Long San. He had actually left the blame to them. This was incredibly aggravating.

BOOM! However, the Evil Ghost Creeper didn’t give him any chance to explain. Its vines wrapped around all the flying boats.

The barriers around the flying boats began to crack. All of Pill Valley’s experts’ expressions changed. The Evil Ghost Creeper was even stronger than they had expected.

“The eighteen divine guards, if you don’t fight back, we won’t be able to last!” cried an Elder. Their barrier was on the verge of collapsing.

“Senior, this is just a misunderstanding…” One of the divine guards was still trying to explain.

However, the Evil Ghost Creeper wasn’t listening. Its power grew greater and greater.

“These wood-brained idiots! You can’t explain anything to them! Hurry and kill them, or Long San will get away!” cursed an Elder.

Although their cultivation bases weren’t as high as the divine guards and their actual combat power was far weaker, because they were alchemists, they didn’t need to be courteous to them.

“Fine, then I can only offend you!” The divine guards could only strike back. Although this would make them fall for Long San’s scheme, they had no choice.

“Brahma Divine Ring!”

The eighteen guards formed hand seals, and chanting filled the air. A huge ring of light formed between the eighteen of them and then rapidly spread.

With the eighteen of them working together, the vines binding them were all blown away.

At this time, Long Chen was scurrying away underground like a mouse. Sharp light came out of his sword, making a path for him.

He didn’t dare to appear outside, and he also suppressed his aura as much as possible. As he dug underground, no one sensed him.

Within this region, all the ancient trees had been turned to ashes and killed. Even when he encountered roots, the actual trees had died so there was no danger.

Pill Valley’s experts were confident they could catch up to him. That was because flame cultivators had sharp senses for each other.

Since flame cultivators all had core flames, they wanted to rely on this sense to find Long Chen.

However, they didn’t know that Long Chen didn’t have a core flame. His flame energy came from Huo Long.

Long Chen could use the flame energy and then simply send Huo Long back to the primal chaos space, and there wouldn’t be any flame aura left on him to sense.

Not being able to sense his aura had made Pill Valley’s experts panic, which was another reason they had charged out of the tree demons’ barrier without caring about the price.

The ground exploded. The true body of the Evil Ghost Creeper appeared. It was a body of thistles and thorns that was even larger than a mountain.

Furthermore, there wasn’t just one. Dozens of them appeared at once. They instantly sealed the path of the Pill Valley’s experts.

“Pill Valley, you’ve always cursed us for being wood-headed idiots. We’ve had enough. Today, we’ll settle all our debts!” The terrifying voice rang through the air like thunder.

This voice came from one of the Evil Ghost Creepers, and when the divine guards saw that Evil Ghost Creeper, their expressions all changed.

As for Long Chen, he was already far in the distance. Borrowing the flying sand and rocks from their battle, he flew away.

“Yes, you’re right, they always curse you like that. I’ll testify to that. Fight, kill these bastards. I’m cheering for you in spirit.” Long Chen praised the Evil Ghost Creeper inside. He hadn’t expected things to go so smoothly.

It seemed that the Heaven Devouring Forest and Pill Valley had both disliked each other for a long time. Their resentment had slowly accumulated over all this time, and with him as the spark, a blazing conflict immediately ignited.

Rumbling rang out behind him. A world-shaking battle had begun.

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