Chapter 138 Taking the Place of the Heavens

Long Chen raised his head and saw three people standing not far behind him. Their eyes were bright as they looked at Long Chen; no, more accurately, they were looking at his fish cage.

“Kid, what are you still waiting for? Hand over the Wonder Carp.”

Long Chen nodded and placed the fish cage on the ground. Those three immediately rushed over and took out the Wonder Carp excitedly.

“They really are the legendary Wonder Carp. I heard this thing tastes so good that no one can resist it. I can’t believe we’ve managed to catch them here!” laughed one of them.

Long Chen icily watched these three excited fools. He didn’t say anything. He was interested whether they had any brains at all.

“Too bad we don’t have anywhere to put them. Spatial rings can’t store living creatures. Otherwise, we could just capture a few and breed them. If we could end up with a farm of endless Wonder Carp, we’d be able to eat a feast every meal,” lamented one of them.

“Hehe, my southern mountain Zhao family had a Forging Master ancestor. Do you recognize this?” One of the men who was a bit cross-eyed took out a ring proudly.

“What’s this? It looks like a spatial ring.” The other two were puzzled.

“Hehe, do you not understand? This is called a life ring. You can put living creatures inside it. It was made by one of my Zhao family’s ancestors.” The cross-eyed man was extremely pleased with himself.

“You can put living things inside it? Excellent! Then can brother Zhao also put his housepets within this life ring?” Those two looked at him enviously.

“Cough, it should be possible. But this is a relic of a dead ancestor. And out of respect for his legacy, I refuse to place Magical Beasts within. That would be a kind of blasphemy to my ancestor.”

The cross-eyed man coughed and covered up his embarrassment. In reality, life rings were more than capable of storing Magical Beasts within. However, his ancestor had only been half a Forging Master. To be more accurate, he had really just been an apprentice.

So this life ring was really a defective product when compared to the true life rings. Only a couple of creatures with weaker life forces could be placed within. It couldn’t even store some of the more powerful wild beasts, let alone Magical Beasts. But he refused to tell them this.

“Then does brother Zhao want to place these Wonder Carp inside this life ring?” asked one of them.

“Of course.”

“Aren’t you afraid of blaspheming against your ancestor?”

“Ah, that’s not the same. If I placed a Magical Beast within, it would mess around, probably peeing everywhere. That’s a blasphemy. But a Wonder Carp is an absolute delicacy. My ancestor would definitely be happy for such a thing, so it’s not blasphemy,” said the cross-eyed man without blushing at all.

“This…” the other two hesitated slightly.

Now they had three Wonder Carp, so each of them could have one. They were somewhat apprehensive to place them all with the cross-eyed man.

“What, do you two not trust your brother? All of us are followers of boss Lei. Do you guys not even have that little bit of trust?”

The other two hastily said, “How could we not trust you? We’re just curious whether the life ring really could raise fish, that’s all.”

How could the cross-eyed man not see through that lie? But he only lightly said, “We’re all chasing after boss Lei. Our families sent over many benefits to him, so boss Lei still decided to accept us. But after arriving here, you guys have also seen how intense the competition is here. Even though we’re definitely top ranking in terms of power, we… bastard, what are you laughing about?”

The cross-eyed man saw that Long Chen was laughing and thus he angrily pointed at him.

“Oh, nothing… you guys continue.” Long Chen did his best to keep his laughter inside. But these clowns made that extremely difficult.

From what the cross-eyed man was saying, Long Chen could guess that their families had sent over many gifts to the Lei family already, and that was the only reason why Lei Qianshang had agreed to let them join his faction.

These three fools possessed faces that were just asking for a beating. It was almost as if he would be letting down their parents if he didn’t give them a beating.

Lei Qianshang definitely wouldn’t care about such people. It was only because he had received orders from his family that he had accepted them.

Seeing Long Chen’s twisted face, they assumed he was afraid of them and couldn’t help but snort. “Although our power is top ranking, there are too many others who also have top ranking strength. There are even a few who are even more outstanding than us. We have to be ready for anything.”

The other two nodded to the cross-eyed man’s words. Although both of them knew he was boasting to call their power ‘top ranking’, they were already clear just what kind of level they had reached.

“Thus, we have to display proper loyalty and devotion to boss Lei. Only then can we improve our relationship with him even more.”

“Right, brother Zhao’s words are completely correct!” the other two admiringly said.

“And so don’t be suspicious. We’ll hand over all these things to boss Lei. What do you two think?”

“Yes, brother Zhao is right! If brother Zhao hadn’t given us this reminder, we really would have made a mistake! Brother Zhao’s eyes truly are discerning, penetrating through everything!”

The cross-eyed man’s expression became even more pleased as he heard their praise.

“Hehe, you flatter me. Many fools mock me for my crossed-eyes. But they just don’t know that that’s because I examine things extremely carefully, and it’s because of that that I can see more and further than other people.”

Long Chen almost lost control of his laughter this time. This cross-eyed man really knew how to cover up his own embarrassment. 

After he modestly said that, the cross-eyed man brought the life ring over to the pool. He absorbed a great deal of water into the life ring from a bucket.

“My life ring has an area of thirty meters. First, I have to add a small pond to it so I can add the Wonder Carp,” he explained to the other two.

Absorbing several more buckets of water, he finally had added enough water, and he absorbed his Wonder Carp into his life ring as well.

“Ok, everything is set now. Give me your Wonder Carp as well.”

After finally absorbing all three Wonder Carp, the three of them turned to look at Long Chen.

Seeing that Long Chen was staring at his life ring, the cross-eyed man sneered, “Kid, I bet you’ve never seen such a mysterious treasure before, right? Look on in envy all you want. 

“Hmph, you’re just a weakling. Did you think you could be arrogant just because you have a third rank Magical Beast? Which family doesn’t have third rank Magical Beasts? We just didn’t feel like bringing one out here.

“Back then you used your third rank Magical Beast to fight off Qi Xin so mightily. Now you regret it, right? Without a third rank Magical Beast by your side, you’re just a useless snail.

“Now tell me, just how did you attract these Wonder Carp? Don’t be stupid or we’ll beat you.” The cross-eyed man viciously glared at Long Chen.

The three of them had noticed the Wonder Carp long before he had arrived. But no matter what method they used, they were unable to catch one. They had even set up traps without capturing even a single one.

They had been walking along the water in hopes of finding a better spot to fish when they had encountered Long Chen.

And so now they urgently wished to know just how Long Chen had managed to catch the fish. They even directly threatened him to force him into handing over his secret technique.

He indifferently looked at the three of them and sincerely smiled, “I really am thankful the three of you came, really.”

“Less crap. Quickly tell us the method,” advised one of them.

“I actually had something I wanted to discuss with you three. But now I find that your manners really are lacking, so I’ll switch to a different method of conversation.”

Suddenly, his hand shot out without any warning, slapping across the cross-eyed man. The cross-eyed man had never expected that someone he considered an ant to dare slap him.

An extremely resounding sound rang out. Without any defenses, he was sent flying dozens of meters, miserably landing in a pile of thistles.

“How refreshing.” Long Chen couldn’t help but praise himself inside. That cross-eyed man really had been acting far too obnoxiously. Giving him a slap gave Long Chen a great delight. It was incredibly refreshing to take the place of the heavens to give him a lesson.

“You asked for it!” The other two furiously shouted and charged at him. Those two were both late stage Blood Condensation experts with steady auras.

But unfortunately, their attacks had far too many openings. They were using a pattern of attack that was incredibly inflexible. But he had to admit, they really were acting like experts very well, especially their appearance when they shouted.

A large hand slapped across their two faces, and the two of them were immediately sent flying, landing on the cross-eyed man.

Whether it was the angle, posture, or distance—everything had been perfect. That cross-eyed man had only just gotten back up dizzily when those two crashed into him, knocking him back down again.


The three of them roared, their auras exploding. Blood Qi surged as they charged at Long Chen.

More slaps rang out mixed with miserable cries. The birds that had been at the pool were all frightened into flight. Slapping and banging noises continued to ring out.

After the time it took for an incense stick to burn, those screams and bangs finally stopped. The three of their faces were now covered in large bumps and bruises, making their heads look like pig heads. The intense pain coming from their faces made it so even they themselves felt that they were probably no better than pigs either.

Originally, they had thought Long Chen was just some spoiled disciple, more spoiled than even them. After all, he had just been relying on his mount, which didn’t represent any of his real power.

They had assumed that because no matter how they looked at Long Chen, he didn’t look like an expert. He didn’t have Lei Qianshang’s overbearing aggressiveness and arrogance. That caused them to think that he was just a cocky hoodlum.

So the three of them had considered Long Chen an easy target. But after a ‘fierce fight’, they had been completely, ruthlessly oppressed.

As for Long Chen, he was relaxed and pleased. He amicably told the three of them:

“Now we can have a proper conversation, right?”

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