Chapter 1380 Once More Going to the Heaven Devouring Forest


The transparent barrier was struck by the pot. Black spots of rust flew up, and a large hole appeared in the incredibly powerful barrier.

Long Chen immediately rushed through. There were four huge flying boats parked in the distance.

“Pill Valley really is kind; they even arranged a boat for me. I’m so emotional.”

Long Chen didn’t stand on courtesy. He directly pulled three of the flying boats into the primal chaos space and jumped onto the fourth one.

“Stay behind!” The Life Star experts were shocked that Long Chen had escaped the barrier. They immediately charged after him.

Flame runes circulated, forming a huge flame wall in front of him.

“It’s okay, I’m busy. I won’t be staying for dinner. How about the next time I’m free?”

Long Chen laughed and extended his arm. A huge golden flame dragon appeared in the sky.

The golden dragon immediately opened its mouth, and its dragon breath spurted toward the wall.

A huge hole appeared in the flame wall. Long Chen activated the flying boat and shot away, instantly vanishing.

“Damnit! We actually let him get away!”

The Life Star experts were enraged. They had definitely messed up. Despite all of them working together, they hadn’t been able to stop a single Jade Core brat. They would probably have to suffer severe punishment after this.

Suddenly, space trembled. Flying boats appeared one by one.

“This aura! It’s the Flame Divine Palace’s eighteen divine guards!” Those experts looked toward those flying boats with shock.

They had no idea what had happened in Pill Valley. But seeing Pill Valley mobilize the eighteen divine guards for a single Jade Core disciple shocked them.

“Even at this life and death juncture, you still think of me and refuse to implicate me. Long San, you’re really such a person?” At some unknown time, the Pill Fairy had appeared in the surroundings. She looked questioningly at the sky, her eyes containing an emotion difficult to describe with words.

The jade pendant she had given Long Chen was a protective talisman, but Long San hadn’t used it. Instead, he had used his own power to kill his way out.

The Pill Fairy was grateful for this. But if this was learned by others, they might die from rage, especially those experts that had already been killed by Long Chen’s Heaven Incinerating Flame. They would probably die again from rage.

Could it be that just because he had power, he could be so willful? Wasn’t this just showing off?

Long Chen didn’t want to implicate the Pill Fairy, because the Pill Fairy was a good person. He would rather handle the danger himself.

Another reason was that he was someone who would definitely repay favors. The Pill Fairy’s actions had made it so no matter if he used or not, he would still owe her a favor.

However, if he used it, he would not only owe a favor, but he would have also implicated her. He wasn’t afraid of heaven or earth, but he was afraid of owing favors.

“They’ve caught up this quickly?!” Long Chen was shocked. Although he couldn’t see anything behind him, he could sense danger rapidly approaching.

Clenching his teeth, he instantly increased the speed of the flying boat to its peak. Normally, a flying boat needed to accelerate slowly to avoid damaging it.

However, Long Chen couldn’t bother caring about that right now. In any case, he had stolen it, so if it broke, he wouldn’t need to feel any pain.

The flying boat was like a meteor shooting through the air. But in an incense stick’s worth of time, over ten other flying boats had appeared, slowly getting closer.

“Fuck, they can actually increase the speed even more?!” Seeing the flames spurting out of their flying boats, Long Chen felt like he had been conned.

The truth was that these flying boats were all equipped with the ability to attack, defend, and accelerate. But they all required powerful flame energy to be inserted into certain installations.

Back in the Heaven Devouring Forest, Zhuo Tianxiang and the others had used one of those installations to scare away the tree demons.

“The Heaven Devouring Forest? Right, that’s a good spot!” Long Chen’s eyes suddenly brightened.

He hastily took out a map and was delighted. He was just about to reach the Heaven Devouring Forest.

“Long San, you won’t get away! Let yourself be captured peacefully, or you’ll be killed!”

There was still a thousand miles between them, but that person’s voice rang out very clearly. He had to possess a powerful cultivation base. He was most likely one of the eighteen divine guards.

“What a joke! Do you think Master Long San would surrender? Idiots from the radical faction, after using me, you want to get rid of me? You scammers, you’re shameless trash! You tricked me into killing the elite disciples of the Divine Shield Alliance in the Heaven Dragon Flame Region, and then you told Dan Yanxue and Kan Dongze to kill me so no one would know! Did you think turning me into a vengeful ghost would allow you to live happily? Fuck your grand dreams, I’m not going to let you get away with it! Since you want me dead, I’ll make you pay a price!”

Although Long Chen’s voice wasn’t very loud, since he was the one at the front, his voice still reached the ones behind him.

Long Chen’s words immediately caused quite a few people’s expressions to change. One person roared, “Long San, don’t talk nonsense! After committing such crimes, randomly accusing others won’t let you escape!”

That person was precisely an Elder from the radical faction who possessed great authority. His position was only slightly lower than a Grand Elder, so he knew the real plan involving Long San.

There were hundreds of Life Star experts on these flying boats, and although the majority were flame cultivators from the Divine Flame Hall, there were also alchemists.

After all, the Thousand Treasure Pavilion had been pilfered, Zhuo Tianxiang had been slain, and the Alldevil monster’s essence blood and soul essence had been taken. Pill Valley had never suffered such an insult. If they didn’t capture Long San, they would become the laughingstocks of the cultivation world.

Thus, there were also experts from the conservative faction that were all infuriated upon hearing Long Chen’s words.

“Talking nonsense? Alright, then let me show you something. This is proof of how you baited me. I’ve kept it all this time. Did you really think I was an idiot? Since you wanted to kill me, and since I won’t be alive soon anyways, I’ll make your ugly faces public. People from the conservative faction, look properly! These photographic jades are for you! As for whether you can grab them or not, it’ll be up to your own skill.”

Long Chen tossed out hundreds of photographic jades behind him.


One of the Elders immediately extended a hand to unleash a powerful attack, but as a result, another Elder blocked him. “What? Do you have a guilty heart? You want to destroy evidence?”

The photographic jades were rapidly snatched up. Although the radical faction’s experts ‘accidentally’ broke a large portion of them, there were more than ten that landed in the hands of others, and five in the hands of the conservative faction.

An Elder activated the photographic jade, revealing a scene of Kan Dongze giving a list of people to Long San and telling him to kill them. He also mentioned the benefits he would obtain if he eliminated them all.

“Good, very good! I didn’t expect you to actually be so despicable!” The conservative faction’s people were enraged. A portion of the recording came from within the Heaven Dragon Flame Region, and there was no way it was fake.

There were scenes of Kan Dongze and Dan Yanxue. The chances of it being fake were essentially zero.

“Don’t bother with the veracity of these photographic jades for now. We have to handle Pill Valley’s matters first. As for whether or not it’s the truth, we can discuss it when we get back. Arguing about this doesn’t have any meaning right now! First capture Long San. We must take back what he stole. He has the treasures Pill Valley accumulated over tens of thousands of years! If we don’t capture him, none of us will be able to give an explanation.”

Seeing that both sides were about to start fighting, one of the divine guards hastily interrupted.

The conservative faction’s Elders were fine with this. As long as this proof remained in their hands, they weren’t worried about the radical faction getting away.

Furthermore, Long San had truly been vicious. He had plundered the Thousand Treasure Pavilion, including the secret treasure room. The Grand Elders had ordered them to capture him at any cost.

So they had mobilized the eighteen divine guards and hundreds of Life Star experts for a single Jade Core disciple. This kind of lineup was truly terrifying.

Then again, this was very reasonable. This Jade Core disciple had drawn over a monster that had almost destroyed Pill Valley. If it hadn’t been for the valley master personally interfering, Pill Valley would have been annihilated.

Now, Pill Valley had been half-destroyed, over a hundred Life Star experts had been slain, the Thousand Treasure Pavilion had been pilfered, and most infuriating of all, the two priceless treasures the valley master had obtained by slaying the monster had also been snatched away. That made them crazy with fury.


Suddenly, one of the pursuing flying boat’s runes lit up, and a blazing arrow smashed into the back of Long Chen’s flying boat.

His flying boat flipped through the air, and Long Chen hastily controlled the flying boat, finally stabilizing it with great difficulty. The flying boats behind him had shortened the gap.

He noticed another flying boat’s runes light up. It was clearly preparing an attack.

“Haha, we’ve arrived!” Suddenly, the sky darkened. Long Chen was delighted. The Heaven Devouring Forest was right ahead.

Long Chen’s flying boat’s runes immediately exploded as Long Chen used a self-destructive acceleration tool. The flying boats behind him were thrown back into the distance.

After using this acceleration tool, the flying boat would only be able to continue flying for an incense’s stick worth of time before being completely ruined.

Long Chen had an evil smile as he stood atop the flying boat. A huge flame sphere rapidly grew in his right hand.

“Tree idiots of the Heaven Devouring Forest, today, my Pill Valley is going to show you who the real master of this world is! If you have any guts, get the hell out here!” roared Long Chen so loudly that the entire forest trembled.

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