Chapter 1378 Meeting on the Battlefield?

That face was handsome, but when it smiled, it looked a bit wicked. His eyes were always bright and clear enough for people to see his heart.

Once her father left, the Pill Fairy slowly descended to the ground.

At this time, a Grand Elder ordered, “Hurry and send people to the Heaven Dragon Flame Region to investigate what happened inside and see if any disciples are still alive.”

Immediately, several Elders rushed off to gather other disciples. The Heaven Dragon Flame Region’s entrance was restricted by a formation so only Jade Core disciples and below could enter.

However, some Elders were already shaking their heads. That Alldevil monster had been too terrifying. Even with the grand formation suppressing it, it had killed hundreds of Life Star experts.

Furthermore, considering how furious it had been, it must have started a slaughter as soon as it escaped from its seal. The chances of any of those disciples surviving were miniscule.

“Wait, someone saw Long San before this! He’s still alive!” cried an Elder.

When Long Chen had fled after he had come out of the Heaven Dragon Flame Region with the Alldevil monster, several experts had seen him as they had rushed over.

“It couldn’t be that he was the one who unleashed that monster?” wondered someone.

Long Chen cursed. Did they really have to randomly guess around? Fuck, they actually got it right in one guess! At this time, his smartest option was to run as fast as possible. But he was still worried, and in the end, he didn’t slip away.

The Pill Fairy was shocked to hear this and was delighted. She had thought that Long San had already died in the Heaven Dragon Flame Region.

“Send out orders to capture Long San! Whether or not he has anything to do with that monster, we have to capture him first!” shouted a Grand Elder.

That Grand Elder was from the conservative faction. At this time, the Grand Elder who had been given the two bottles handed them to Zhuo Tianxiang. “Protector Zhuo, go send these to the Thousand Treasure Pavilion. Also, alert our side to capture Long San immediately!”

“If he’s alive, I want him captured. If he’s dead, I want to see his corpse. We must find him.” This final message was sent spiritually.

Zhuo Tianxiang nodded and carefully took the two bottles. These two bottles were priceless treasures.

Most importantly, that Grand Elder had been telling him to make sure their side found Long San before the others.

First, they would figure out what happened from him, and if the truth was unfavorable for them, they would eliminate him right there and then. Otherwise, they could continue raising them.

The situation in the Heaven Dragon Flame Region had gone far astray of what they had planned. Originally, they had been planning on using this opportunity to reverse their disadvantage, but as a result, all their troops had been annihilated. This matter was huge.

If Long San was found by the conservative faction, and he told them that he had learned of the sinister plot of the radical faction and decided to release that monster in his despair, they would be doomed. Thus, they had to find him first. For the Grand Elder to say that he wanted Long San captured alive or dead was clearly telling Zhuo Tianxiang what he needed.

Zhuo Tianxiang didn’t tarry and he flew away, but he didn’t go straight to the Thousand Treasure Pavilion. Instead, he went to his own residence.

Important things had to be done first. Sending these treasures over could be done sooner or later, but Long San had to be captured immediately. This would decide whether they lived or died, so he had to alert all his confidants to capture Long San and bring him here immediately.

“Protector Zhuo, I’ve found you! Disciple has something major to report!”

Zhuo Tianxiang had only just arrived at his residence when Long San came crashing in, panicked and terrified.

Seeing Long San send himself to him, Zhuo Tianxiang was delighted. Long San was bowing toward him, and Zhuo Tianxiang didn’t hesitate. A large hand reached toward his throat. First, he would capture Long San and then decide what to do with him.

Just as Zhuo Tianxiang’s hand was about to reach Long Chen’s neck and seal his cultivation base, a fiery-red sword stabbed through Zhuo Tianxiang’s chest.

“Zhuo Tianxiang, now do you know who I am?” Long Chen poured a golden flame through the sword into Zhuo Tianxiang’s chest. He was instantly enveloped by flames.

“You are… Long Chen?”

At this time, Long Chen no longer bothered to change his voice, and Zhuo Tianxiang immediately recognized him. He was filled with fury. Back then, he had suspected Long San to be Long Chen, but after all kinds of proof, he had finally convinced himself that they weren’t the same people.

Now, the truth was laid bare in front of him. Long San was indeed Long Chen. His current emotions could not be described with words.

“Bastard, you dare to trick me!”

Zhuo Tianxiang suddenly slammed a palm toward Long Chen.

All Long Chen did was tilt the sword in his hand. The power of an Ancestral item burst forth within Zhuo Tianxiang’s body, blowing him up.

“No!” All that remained of Zhuo Tianxiang was his Yuan Spirit. It was bound in golden flames and being incinerated. Long Chen’s sudden attack had also heavily injured his Yuan Spirit.

Long Chen took a spatial ring and instantly left.

“Protector Zhuo, what is it?”

Long Chen had only just left when others heard the disturbance and rushed over. They saw a ball of golden flames burning in the air.

At first, they could hear Zhuo Tianxiang’s screaming, but in less than a breath’s time, his Yuan Spirit was incinerated into nothingness.

“This is… the legendary… Heaven Incinerating Flame?!” someone cried out in shock and terror.

“This is bad! Protector Zhuo has been slain! Hurry and report it to the higher-ups!” Only at this moment did someone react and hastily go to report this.

With the treasures in hand, Long Chen happily decided to leave Pill Valley. He hadn’t suffered all those grievances for nothing. He had finally gotten his payback.

Just at this moment, the sound of a bell rang throughout Pill Valley. A majestic voice could be heard screaming, “The traitor Long San has stolen the treasures of the Thousand Treasure Pavilion! His crimes are reprehensible, and all disciples are to move out to arrest him!”

Long Chen was startled. He had been noticed this quickly? He immediately dived into some bushes and wiped some new elixir on his face, changing his appearance.

In just a moment, he had become a different person. Checking in a mirror, he adjusted some details.

He had become a different disciple of the Divine Pill Hall. That disciple was from the Divine Spear Alliance, and Long Chen’s impression of him was extremely strong because this person’s mouth was extremely malicious. He had wanted to kill him several times, but had never had an excuse to do so. It just so happened that he could use his face now.

“Everyone, be on the lookout for Long San! Quick, capture Long San… what the fuck?!”

Long Chen was shouting as he ran to prove that he was working for Pill Valley when he saw another person rushing over.

They had only just crossed paths when that person turned back to look at him questioningly. That person’s expression suddenly changed, and he was about to cry out.

“It’s forbidden to fart here!”

Long Chen immediately attacked, blasting that Foundation Forging disciple into blood mist.

That person was truly unlucky. He was precisely the person Long Chen had disguised himself as. The original had met the imposter, and the imposter had eliminated the original. Now, the imposter could truly take the place of the original.

After killing that person, Long Chen truly felt refreshed. Could it be that this fellow had wanted him to be able to leave without regrets? He had even sent himself to Long Chen.

“Everyone, work hard! Long San is definitely still in Pill Valley! We have to find him!”

Long Chen ran straight through Pill Valley openly. He was heading to the outer regions.

On his way, he saw countless disciples searching for him. If an inner disciple or outer disciple found him, they would be directly rewarded with a Divine Pill Hall spot. That was the award that had just been announced.

So all of Pill Valley was chaotic, and Long Chen was running within the chaos, shouting louder than anyone.

“Brothers, don’t limit your line of thinking. Long San might not necessarily be hiding in a building. He could be hiding in a cluster of flowers, a crevice in some stones, anywhere!” shouted Long Chen as he ran.

“Many thanks, senior apprentice-brother from the Divine Pill Hall. Your golden words of wisdom are appreciated. If this little one has the fortune of joining the Divine Pill Hall, I will definitely work as a dog for senior.” Someone immediately began to boot-lick.

“I can only help you so much. Work hard. I look favorably upon you,” encouraged Long Chen without the slightest shame.

These disciples almost wept tears of gratitude, and they all split up, looking in all the various secluded places.

“Brother, I need some help.”

Following one of them into a secluded place, Long Chen called out to this outer disciple.

“Senior apprentice-brother, what is it?”

Long Chen knocked him unconscious. “Don’t you dream of becoming a Divine Pill Hall disciple? Here, let me achieve your dream for you.”

Long Chen switched his robes with that disciple and changed his appearance. He randomly tossed him in a bird’s nest on a tree. When he woke, he’d realize his dreams had come true.

Confirming there were no mistakes with his new disguise, he began to stealthily creep away on a secluded path.

However, before he could get far, a figure blocked his path. When he saw that person, Long Chen couldn’t help but sigh. The person he had wanted to avoid the most had appeared.

“Why did you do this?”

The Pill Fairy was as beautiful as ever, but her gaze was full of disappointment now. Just looking at her current expression would break a person’s heart.

Long Chen knew that there was no way any of his disguises would be able to trick the Pill Fairy.

“I have my reasons!” sighed Long Chen.

The Pill Fairy was silent for a moment. She shook her head, slowly extending a hand.

Long Chen sighed deeply. In the end, was he really about to face the Pill Fairy on the battlefield?

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