Chapter 1379 Killing His Way Out of Pill Valley

Long Chen was on guard. He felt very conflicted toward the Pill Fairy because he knew she was a good person. If he wasn’t Long Chen, the two of them would be good friends. But in the end, the two of them had to face each other.

Long Chen was clear on just how terrifying the Pill Fairy was. When the two of them had joined hands to kill Xuan Jizi, Xuan Jizi had been killed in one blow; even his Yuan Spirit hadn’t escaped. In Long Chen’s current state, he still wasn’t able to instantly destroy a Life Star expert’s Yuan Spirit.

Although he had killed Zhuo Tianxiang, one reason was because it had been a sneak attack, and the other reason was because he had used an Ancestral item. Furthermore, without the Heaven Incinerating Flame, Zhuo Tianxiang’s Yuan Spirit would have managed to escape. It was clear that there was an obvious power gap between the two of them.

Seeing the Pill Fairy extend her hand, Long Chen took a deep breath. He prepared himself for a bloody battle with this peerless beauty.

Unexpectedly, the Pill Fairy wasn’t extending her hand to unleash an attack. Instead, she handed him a jade pendant.

“This is my jade pendant and my token of trust. Only by using it can you get through the layer of blockades outside,” said the Pill Fairy.

Long Chen didn’t dare to believe this. He couldn’t understand why the Pill Fairy would help him. “Why…?”

Seeing his astonishment, the Pill Fairy smiled. “Are you very curious? In truth, I’m also very curious. I very much dislike the current Pill Valley with its raging schemes and internal fighting. But you are a good person who made me feel a warmth I’ve never felt before. I’ve already sent Duan Tianqiao’s ashes to the Eastern Wasteland, so this is the only thing I can do for you now. Take it!”

The Pill Fairy pressed the jade pendant into Long Chen’s hand. It was still warm, and the Pill Fairy’s scent still lingered on it. Long Chen wasn’t able to describe what exactly he was feeling in his heart at this moment.

He truly wished the Pill Fairy was a sharp and unkind woman like Dan Yanxue. He would be able to fight all-out against such a person, but the Pill Fairy wasn’t such a woman. Despite knowing he was her enemy, she was helping him leave. He didn’t know what to do.

“You’ll be caught up in my trouble if you do this. You’ll be seen as a criminal by Pill Valley,” said Long Chen.

“Even at this time, you’re thinking of me?” said the Pill Fairy softly.

“I don’t like owing favors. My life is full of trouble and misfortune, and if I one day caused a huge calamity and died, I won’t be able to repay you.” Long Chen bitterly smiled.

“I don’t need your favor. But I feel like you’re a good person I should help. For example, when you helped Wan Qing. Did you ever once think of getting anything from her? For a little girl, you would challenge Jiang Zijun to a life and death battle. Did you once think about the consequences? Now I’m the same. I feel like there are some things that I should do, so I’ll do them. Go. Even with my jade pendant, you won’t be able to escape that easily. Pill Valley’s power far surpasses your imagination.”

Seeing her pure eyes, Long Chen nodded. He felt great admiration for people like the Pill Fairy who were still pure-hearted and kind.

“I owe you a favor.”

Long Chen sighed and accepted the jade pendant. He bowed toward the Pill Fairy once and then left.

Seeing him go into the distance, sadness appeared in the Pill Fairy’s eyes. It was just as she had said. She was only able to help so much. She couldn’t guarantee that Long San would be able to live.

Long Chen rushed off, quickly reached the exit of Pill Valley. The two divine statues were standing there. One was Fallen Daynight, one was Lord Brahma.

“Fuck, why do I find you so hateful when I look at you?”

Long Chen looked around and saw that there was no one present. He suddenly shot toward one of the statues’ heads.


Long Chen punched the statue. But suddenly, a barrier appeared around it. They were actually protected by a formation, and Long Chen was blown back, coughing up blood. His arm almost broke.

“As expected. It seems that these two statues are very important to Pill Valley. I can’t break them, but I suppose crapping on their heads would be doable, right?” Long Chen had a sudden thought.

However, the statue was too tall. Long Chen wasn’t able to poop that high up.

“Fine, I’ll lower the difficulty!”

A stream of liquid fell on Fallen Daynight and Lord Brahma’s statues. Long Chen was extremely fair. He shared his wealth without being biased to either side.

After finishing this, Long Chen pulled up his pants and rushed off. This path was extremely long. He didn’t run into any guards on his way.

He quickly reached the end, and there were countless experts there. Runes covered the sky. They had long since set up a huge net. It was no wonder the higher-ups had only allowed the disciples to search within Pill Valley. They had already sealed the exit.

“Who’s there? Stop!”

As soon as Long Chen appeared, over ten Life Star experts went over to him.

“Your father!”

Long Chen’s reply was a flame sphere. The three-hundred-meter sphere shot out like a shooting star.

“He’s definitely Long San! Capture him!”

These experts immediately deduced that this person wearing the robes of an outer disciple had to be Long San.

Long Chen’s flame sphere exploded, and golden flames raged.

“Fuck, this is…”

“It’s the legendary Heaven Incinerating Flame!”

These experts had flame runes revolving around them, but even these flame runes were ignited by the Heaven Incinerating Flame. Startled cries rang out.

The Life Star experts were alright. After a moment of panic, they used their powerful Spiritual Strength and spiritual yuan to isolate the Heaven Incinerating Flame.

However, Soul Transformation experts were unable to do the same. They were simply burned to a crisp.

The thing that terrified them was that when they used their flame runes to resist, it was just like adding oil to the fire. The burning grew even more intense. But if they didn’t resist, they would simply be standing there as they were roasted.

The Life Star experts immediately helped the others. The flames were extinguished, but many were killed in just that moment. Their Yuan Spirits were incinerated along with their physical bodies.

“Where’d Long San go?!”

It took a long time for them to suppress the flames. Of the thousands of experts, only a few hundred remained. During the chaos, Long San had vanished.

“He activated the transportation formation!”

“Impossible! We closed the transportation formation a long time ago! Who activated it?!”

“Elder Lu has been killed! Long San definitely did an instantaneous soulsearch and learned how to activate the formation on his own.”

One of the Elders went over to a corpse that had been burned to a crisp. There was a hole on that corpse’s forehead.

“I heard this Long San’s soul was strange. It seems we underestimated him. Most unexpected of all is that he possesses the Heaven Incinerating Flame.”

“What should we do?”

“Just go report it and ask for reinforcements. Even if he got past us, there’s no need to worry. There’s still another gate past this formation!”


Long Chen smashed a huge cauldron into the transportation formation he exited.

There were thousands of experts surrounding this transportation formation, but Long Chen had appeared suddenly, and they reacted a bit slow, allowing Long Chen to destroy the transportation formation behind him.

This couldn’t be blamed on them. They were sure that the inside of Pill Valley was full of experts, and a single Divine Pill Hall disciple would be easy to capture.

The only reason so many of them were here was a display of power to enemies. Although they looked tense on the surface, they were randomly chatting spiritually.

As a result, when Long Chen appeared and destroyed the transportation formation, they were all dumbfounded.

Long Chen sighed in relief. He finally had a chance to breathe. Pill Valley was huge, and there was quite some distance between this transportation formation and the one at the exit.

“This person is Long San! Capture him!” shouted a Life Star expert. All the guards immediately attacked. A huge barrier enveloped all of them.

“Raging Flames Devour the Heavens!”

Long Chen formed hand seals, and this barrier became filled with golden flames.

Those people had only just started rushing over when they were enveloped by the flames, their bodies instantly igniting. Those experts let out mournful cries.

Four Life Star experts charged through the flames. To reciprocate, Long Chen slashed a sword, and its immense power forced them back.

“Damnit, this flame is…” Everyone’s expressions changed as they recognized this legendary flame.

“Open the barrier! Let them get out of the region of these flames, or they’ll be killed!” roared a Soul Transformation expert. He himself was already starting to reach his limit.

“We can’t! If we open the barrier, Long San will get away!” The few Life Star experts were still able to endure. They didn’t care about the others.

They knew that as long as they could keep Long Chen here, Pill Valley’s reinforcements would quickly arrive. At that time, they would have contributed a great service.

Moreover, if they opened the barrier to save these people, Long San would get away, and they would have to bear the responsibility. So they didn’t care about these people any longer.

Several Life Star experts attacked Long Chen while resisting the Heaven Incinerating Flame. The best possible situation was for them to capture Long San themselves.

However, he had an Ancestral item, and adding on that they were all flame element cultivators and that Long Chen’s flame was the Heaven Incinerating Flame ranked third on the Earth Flame Ranking, they were unable to capture him.

“I can’t waste time with them.” Long Chen knew that the longer he stayed here, the more dangerous it would become. Just the Heaven Incinerating Flame was unable to menace Life Star experts.


Long Chen suddenly slashed his sword, forcing them back. A pot appeared in his hand, and he smashed it at the barrier.

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